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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Fibro Flares

I am still really struggling with my diagnosis of fibromyalgia.
It's a game of what is the fibro, what is a flare up and what is something else to worry about.
On top of my chronic head pain it just feels like too much for my body to deal with
and now with my husband going through cancer,
there are days when I want to scream at the top of my lungs 'Enough...I can't take anymore..."
I need to be extra physically strong for both of us right now, for the rabbits too but
usually it's my honey who is the strong one, and the one who takes care of me & of us when I can't...
yet some days, after the pain, I am left with hardly enough energy to get by,
so I have really been struggling.
I can't tell you how I dream of someone kind, recognizing our hard time
& just leaving a pot of vegan soup on our doorstep to help us out!

I have also been dealing with a really really sore hip.
My doctor said it was likely bursitis of the hip
so last week I got a cortisone injection but it hasn't helped whatsoever.
And I am disappointed because I really needed a quick fix on this one for a change!
The pain keeps me up at night & grates on me all day long.  I am left again wanting to scream.
I am going to start physiotherapy soon, but I want/need a solution like yesterday.
And this is the thing I am finding tricky with the fibromyalgia...
I left this hip pain way way too long.
I just was assuming it was part of the fibro.
And when my head is sore all the damn time, on top of my love, on top of sick rabbits,
I just don't want to go for another appointment so I tell myself 'you'll heal' or 'it'll go away'.
And there is my lesson, don't assume everything is the fibromyalgia...
Ugh...why can't this little body of mine take it easy on me for a change!

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