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Monday, June 24, 2013

Where The Days Go

Some days it seems like we don't get much done at all,
except to bring 6 little bunnies outside to play.

But in the grand scheme of things,
what could be much more important!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

An Italian Rabbit, An Unsure Hummingbird, A Moody Muppet & Oh Yeah A Sore Head!

I am working on exactly 5 pictures right now.
I thought I'd give you a peek at the 2 pieces that I am spending time with today.
Though the time may be shorter then I want because my head is getting progressively
worse as the day goes on.  It's been sore all week though so it's not a big surprise!
I am hoping to show you this lady rabbit I've already named 'Fiarella' very soon.
But then Frenwyck is acting alittle outta sorts and rather moody these past few days,
which usually means he needs some extra attention, snuggles & floor time.
So I'll be putting work aside abit more today to spend time with my fluffy muppet.
Then I'll also be working on this hummingbird, which has been a long time in the making.
I am still unsure of the background colour but I do know that I am quite anxious to finish it off.
So this is gonna be my day...
Art & Rabbits, the usual...
no complaints outta me even with the sore head!
I hope your having a lovely week?
Do leave us a comment and let us know what your up to, in your studios or elsewhere in your lives.
XO Mandy and a grumpy Frenwyck and an indecisive hummingbird!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to my Dad
To my most awesome Bunny Honey...
I Love ya Dad....XXXOOO
I Love ya so much too Jonathan (aka Deyfenn Slayd). Your amazing to our long-eared babes.
The Buns say your thee best bunny daddy ever.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Print Available

My coloured pencil illustration "Play Lightly"
is now listed as an 8 x 10" print in my Etsy shop.
Visit www.BijousWhimsy.Etsy.com if this image calls to you.
It would speak clearly to most nature lovers or eco-warriors &
acts as a message to respect and Play Lightly on our precious planet.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jaks's Story

Last week we celebrated our sweet apple Jaks.
It was 4 years ago that we brought him into our home to join our family.
(he is now around 6 years old)
Isn't he a cutie pie.
Want to hear the story of how he came to us and us to him???

We rescued him from being a lonely, scared, angry, biting & snarling 'store mascot'.
He almost died from the stress of big dogs constantly charging his cage &
little kids always screaming around him and poking at him...
not to mention the long nights & weekends he was all alone in the back store room
or all the birdseed he would ingest when he was allowed to stretch his legs in the store!

We would visit Jaks, every single week for over a year, like clockwork.
I felt so attached this this angry little bunny...I just felt like he was meant to be mine.
We would bring him treats and veggies that I knew he wasn't getting & the store staff
got to know us so well that we were given permission to go into his pen whenever we wanted
to pick him up for cuddles (we so appreciated that).  It was always so hard to leave him.
He would run away and try to bite us like mad, but once he was in our arms he would melt
& lick my neck like crazy, ha ha.  Jonathan fell in love with him too of course.
We knew the store wasn't the right place for Jaks but we were so thankful to the ladies there too
because they helped save him.  He was actually brought to a nearby vets to be put to sleep!
His previous owners apparently decided that rats were more interesting then a rabbit and after
keeping him locked away in a little room where he got no attention at all,
they wanted him gone & asked the vet to put him to sleep...
but thankfully she refused because he was beautiful and perfectly healthy, so she took him instead.
Later that night, when out buying food for her own animals at home,
she was telling the pet store employees about Jaks because she needed to find him a home
and they said they had been thinking of getting a rabbit for the store, as a mascot of sorts,
(at the time they didn't sell animals).  So they took him in...and he was there for just over a year,
they took good care of him, but he still kept getting sick...a store just wasn't a good place for him.
The store knew we loved & took care of bunnies so when he got super sick to the point of dying,
they called us, we zoomed over right away & took him home over the weekend for
vigilant care & vet visits
(Jinny straight away started licking him all over, poor thing was so sick & she sensed it).
We knew he would just keep getting sick so I gathered up the courage
to implore the store employees to let us keep him...
they all thankfully agreed because they all cared for him too.
Now he Jinny's best friend, they are quite inseparable.
He makes us laugh because he's so silly & klutzy & well yes, still so grumpy, ha ha.
We love him oh so very very much...
and we're SO glad he's ours & that we're his and that he's here.
He's part of what makes our hearts tick & our home happy.
So happy 4th year Home Coming Apple Jaks....we love you baby.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Hi Hi Hi Everyone,
I am back.  Things got away from me these last few days,
doctors appointments (apparently I have 'aggravated' my chest wall!), etc etc...
and well honestly it was just mostly me opting for time outside with
my honey and bunnies instead of in the studio or online.
But I am hopping in today to introduce you all to a new little character of mine.
His name is 'Hamish'
Is he just not one of the cutest buns?
And guess what, like Sevanne, he too has quite a story...I'll tell you just alittle bit of it...
Where should I start?
Hmmm...maybe one of the most interesting things about Hamish is what his favorite smell is...
Yes, let's start there...
His favorite smell in the whole world is paper...old paper...
The older the paper the better, anything from the 18th century is his all time favorite.
This is so because would you believe that his bloodline is inextricably linked to Guess Who?
The Grimm's Brothers...
yep it's true, Jacob and Wilhelm often broke bread with Hamish's ancestors back in the 1700's.
Hamish's great great great great great great greatest grandfather was the scribe for the brothers.
'Hamish the Great Scribe' was the one who inked the words on paper whilst the brothers
spun their tales out loud.  Pretty cool huh.
(one wouldn't think that as humans, they would fit down into the rabbits warrens
but Hamish's family dug out a special network of tunnels & a story-telling room just for the brothers.
It is said that the brothers brought the secret of those tunnels to their graves).
Well Hamish, named after his grandfather of course, has paper, ink & grand stories
running in his blood, so he kept up the family business of sorts
and he now owns and runs one of the
largest underground libraries in the whole entire world.
Of course you have to be in his inner circles to even know where the secret door is to
this immense labyrinth of books...there's a secret knock and everything.
Yep, my sweet little Hamish sure does love his books & the smell of them....
We have that in common...I am hoping someday I'll be shown the secret library too!
p.s. Prints are on their way.
Interested in having the precious little 5 x 7" original for yourself?
Just email me at MandySaile@BijousWhimsy.com

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy Birthday to my MOM

My mom is awesome.
She's sweet and giving, she's funny and caring, she is super duper tough.
She taught me that 'patience is a virtue' and to find joy in the simple things in your life.
She is an amazing cook and baker...she always smells really good...she wears really cool clothes.
She loves reading and movies and music
and I think in her next life she just may be a private eye detective, ha ha.
...She is so many things to me and I simply can't imagine having any other mom.
Today is her 62nd birthday,
isn't she looking great (she says it's really good face cream) ha ha.
Happy Birthday mom
we love love love you so very much.