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Thursday, November 2, 2017

We Sure Do Miss You

I miss our little brownie Min-Min (Emmett) so so much....
I still walk into his room expecting to see his sweet little face and heart shaped nose
and my heart squeezes because every time I saw that adorable little face
I just couldn't help but squeal and be flooded with happy.
I miss everything about him, the way he loved his box forts & bivawacks and
especially his warm mitten smell and the way he would hop all over my back & legs.

His bestie Korra-Soleil ran around looking for him for quite awhile after her suddenly left us...
it really made it all that much more gut-wrenching.  He loved his Korra so much.
She misses playing leap-frog in the yard with him...now when she goes out, she just kinda sits.
Grab and love your loved ones, fleshed, furry, feathered or scaled,
extra hard cause our time with them is so so very precious and short XO

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