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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Korra's 3rd year

This month on August 10th we celebrated Korra-Soleil's 3rd year homecoming anniversary.
Our beautiful dutch girl is 6.5 now
and she's doing great though she does have a bit of arthritis in her hind-legs,
which seems to be a common problem with big buns.
We have so far been able to keep on top of that with no medicine &
just making sure she gets out in the yard for a lot of exercise.

Korra had a sad beginning.
She was apparently at a badly run shelter in Quebec that was shut down
and on the transfer day to a better shelter her bonded mate died
so she had to face another lengthy shelter stay with a broken heart
(to this day she sometimes still looks melancholy & sad).

She has the sweetest face though and she's often uncoordinated which makes us laugh all of the time.

She was one of the buns that we just had a connection with immediately upon meeting her.
We were at the shelter adopting another bunny and we met her and fell in love
but at the time we couldn't adopt her, we didn't have proper space for her at home.
So she sat there waiting for a home, we kept tabs on her but she was finally adopted out
only to be returned to the shelter to absolutely no fault of her own,
after a year the people who took her decided they were too allergic to her!
So as soon as we saw she was back,
we zoomed to the city to adopt her and we're so glad we did.

She has since then bonded with our Emmett, who passed away from a stroke last year
so sadly she's lost a 2nd mate & now doesn't seem interested whatsoever in bonding with anyone else
which is okay, we won't force her to do anything she doesn't want to do.
She's content having her Daddy in his office all day long & she enjoys laying at the gates with
Henrie, Leisel & Yuuji (but she seems to hate little Misa and Flynn!).
We love you our big redheaded girl.  You've been a blessing to us XO.

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