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Friday, March 20, 2020

Meet Mooshi-Haroo Part 1 of 2

Everyone finally I get to introduce you all to our newest rescue
He's been with us since January 6th 2020.
There we were sitting down to eat finally after a day of preparing for a coming snow & ice storm
and I look out the window and I shout to Jonathan "Oh My Gawd, there's a house rabbit out there"
and I go careening out of the house into the cold slushy ground in my socks yelling "Hurry Hurry"
There this black and white spotted rabbit sat eating birdseed!

Right away we knew he was a house rabbit and not a wild bunny and we also knew right away
that he would a) not survive much longer eating seed
(wild rabbits can live on birdseed but not house rabbits.  They are completely different species)
and b) he would not likely survive the coming storm and drop in temperature.
So as a team we kept him localized to the front yard which was super stressful,
my heart was pounding because I knew he needed to be caught
and I knew if he got out of our yard we'd loose him most likely for good.
After about 30 minutes we weren't making any progress, he was afraid & wouldn't let us near him.
But then I realized, every time my honey would walk away a little bit,
Mooshi would go up on his hind legs and watch where he was going like he was interested.

So I suggested he go and open the backyard gate just in case we could force him to that area
of our yard and sure enough when he went to go do that Mooshi actually followed him.
So I shouted "Babe just keep walking, he's following you, he's following..."
and like the Pide Piper, Mooshie followed him into the backyard & we quickly closed the gate.
From there we could take our time building trust, getting close & catching him to bring him inside
and I had time to go inside change my frozen socks & put boots and a coat on ha ha!
We still had to get him into a smaller & smaller section before we could pounce on him
but we finally got him after about another 20 or 30 minutes.

As we do with all of our sudden rescues, he immediately went into quarantine in the bathroom,
away from all of the buns and until he could be checked by a doctor etc.
He was a big guy but super skinny,
I was shocked that I could fit my thumb & index finger around his tummy,
he was obviously starving.
Once inside, he just melted, he just wanted to be held & hugged.
Unfortunately a new rescue was not in our plans & his arrival was not on a great day whatsoever!
because the next day, super bright & early, my husband was scheduled for his first surgery.
I didn't feel myself commit right away to keeping him, but right away of course Jonathan did.
He said "His timing sucks but he needs to stay Mandy, it was meant to be, period".
(yep, that's my most amazing kind hearted guy that I have).

But I felt surprisingly calm about him suddenly being here even though the timing was awful.
I just said...he obviously needs to rest...you need the surgery...I need to be with you...
So no, this is definitely not the way we normally welcome new buns into the family
but we'll make him comfortable, he'll rest, he'll be safe, we'll do our thing & that's just gonna be that.
So whiles at the hospital for over 12 hours that day...
I did feel awful that there was this little animal clearly needing some comfort back at home
but he was also clearly a tough boy and I told myself he'd be fine.  That it would be okay.

(So I won't go into the surgery day and afterwards, it was a nightmare for us)
Mooshie was completely dehydrated.  The first two hours he drank almost two cups of water!
BUT he wouldn't eat anything and he wouldn't pee or poo for 48 hours.
So there I was insanely stressed out with a post-op Jonathan & a new possibly sick rescue.

But on the 3rd day, just when I was getting ready to bring him to the vet.
He started pooing & eating.  His body just needed time to heal and adjust.
After talking to neighbors afterwards, we found out that he had been seen running around the
neighborhood chasing a wild hare (who's probably the one who showed him to eat birdseed!)
for over two whole weeks!!  He's lucky to be alive really.  As house rabbits have no wild skills.
We looked for lost posters for him, we checked the main lost pet website etc etc...nothing.
Then we started to see his naughty habits, he was super insanely hormonal & wanted to chew everything in sight, so it became clear pretty fast that he was most likely an Easter purchase from last year, that was closing in on a year old & his hormones & habits were kicking in & someone kicked him out...into the cold!  Which is sadly what happens to a lot of rabbits bought as Easter presents!

Well he's been with us for about 3 months now.
We waited a month before getting his neutered just in case his family did come looking for him.
But now he's neutered, all healed up, beautiful & at home.
(And in complete love with our Korra-Soleil, we'll see what happens there!)
We are his new family, no matter what he chews, we'll not kick him out...
We love him, he's ours...despite his naughty ways, he's settled in quickly.

I wanted to call him Haroo...Jonathan started calling him Moosh, so Mooshi-Haroo it became.
Welcome to the family young unexpected buddy...
your a handful but your unique and we're so glad you found your way to us XO

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Such bad timing, but life is tough some times. Do what you have to do, it will be worth it :-)

Moosh has definately calmed down...no more spraying and he just wants company. Even his chewing is slowing as he gets used to what he can and can not do :-)

Welcome Mooshi-Haroo!! :-D