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Monday, February 3, 2020

Still An Infection

In 26 years of being a caretaker of animals, this past month was the first times ever that I had to go
to vet visits by myself because Flynn was suddenly sick and my honey was stuck in a hospital bed.
(and for Higgins because it looked like he had a slash on the top of his eyeball but he was just fine!).

Well today we had another visit for Flynn & I was so happy to have my partner back by my side...
This guy will move everything around so that he can be at every rabbit appointment,
so I know to be stuck in that bed & having me rushing Flynn to the vet that one night by myself would have been even more stressful for him that it was for me.
To say he's one dedicated Papa doesn't cut it!
Let's hope he never misses another one again!

It's funny to us when people suggest that we have to take care of 'us' now.
That we shouldn't worry so much about the rabbits cause they are just rabbits...
These people clearly don't understand that the rabbits are part of us...they are our family.
So we will continue to find a way, no matter how hard, to take care of all of our stuff AND theirs.

There are days for sure where I doubt we can keep doing this...this rescue life.
But my honey reminds me that this/they are who we are & we have still atleast 9 still counting on us.
So Flynn is doing just fine...still a bit of an infection in that right ear unfortunately
so he's on another month long antibiotic protocol but he's doing really well and has put on weight.

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