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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Migraine World Summit Whoot Whoot

Guys guys...the 2020 Migraine World Summit has started.
(well the opening talks with guests Witney Cummings & Olympian Amanda Beard are tonight
but the other videos begin next week on the 18th)
I took in all the info last year and it was so awesome...
it's 8 days of talks & info from world leading migraine doctors and specialists.
I tuned in online last year & I was amazed by how supported I felt, because usually I feel very isolated with this chronic neurological disease and this year seems heavy on the stigma of living
with this invisible disease which I think will be really important information to get under our belts.

If I disappear on you this week, it's because
a) my honey is getting really sick from his treatments now
and b) I am busy taking advantage of all the info from the Summit.
I hope any migraine sufferers out there will check it out,
it's a super empowering event for a super debilitating disease.
I did miss quite a bit of the days last year because I was stuck in bed with a migraine BUT
they have all the videos accessible for free online for a few days after they are posted,
so you don't have to rush too much.  I highly recommend not missing the opening talks
which I am currently listening to but not necessarily watching, as I lay on my studio floor with
our sweet Lydia, as I nurse another migraine!

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