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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Snowy & Cold But Snuggy

I always wonder about where you, my readers and visitors are visiting me from specifically...
I don't know about your Winters but around here it's been such a cold and snowy winter.
We had over two weeks with Siberian temperatures & winds with
some days seeing us in the -30's and a few times we even dipped into the -40's.

I don't mind it so much myself, in fact I enjoy it because it makes inside all that much more cozier
and my honey works from his home office much of the week too (plus autostart on the Jeep helps!)
but it's a long season for the 7 buns, especially the snow buns like Yuuji and Leisel,
so for their sake I hope it warms up so that we can get out there for some snow play & fort building!

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