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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

New Vinyl For A New Year

So last Fall I found myself a huge roll of vinyl for printmaking
and with some wrangling and fighting I got enough of the sucker rolled out on the floor
so I could cut off a large piece and than that into smaller pieces.
I am so so happy with cuts like a dream, let alone when it's heated on my heat-board.

Mind you, it's been rolled up for 7+ years so it's not going to loose it's curl easily,
I'll have to sandwich a whack of it in between boards and
leave it by my studio heater in hopes that that helps it flatten out eventually!
But it feels so good to be cutting again after long holidays away from it.
It's part of my day that I love so much...AM's with vinyl and Misa at my side nibbling my feet.

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