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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

World Cancer Day

Today is World Cancer Day...
I never thought we would be facing cancer, let alone in our 40's.
We've done everything right...but it's attacked us despite that.
According to the doctor is was very most likely just a DNA replication fuck up!
Just horribly awful bad luck...but how do you accept that?
Today I am thinking about how so much changes after you hear "It's Cancer".

I am thinking of the people out there fighting for their lives, some in better situations than others
but the fact is, it's cancer all the same, you don't know what it will do no matter what you do.
Today I send out hugs to everyone facing this terrifying monster of a thing.
I am thinking about the warriors like my honey & their support circles.
It's strange though, there's millions of people on the same road as us, so why does it feel so lonely?!

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