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Friday, May 8, 2020

Missing You Betty-Loo

Today marks 2 years since we lost her unexpectedly during routine dental surgery...
I am haunted by her little imploring face, in the carrier, as she was carried away from me...
she didn't understand what was happening,
I wish I could have had her know for sure that she was SO loved...from the first moment we saw her.
I promised her that she'd be okay & we were waiting to bring her home before she knew it.

We had adopted her less than 4 months before...
we didn't have a chance to make up for all the awful things this poor soul had gone through.
I am haunted by unfulfilled promises.
It was nobody's fault, her heart gave out, but it still makes me angry.
I miss her so much.  These are the very last photos I have of her...our Betty-Loo White.
I was just starting to get to know her...she was a quiet sweet wonderful princess in elegant white fluff.

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