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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Thank Goodness For These Faces During Rough Spots

I am moving slowly this week from a monster migraine that attacked Friday afternoon &
didn't let me go until late Sunday afternoon, I can still feel the remnants...
Thanks goodness for the buns who bolster my spirits as I suffer with their beauty & preciousness.
It's still threatening to circle back around which is one reason I am moving slowly.
My routine is certainly not like most peoples and I still haven't learnt to fully accept that yet.

Whiles it's a waste of time to wish this pain away, it's never a waste of time to see all the silver linings which is that this pain I deal with offers my life magic too, it slows me down so that I can smell all the roses and it plays a large part in my colourful whimsical work, so whiles I can't ever ever say that
I like the pain, I can for sure I am in some strange Wonderland-ish way be thankful for it!
& I gotta say though, it's been great 'meeting' fellow head pain sufferers on Instagram.

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