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Friday, August 21, 2015


Everyone meet my newest little character
He's a Black Chinned Yuhina and has quite the interesting story...
but guess what? There are only 3 ways you can hear about his intriguing tale
1) buy a print of him in my shop
2) be a recipient of my newsletters or sign up if your not already on my list
 or 3) buy my very first book of quirky characters when it comes out.
And my lovely friends, this is where I leave you for a very short spell.
I am going to take a short blog break to enjoy these last days of August with my hon and buns.
When we come back in September we'll be moving over to my brand new website...
I will indeed let you know all the details when we come back.
See you again soon...Happy End of Summer and be super duper well.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kindred Kenny

There is a most perfect lake just a 40 minute drive North from us...
it is here that we found a kindred spot with a little windswept island I could exist on I am quite sure.

I hate being away from the buns...but I sure do love being out on my magenta pink kayak
and I sure do adore the oh so handsome & strong beloved boy who lifts my kayak for me. Ahhhh.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Blubs and Books

It so often takes the smallest of things to start off to a lovely day...a beautiful new bun resting nearby.
Blueberries in your oatmeal, a beautiful blue plate, fresh ginger tea and a brand new book...ahhh!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Meet Korra

So everyone meet our newest beautiful addition to our wonderful warren/family
at the shelter her name was Strudel but my honey wasn't crazy about the name
so we gave her what we consider a beautiful & special name for a beautiful and special girl.
I truly believe that many of these rabbits who come to us are meant to come to us.
We are meant to be family. 
We are meant to shine brightly in each others lives.

We are beautifully drawn to one another for beautiful reasons unknown...
nothing else explains why our hearts are so set on certain babes when all of the buns there at the shelter are wonderful and in need of love and forever homes
(so please please please, consider shelter adoption if your considering a new animal).
As always, it feels impossibly hard to go to the shelter...this part we always dread...
We want to bring them all home but we can't, so we let it happen naturally...
we kinda let the universe pick for us & we listen to our hearts and souls.
We listen closely to the call of our soul-babies...and Korra-Soleil was calling loud & clear! 

The adoption page says 'Pending' adoption because the lovely peeps at the shelter wanted
to make sure that we knew all about this big beautiful buns behavioral issues!
Strudel was apparently getting grumpier and grumpier being in the shelter.
She was growling and nipping at the shelter staff and volunteers whenever they came into her pen.  But we are well versed in bunnies with attitudes so it didn't scare us away one bit.

I approached her somewhat slowly...this was the first time we were really meeting after all.
The first time we met her was when we were at the shelter to adopt Emmett (Min-Min)
well over a year ago.  It was way back than, as we were waiting for Emmett's adoption paperwork
to be finalized etc that I was snuggling up some other shelter buns
and Jonathan was snuggling it up with Strudel...who we were already in love with. 

Korra was transferred to the THS over 2 years ago, from a shelter in Quebec that was so badly run it was shut down (this is the same shelter that Emmett was transferred from actually).
Sadly, her bonded mate, for reasons unknown, died the very same day that she was transferred.
So from the get-go, she was an understandably sad & grumpy girl...Poor baby.

She was at the shelter a really long time.
We agreed that once Emmett was bonded to someone, we'd go back for her.
The bonding never happened...our plan went array and we couldn't go get her...
it wasn't the right time to go get her anyhow.
Than she was  eventually adopted...
I was so sad that she wouldn't be coming home to us but happy for her too.
BUT than she was brought back...apparently they were allergic.

So when the shelter contacted us to possibly take on a bonded pair with behavioral problems,
and I saw that Strudel was indeed back...I started to hyperventilate & cry...
My heart and soul were calling and reaching out for her...for the girl we fell in love with long ago.
So it didn't seem to be a long conversation at all...it felt the 110% right thing to do.
My honey simply said 'Let's go get her'.
Whiles we couldn't take on a bonded pair...we could adopt Strudel, who had proven bondable,
to come home and hopefully bond to our Frenwyck who is so very lonely for a friend.

She is a big beautiful Dutch bun.  3.9 years old.  Her temperament is wonderful.
She was a little star on the long long drive home.  She is very observant.  Loves to play with blankets.
She is very easy going.  Doesn't mind being picked up too much.
She LOVES to snuggle and will press her face against yours for a nice long sturdy hug.
Right now she is sharing Frenwyck's room...bonding will take time but we're hopeful.
We are so happy she's finally home with us. 
This adoption just felt easy....easy and good and right...they all feel right but not all are easy.
Thanks so much for the excellent staff & care takers of the THS, especially  Devon and Jennifer XO.
Korra will never return to the shelter, for with us, she has found a forever home & family.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


We have adopted and brought home another awesome soul-baby
We have named her Korra-Soleil
 We adopted her on August 10th from the Toronto Humane Society.

She's just lovely.  A Dutch mix, 3.9 years old and in desperate need of our home
and she was long dreamt of and longed over I'll tell ya!
But more on her story later...The day we got her was long & exhausting and we are super pooped.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I love drawing and sketching out my pictures
probably just about as much as I love putting the colour to them.

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Biggens Enjoy The Green Outdoors

The Biggens, Elsie & Henrie are not the easiest rabbits to bring outside for play-time!
Elsie kicks & screams (literally) but once they are out they enjoy themselves, as you can see!

Friday, August 7, 2015

GoldFish Green

Okay, so I am kinda addicted to plants.
Which is a hard passion to have with a house full of house rabbits.
We always have to be cautious of what plants are reachable by little hungry teeth...
which plants will shed leaves onto the floor for naughty bellies to find before we do!
If we ever move (which at the moment feels very unlikely!) I have a prerequisite for our next home.
It must have a huge room or the ability to have a solarium, just for plants, with no worry for the buns.
I got this awesome 'GoldFish' plant a few weeks ago, it has little flowers on it
that are a shimmery orange just like goldfish and with a very similar shape..it sits safely on one of my studio desks...tickling my green loving heart every time I lay eyes on it.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Estrella Begins

Her name will be Estrella
She'll be for the book I am planning on self-publishing.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sewing In Summer

I dragged my sewing machine outside
to sew up what felt like a million curtains for my two studios!
It was really very lovely to do so outside and I found myself sewing until 8 or 9 pm these days.
My trusty and lovely blue Kenmore kicked the bucket about 5 minutes in of course!

But I was gifted my honey bun's beloved late Aunt's sewing desk, machine & bits and bobs,
and the old Eaton Viking has been working like a dream and has now become my favorite.
Don't ya just love it when things just work out for the best, even if it's just a sewing machine!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Close To New Beginnings

Can you believe it's August already.  In a way, I can't but in a way I can.
It's getting close to the most natural season for changes and that's always lovely if you let it be so.
August will be my last month blogging here in this space...
For September will see the completion & launch of my brand new beautiful website and I can't wait...
I am bubbling up with excitement and I am also beyond ready for this huge undertaking to be done.
My beloved blog will be moving to my new site....
I sure do hope you'll follow me over.  I'll let you know when it's time.
My newsletter will be changed over to an awesome & much better MailChimp format.
My shop may very well be moved from Etsy to my own little online universe as well
but we'll launch come September's beginning even if the custom shop isn't ready.
It's funny before I was nervous about it all...now after over a year of working on it all I am SO ready.

Monday, August 3, 2015


You saw her a bit on Tuesday...here's a clearer peek.  I think her name will be 'Florada'
I already have her colour palate blaring out loudly in my head & I can't wait to get started.

Saturday, August 1, 2015