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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Florin Blue In Progress...

Guys...look...Florin Blue is looking really pretty so far...
(Is it bad or cheesy when as artist says that?  hmmm I don't think so really,
we've got to like our own work after all because if we don't how can we expect anyone too right!?)

Anyhow, you know that excited feeling you get in the middle of a new piece,
that "This Is Going To Be One Of My Best One Yet..." feelings?...

I've got that feeling with this one & usually with that feeling I move slowly so I don't mess up
but with this one, I am so anxious to see how it turn out & if I was right, it's speeding right along.
(Well okay okay...speeding along as quickly as colored pencils allows anyhow ha ha!)

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