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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Benefits To Being A Hermit

Oh sorry guys to disappear for almost a week...
my head has been awful, I had a bad fibro flare Tuesday, Wednesday and well life, you know!!!
I am reminded today though at how lucky I am to be a homebody/hermit!
Jonathan says my default is Social Distancing, ha ha!
(Although my friend just dropped off vegan cheese & it was hard not to open the door to hug her)!

I think that's natural, as an artist, a sanctuary mama, a chronic pain sufferer, I love being home.
I am happy here.  If I have Jonathan, the bunnies, my art supplies, books, plants and movies, I am good but I realize alot of people are having a hard time with staying put at home away from people.
Hang in there guys...if we all shelter at home, we'll get through this alot faster!
What are some of your happy things that your concentrating on to help you get through isolation?

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