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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A New Image To Say "Goodbye 2009"....

(Coloured Pencil and White Acrylic Paint On Painted Black Illustration Board)

Goodbye 2009...
you were a great year.
I thought you were rather quiet and uneventful at first but on retrospect you were full of excitement,
lessons, warmth, love, wonderful times and filling quietness, thank you.

It was another year of being lucky enough to stay at home with my artwork and the bunnies and
with lots of time for me and my honey. For this I am always grateful....

A summary of my 2009:
It was a difficult year for head pain, the worst year yet actually BUT I survived...
perhaps a few more wrinkles due to constant cringing in pain but I am only stronger for it and I am determined to have 2010 better in that department somehow...somehow!

In 2009....I met my hero Jane Goodall, she was as beautiful and wonderful a human being as I always suspected she was and I took in every word she breathed and walked away knowing
I can never become apathetic like many around me.

We took in another great concert by Canadian Crooner Matt Dusk and I also got to meet him.

I celebrated my 16th year anniversary with my amazing man....and also celebrated my 32nd birthday!

We lost part of our heart when our precious Hazel suddenly passed away and we miss her everyday still.

We gained a new family member and welcomed little Jaks into our little warm rabbity
warren and what a lovely addition the sweetheart makes.

We saw our first Cirque Du Soleil show "Ovo" which was so amazing.

We went for our very first helicopter ride over our sweet little city.

I finally introduced my brand new website to the world.

I had my 2nd solo exhibition.

Created alot of new work and found my style even more and I started some series work.

I took up paper cutting.

Started my own line of stuffies called "Lagamorph Lovelies".

Further introduced my beloved 'Nubbins' to the world.

Joined a beautiful and wonderful arts collective, Art On Main.

I took part in 2 group exhibitions aside from my solo and participated in 3 different art sales.

Went the whole year with only 1 back spasm and no knee locking whatsoever, hooray:D.

Dived into my photography abit more.

Refinished a few pieces of old furniture making them into lovely new things.

Composed over 173 blog posts!!! and was featured on a few blogs such as Pecannoot.

Joined Twitter than left it soon after.

Got to Toronto and visited with my best friend more than in 2008 which is good.

Knitted myself 3 hats.....
For the first time since I started my business...treated myself to 'real' business cards:D

I am sure there's more I am missing ha ha but that's off the top of my head....
Over all it was a successful and full and lovely year and I am grateful....
I am so grateful for all the I have, for all that I've been through,
and I am grateful for all the excitement and hope I feel for 2010.

I hope you can look back on your year with much pride and happiness
and I hope 2010 ushers in beautifully....
Happy New Years everyone.


Judit Gueth said...

What a pretty bird!:-)I hope 2010 brings you lots of success and happiness!

Art by Katalin said...

..another lovely bird!
Have a productive and wonderful 2010! :)

Lori said...

I am so happy to be back on your blog. I think I missed you most of all! Happy new year sweet Mandy.

Matt Dusk said...

Glad I could be apart of your 2009! Thank you for mentioning me and a very happy 2010 to you :)

Dogwood said...

Wow, lady...you did a lot of great things in 2009. Lots of accomplishments. I hope you are head ache pain free this year.

Another lovely painting.

Jonathan said...

I like the technique you used on that image. Very different then your other work.

As for 2009...too much to comment on, bring on 2010!