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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanks Let Live

I've had the complete honor of making new friends this past year
and those new friends names are Laura, Merle, Stuart and Kenneth...
They are all turkeys.
I always knew turkeys were cool but I had no idea that they were so super duper amazing.
I mean seriously, look into Stuarts eyes here in this photo I took this past summer.
So full of intelligence, kindness and life...a will to live, an enjoyment for life is so so present.

So for my new friends sake, for millions of turkeys all over the world,
for better healthy body choices and especially for some healing of this big badly broken world,
I really really dream & hope that more of you have made compassionate choices this holiday
and that your not celebrating your life with loved ones over the tortured death of another soul...
because they all want to live as much as you and I, trust me on that
& happy happy kind ThanksLIVING XO

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