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Saturday, January 27, 2018

My Inspiration In Jelly Bean

We had to bring Jaks into the vets this past week which we worked ourselves up over!
He wasn't sick past the usual congestive heart failure we've been battling for 2.5 years now
but the doctor needs to see him atleast once a year in order to renew his meds
and unfortunately but understandably our rabbit doctor doesn't do house calls.
He hates the truck, he hates change and we were so worried he would have a heart attack.


So we bundled him up in a basket with the softest blanket in the house and tried to stay calm...
It was hard on him, he did shake, his breathing wasn't great, it was uncomfortable but he did it.
I sat there looking at my oldest boy so impressed and I thought it's not just luck helping him last,
it's in large part his tough spirit & tenacity & I realized if he can do something difficult like this
than I can continue to navigate all of my pain with grace...he is a dose of inspiration plain & simple!

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