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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Baby Lydia

These are shots from Lydia's first week home.
We had to quarantine her in the bathroom for the first week before
the doctor said it was okay to let her near all the other buns.
She lived outside in awful conditions outside so we didn't know if she had mites etc.
So whiles stuck in the bathroom, we took turns sleeping with her, we wanted her to feel safe & loved.

The very first night she was home was rough.
It was an exhausting week, the stress of it all had knocked us down a couple pegs
and we just got home when a friend of ours called in a panic because their bun was very sick.
My sweet man ended up over at their house helping with their bun all night
as I took care of our newest little rescue Lydia on her first night in her new home.

It was thundering and storming that first night home
and I will never forget how she had tucked herself all comfy in my arms but
suddenly in her sleep, or maybe rather I should say in her nightmares, she screamed.
A sound to break any mama's heart I tell you, ugh.
I think she was still there in the dark dangerous scary night
where she would be completely exposed and drenched during any storm....
and it was a very rainy season!
Thankfully she's only done that twice more, both during storms.
It's our job is to wipe as many of those bad memories away & I think with Lydia we're succeeding.

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