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Monday, February 12, 2018

Crumpled & Crushed

(A hugely sensitive heart enters here!)
I am sorry for suddenly disappearing on you all there for a short bit...
Something horrible and horrifying happened to a group of poor house rabbits
in our little city and they were found at a place that is beloved to me
and the whole gruesome murder of them & news story just completely killed my heart &
I just felt completely deflated, totally crushed and I kinda crumpled into a ball there for a spell
not wanting to even leave the house for a while, I was just too shocked at the evilness of people.

On top of that a friend & I came to realize a horrible bunny hoarding situation in a disgusting local house with a very well known & very unstable man, so we involved the SPCA and I went and
met with people at the local humane society, wrote letters to the mayors office etc but all to no avail.

Standards for keeping animals outside or at all in Ontario are sickeningly low so apparently these poor defenseless buns out in this horrible pen/cage, in the freezing fucken cold are considered 'fine'
The world has just been feeling more awful & torturous than normal lately.
I haven't been sleeping very well from nightmares &
I am trying to get certain images out of my head but I can't.
I just wish I could grow huge earth sized wings...
I would fly around the world & scoop up all neglected & hurt animals.
We just aren't doing good enough...we aren't getting better & some days, I just want to scream.

Bear with me, as I un-crumple myself over here...I slowly am because something good
and beautiful is afoot and I'll share that with you hopefully tommorow, if my head behaves.

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