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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Pishner Toppingale Started

I have to be able to work in all kinds of corners of the house...
wherever a bunny needs company is where I have to be able to get some kind of artwork done...
On top of getting up every 10 minutes to see what a rambunctious bunny is up to
I also move between my work areas scattered throughout the house ALOT!
It's proven to be the only way to mix my two passions of bunnies & art
(with a life of debilitating chronic pain!)

For example, in Jaks room, I have several pieces going, coloured pencils, mixed medias & weaving's.
Whiles 'Florin Blue' is being done in the living room for the evening bunny rotation.
In my downstairs studio I have 3 lino cuts in progress, pastels, sketches, computer stuff etc
and than in Higgins area I have sketchbooks and a desk set up for when feltwork/stitchery strikes me.
Whiles in a corner of Misa's rooms, on a teeny desk, I just conjured up this new bird character...
it's my way of having 9 buns & still getting lots done, it works...most days, when the pain isn't bad! 

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