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Thursday, September 7, 2017

The Amazing Jelly-Bean

I am amazed at the tenacity of our Jaks aka Jelly-Bean.
Last summer I felt so melancholy whenever I was outside with him,
assuming that it would be his last summer with us...
but he's still here this summer...I am so so grateful and amazed at his luck and strength.

We've been expecting him to pass any day now for the 2+ years
ever since his congestive heart failure diagnosis.
Since than we've said goodbye to our fabulous Frenwyck, my sunshine Teela & our elegant Elsie.
It goes to show that you never ever know how life is going to turn out & to never count anyone out!

1 comment:

Natascha said...

Well I am hopeful my cat Finn will be like that. He just started on heart meds this last month and is having an ultra sound of his heart done on Wed. Hes only 4!