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Friday, July 3, 2020

Staying Home

We are so confused by some peoples flippant attitudes about Covid when this is happening 
(click here), sure this is in the US but the point is that this is how bad & scary it will get everywhere with things opening up, if we don't continue to be vigilant
and shelter at home as much as possible.
Almost half a million people worldwide have died so far & it's only going to get worse.
I admit, I am one of the ones hoping that the Ontario borders stay closed & closed tight and I
don't think that any kind of travel should be allowed period unless for medical emergencies.

Yes, I wanted to go to the Black Lives Matter marches so badly, but I just couldn't chance it.
Sure, I miss my people as much as the next person but not enough to put myself &
immediate family in danger of contracting this insanely efficient & smart virus!
It's frustrating to people like me who need to stay super safe because I live with a seriously immune-comprised individual...if my husband catches this thing, he's likely to die because he has so many other underlying issue, like chronic asthma, a low immune system & 2 lung clots!

I don't know about you but because I am able to stay home safe & sound, I am.
Everything we get is by contact-less pickup or delivery
and in both cases we wash everything that comes into the house like crazy.
And when we go out we always wear masks no matter how uncomfortable they are.
Masks should be made mandatory period...you don't wear one, off to jail you go....
I know that's an extreme view however this whole this is a very extreme situation!
People refusing to go without masks are putting everyone else being careful in danger.

I am hearing about teenagers actually having Covid parties where they know one of the kids is sick
and they sell tickets and whoever gets sick first & is diagnosed by a doctor wins the money pot!
How insane is that.
And people are always telling me how kids these days are so smart & a shining beacon of the future!!
Yeah right!!!  Hardly any of them are choosing to go vegan, so exactly how smart is the future!!!

I am truthfully finding it all disheartening & at the moment very hard to navigate...
In Northern Ontario our outbreak numbers are pretty good
BUT that doesn't make it any less scary for us, we've been through hell the past year
and I am finding a lot of people not understanding our hesitancy,
especially when they see everyone returning to normal activities and get together's etc...
you just don't know who is carrying this thing, that's the biggest problem, you can't trust anyone!
I don't like hurting people or being rude by declining visits & offers for dinner parties, barbecues, etc
but refusing everything right now is the only way we feel safe.

I hope your staying strong too out there & not letting anyone pressure you into being unsafe.
Good Luck XOXO

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