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Monday, August 27, 2018

Some Days Just Look Like This

When your a chronic-pain sufferer, like me, some days just look an awful lot like this...
your horizontal, your feet are up, you've got your fuzzy blanket on...
(I usually use a sleep mask to block out light because I refuse to plunge the whole household
into darkness just because of my head pain, I love light even on migraine days, to a point anyhow!)

Sometimes you just have to relent and admit that you'll get squat done that day...
It's not easy for me, I am super stubborn & I love getting things done.
But here on the couch is a good place for me cause I have a big green shelf full of favorite do-da's
to look at, ha ha, (it's also about all the little tricks to get through the pain with a light heart too)!

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