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Friday, July 20, 2018

Sign For A Better Canada....Sign For Millions Of Animals...

Hi ya, sorry for the sporadic posting, truth be told, I need a blogging break, so I'll be away till August.
BUT before I go can I please please implore all of my fellow animal lovers out there to
send a message to the Canadian government that we want and need to see the end of animal testing...
(Just click on Henries beautiful picture or hit the link found below)

Millions of animals are tortured for product testing every year, no soul should go through what they do and it's time to get better as a society and a country and STOP this monstrous activity.
to tell the Canadian government that we care about animals
& that we want Canada to be a better kinder country.  Thank You XO.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

It Takes Tenacity

I've been having such a hard time with my head-pain the past 2 or 3 weeks especially.
Migraines are SO physical but they are weird because they are invisible to everyone.
As much as you want people to understand your invisible physical torment they just can't
& it's all on you and you alone to get through it.
You have to jump through mental hoops to get yourself through
and often we're tackling those hoops freshly every single time.
I've been thinking about how I live and get through my days with all the pain,
not physically so much but emotionally...how am I am still a joyful person despite all the hardship?
I think one of my tricks to still being a happy person despite this physical hardship of mine is that
I never take for granted, no matter how many 100's of times I am stuck in a dark bedroom etc
those first hours when I can actually open my eyes and look at sunlight without stabbing pain,
When I can walk slowly in my beloved gardens & bend over to smell the flowers.
Where I don't want to puke when I inhale the air thick with beautiful lilacs.
Or most important of all, when I can get down to snuggle the buns and play with my hon or when I can get into my studio & actually look forward to work, no matter how short or long that may be.
I know all the little beauties that make me happy & which keep me afloat and I surround myself
with them & I rely very heavily on them during all parts of my pain, before, after & during.
It takes an awful lot of tenacity this life with chronic pain.

Life with chronic & acute pain is hell...there is currently no escape...
there is nothing I am doing wrong,
that's the misconception with migraines and headaches that I find so frustrating.
People are just trying to be sweet & helpful when they suggest that it's my diet or an allergy etc...
but migraines come from a misfiring in the brains network...
when the walls of certain blood vessels contract & detract & why they do so is unknown
and so there is currently no cure only pain management & for many of us nothing helps.
Yes, for sure there are triggers for the pain but most head pain sufferers know their triggers
and trust me on this, we avoid those triggers like the plaque if we can but my biggest trigger is
the weather & barometric pressure, the one thing there's no way to escape or avoid whatsoever!

So may I kindly ask you to keep in mind the next time your near someone with a sore head,
don't offer us diet advice or ask if they've tried Feverfew or the newest Advil etc...
(YES, I am on Feverfew...and Magnesium and CoQ10 and B's etc etc etc)
Don't praise the benefits of acupuncture or massage or tantric yoga!!!
(because most of us have tried everything under the sun!)
Just offer us a glass of flat ginger ale for our nausea tums...keep the rooms dark and quiet...
don't get mad at us or make us feel bad if we have to cancel plans on you,
just check in on us every once in awhile so we don't spiral in the lonesomeness,
maybe leave us a beautiful healthy pot of soup at the door...
offer us an ice pack to wrap around our neck and bring us a hot water bottle for our eyes...
give us a little hug, a pat on the back, admiration for our tenacious spirits
and count your lucky lucky stars that you don't suffer to!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Happy Monday

Leisel hopes that your off to a great week?

She says she is...especially since she can sleep on the bed!

Friday, July 6, 2018

It's Working

we finally got BOTH my scanner and my printer working again YAYYY...
I am so so relieved because a) I didn't want to spend a small fortune replacing both
and b) I LOVE my scanner and printer because they do a phenomenal job,
seriously, my art prints look sooooo close to the original work,

I have so many pieces that I am anxious to show you all and to get into my shop too.
These 2 shown here are all done and are looking so whimsical and colorful, I think you'll love them.
If you want to keep up to date on work coming out of my studio but sometimes forget to check in
with me here on the blog or on Instagram etc just sign up for my studio e-news
& I'll pop into your inboxes once in awhile with all the juicy vibrant whimsical stuff that I do XO.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Heatwave Hiatus

Sorry guys that was a bit of an unplanned absence due to the heatwave

we have heavenly A/C now but we try to save power still & had all computers turned right off etc.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Share Sunday

Share Sunday time...
As always just a few things I came across on the web recently
that I thought interesting enough to pass along to you all...
(if you ever have suggestions of your own do email your links but only positive things please).

(because I got pretty sick last year for months, my whole body, all because my gut flora was off).

This is a bit older but I think it's amazing because as a Vegan of course I want people to eat less meat and here is nature in a way telling the world, hey it's time to change your ways humans!

Any story where a person shows kindness to a creature, furry, feathered or otherwise is one I am going to like but this one is especially cool because how many people do you know who would take the time and effort to care for a bee like this?  It just make me happy & if your feeling like I have been, just extra sensitive to all the crap going on out there, you need a happy joyful story too.

Enjoy XO I hope to see you all again next week.