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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Meet Higgins

Everyone we want you to meet somebun very special
our brand new shelter baby
(known at the Toronto Humane Society as Buttons)

He was this very troubled little city bun in desperate need of a home
(surrendered as a stray, which might have been a cover story based on his nasty pointy teeth!)
The shelter knew he was very troubled...
he was biting & peeing on all of the volunteers & caregivers
(the poor little guy was put on bite quarantine with the city officials FIVE times!)

He was at the shelter for many many long months & his stay was looking endless
because he wasn't going to be released to just any home, let alone one with kids,
he needed a super experienced family loaded with skills, steely nerves & thick skin, ha ha!
He needed behavioral issue/special need adopters &
unfortunately none of the shelters usual group were able to take him on...

so when the shelter reached out for help far & wide on his behalf we were contacted,
we said no at first...
but a week later we were still thinking about him, so we asked more questions & for pictures...
than we talked about it in depth & the more we talked the more it felt right.
My honey reminded me that one way to fight evil in this world is to hold our heads up high
and to keep doing good ourselves, to keep helping animals whenever we can...

Sure it's nerve-racking & there are many parts of behavioral issue/special need adoption animals
that are not fun and are for sure exhausting BUT we somehow are the island of misfit buns
and here was a little guy who wasn't fitting in anywhere else....
So we made the decision, got super excited, prepped a whole big area for him to Misa's dismay
and than we made the 9+ hour drive to our favorite shelter and scooped him up...

He's 3 year old, a dutch mix dwarf with a tiny piece of his poor little nubbin nose missing.
He needs some serious trust work done & potty habits instilled & Miss Misa is not too happy
at all to have him in part of her rooms even though he seems quite interested in her.
We are taking turns sleeping with him & Misa, refereeing at the moment more than sleeping!
(we admit we are pooped and some monster migraines sure are not making this bit easier!)
He's going to be a handful, but everything always settles beautifully over time...he'll be just fine.
he's a handful but now he's our handful and we love the wee blue-eyed soul already.

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Snap said...

Higgins! What a lucky little boy he is! He won't know what to do with all that love.