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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Breathing Place

If your lucky
you have a few places where you can go to too 'breathe easier'...
Special places you can run to to relieve stresses, even if but momentarily.
A place where your views can alter & shift if you care to tend to them...
Or a place where you mind & heart can take a break & breathe in some silence along with your lungs.

I have several such spots...
In the house snuggling with bunnies or outside watching them play is a top spot for me.
At the waterside watching sunsets ranks top priority often.
On golden country roads with my honey, with the top off our Jeep is definitely a favourite as well.

And, in the sparkling quiet of a magical forest is another favourite of mine.
(I took these photos at one of my breathing places recently).

As a child, I grew up running wild about the trees and water.
There was a large forest behind my childhood house and it was my 2nd home.
As long as we checked in with our parents occasionally and were back in time for dinner,
we roamed and played in that forest as comfortably as in our own bedrooms.
My big brother, my pals and I were always fooling and running around amongst the
trees & ponds like bare-footed carefree bandits.
It was full of bears, raccoons, partridges, beavers, foxes, etc but we were never scared.
Now as an adult, I am still always happy to run about my old stomping grounds...
though admittedly now some trepidation can't help but join me
since we do have cougars roaming around now!

Now these place don't just hold magical memories of childhood,
they are beautiful breathing places...
places to center ones self & remember what is really important in life.

Where do you tend to breathe deeply, where do your stresses slip away???

XO Mandy

p.s. I think I might be taking a tiny little blog break...so I'll be seeing you all again in early August.

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Thundery Monday

I love days full of thunderstorms and strong rains...
day with blustery winds and power outages...
Day full of time with coloured pencils and a little rabbit creation in the works...

Days where the rain keeps all of us inside as snug as little happy bugs...
With snoring and dreaming bunnies stretched out at my feet as I colour...

Days where the rain and cozy gloom suddenly takes a turn to find the sun bursting out
just at the very end of the day...drenching my studio in golden perfect light...
Making me breathe in a deep deep breath of peacefulness & thankfulness.

Ahhh...I love days steeped in coziness and calm and beautiful light.
Today was just such a day.
And I am feeling grateful.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ribbet and Rabbits

Well it was a lovely day despite another day with a bad headache turned migraine.
I've had a very sore head the last 10 days out of 15,
and admittedly, my nerves have been feeling alittle shoddy and my spirits a tad low.
So, I said to myself...
'Mandy go to your happy place girl, come on, stop wasting time...'
So outside I went, dragging 3 bunnies with me along with my coloured pencils, lunch, a book, a tea
and a pile of cozy blankets and ice packs for frequent pain breaks!

Amongst romping rabbits, breezes and birds, I started in on this sweet little coloured pencil frog...

I haven't been outside much so far this year,
Which isn't me...
I usually spend all my time outside in the spring, summer & fall with the buns and my work.
But, since Ella Luna has passed, I just haven't wanted to be out there without her.
I am glad I broke out of my little funk and remembered that I still have
to be happy out there even without my girl...that it is still indeed a very happy place to be.
I am happy also, that despite a pounding head, I got the little frog almost done...
He's going to be a mixed media and I can't wait to finish him up and then show you all.

I truly hope that you are pain-free today and that your in your Happy place.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My House May Be Full Of Rabbits But...

My house may be full of rabbits
(and my heart is definitely craving to make a trip to the shelter to bring home more!)
But I have much love for any animal out of our rabbity home too.
Like my little buddy & my parents sweet little dog Missy.

I took some photos of her recently and thought I'd share my favourite ones.

Isn't she a cutie, ha ha.
She and I are bonded and I love visiting my folks cause I get to visit with Missy too.
My parents can't even say my name in their house without the dog freaking right out
& running all over looking for me, ha ha...I love that.

XO An Animal Loving Mandy

Monday, July 16, 2012

Bring Yourself Peace

Happy Monday Everyone. 
I hope your weekend was wonderful & that you managed to stay cool.
It was a scorcher here
& our weekend plans were cancelled because leaving the buns in the hot house just wasn't an option.

I finished reworking another older mixed media, adding more texture & layers...
only 2 more to go before I start showing you the newest incarnation of my mixed media ladies.

This one has been retitled
"Bring Yourself Peace"

It measures approx 5.5" x 16"
and is a mixed media with a coloured pencil face & wings with sweet buttons & other flourishes!

She's sitting in my shop already just so anxiously awaiting the person who will adopt her
and love her message of self love and inner peace.

Thanks for your time today.

XO Mandy Whose Off To Hug A Bunny

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bunny & Juice

There's not much cuter than a bunny drinking their favourite juice.

Look at that little pink tongue, awwww....
and the tilt of the head seems to be saying 'yuuuummmmmyyyyy'....ha ha

Jaks and Jin just love apple juice and orange juice so once a week we gladly give them a little bowl.

The bonding process between Jin, Jaks and Roo still continues.
Jaks and Roo were pretty fast friends but Jinny and Roo still don't like one another very  much so far.
We'll keep trying!

Wish Us Luck

XO Mandy, whose loving her ink pens and canvas drawings this week...can't wait to show you guys.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Love & Light & A Rabbits Spirit Shining Through

It's taken me awhile after loosing our Ella Luna to even feel a slight interest in working,
but the spark has come back to me finally.

I am feeling my beautiful girl in every stroke and stitch I make.

To ease myself in, I've been reworking some more old 'Wee Whispies'.

I just finished off this little lovely...

This one is called "Love & Light"

and is she not a little sweet-pea?
She is a 5.5" x 9" mixed media on a pine block.
She was made with paper, paint, marker, buttons, coloured pencil & some other lovlies like little butterflies.
And she has recieved several coats of varnish for protection.
She is ready to be shipped & easily hung in your home.

So if your interested do hop on by, have a look
and buy her to add some joy and whimsy to your home from mine.

XO A Book-Worm Mandy

Friday, July 6, 2012

New Felt Brooch with Green Bird & Green Button

I just finished up another sweet one of a kind brooch.

This one with a cool little green bird with a green button

It measures approx 3" x 3" and 4.5" with the dangly bit.

Have a joyful, inspired and shining weekend XO

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Felt Brooch with a Purple Bird & A Red Button

I just finished up this lovely new handmade felt brooch

with a sweet little
Purple Bird & Red Button

It is made with recycled felt of various colours, a vintage button, glass beads
and is all hand-stitched with embroidery floss.

It will add whimsy, colour and joy to any bag or purse, blouse or sweater.

This brooch is one of a kind.

It measures 23/4" x 4.5". Several layers of stitched felt adds a nice strength to this piece.

There a 1.5" silver clasp on the back for easy pinning.

It will come with a sweet little purple organza bag, perfect for safe keeping or giving as a gift.


It is up for grabs RIGHT HERE.

XO Mandy & Roo, Jinny & Jaks