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Thursday, June 28, 2018

Missing You Betty-Loo

Today someone asked us how all our bunnies are doing (which we always really appreciate)
and we couldn't help but tell them about Betty-Loo
because no matter how short a time we got to have her
she'll always be an important part of our story and we just broke down in tears.
This person looked at us so gently & smiled and told us that no matter how short the time,
we did a good thing for her and we did our best
and we so appreciate that sentiment, we really do, but with her, it'll never feel like we did enough
and that's going to be hard to get through and past...
accepting that we did do our best & that she did too...

It's been hard to go through and edit the last photos I took of her etc,
I think that's one of the reasons I've not been wanting to blog like normal.
Seeing Henrie without her is difficult because he's obviously very lonely,
he's acting lonelier than when he lost his sister Elsie
and he just never wants to be alone, he's on my heels constantly
always wanting to be picked up & brought upstairs with Leisel & Yuuji...
so we're trying to bond those three but boy oh boy bunnies do take their own
sweet slow time with things typically, they are doing pretty good but not perfect!
It's very frustrating because Misa wants to be friends with Henrie but he wants the upstairs duo!
So yeah...I just wanted to send a shout out to Betty-Loo's memory,
we've not forgotten about her, that will never happen, ever & we are taking good care of her Henrie.

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