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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Create A Life Of Purpose

Recently I was chatting with my friend Yan about the animal sanctuaries we've created,
theirs with farm animals, ours with rabbits (and with some other creatures along the way as well).
We chatted about how support for our animals families can often times feel very thin
and how it's next to impossible to travel because that external support can be very hard to find.
But Yan put it like this "We've created a life with purpose and what's better than that",
no trip around the world can ever replace this life we've sculpted for ourselves &
our animal friends and family to have beautiful safe sanctuary in constant love and peace.

For me, my life of purpose also includes learning, almost on a daily basis to deal and contend
with all the pain I have to live with & to maybe inspire other sufferers along the way.
To carve out time to create happy images that may just add some charm to this big bad world
on top of creating this loving cozy kind vegan safe home and sanctuary for my love of 25 years &
all of our wayward misfit buns.
I am loving my life...this life of purpose...there's very very little I would change about it.
Are you loving yours? & if not what are you waiting for??

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