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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Squirrel Tales, An Old Illustraton, and Something Wooden

Well it's Thursday, which for us is our 'Friday', it's been a crazy week with house projects and I am honestly just feeling pooped. Not to mention the very rainy and humid weather is just making my migraines worse and more frequent, but I am proud of myself as I am spending little time in bed with my trusty ice and heat packs and I am just grinning and bearing it and ploughing forward getting lots done.

This weekend my dear friends Lisa and Jon and their two sweet boys Noah and Ben are coming in for the weekend so I am very excited to see them. And my old friend Bruce is coming into town too so I am looking forward to catching up with this old chum, who I have greatly missed.

So for today, because I am not ready to show you any new work quite yet. I am choosing this older illustration of mine for 2 specific reasons.

1 - Because even after all these years (it was created in 1999) I still love this image of mine. It reflects a strong belief of mine, which is...to fully be able to give to others and nurture and nourish other's souls, you first have to tend and be kind to your own. Right now, with all the pain I endure with my headaches, I am just giving myself alittle bit extra time to either sit and snuggle the bunnies, more time to stretch and yogify, and just abit more time to sit with a tea and read. I am allowing myself more time to just be still and breathe and let go of my worries and stresses. I am also allowing myself to divert from my usual routine abit more than usual, and spend some time on the house, just organizing and cleaning and re-arranging because doing so always relaxes and centers me.

2 - Because I am thinking of my friend right now...I won't mention her name in case she doesn't want anyone to know...but she is going through chemo right now and after a rough couple of years, she's remaining strong and focused on taking care of herself and I am proud of her. With the selection of this image today, I am also sending her good vibes and thoughts and hope that she continues to honour herself and her body at this rough time.

On to lighter topics...we are having abit of a 'problem' with chipmunks and squirrels running rampant in our house! We seem to be chasing one or the other out atleast 3 times a day. Yesterday, I walked out of the bedroom, to see Ella and Roo all stretched out on their hallway carpet watching a chipmunk, who was sitting right in the middle of their bowl eating their morning oatmeal and pellets!

Today, I saw that the squirrel Rudy, had taken to the kitchen counter to snack on a banana!! and last night...I discovered that my last piece of delicious dark chocolate...one I had been saving all day, had suddenly disappeared and since Jon is the only other one in the house tall enough to reach the kitchen counter and he didn't eat it, and I didn't eat it...again the suspected thief is the squirrel Rudy!

The other year, my nice little wooden honey sticks would go missing. I had the habit of leaving my morning dishes outside on the back deck until the end of the day. No one believed me, everyone thought I just misplaced them. Yet that fall, when Jon was stacking wood in the wood shed, what did he discover but my honey sticks, nicely chewed and nicely piled on a shelf in the shed...alongside a beautiful collection of my sunflower heads, which had also suddenly been stolen one day that same summer, ha ha! Now with the missing chocolate piece, I wonder what else they are going to start stealing from inside the house!

I wanted to share this photo with you, I took it yesterday morning...a Cone Flower on our new little deck, I just love the texture.

Anyhow, as I was taking this shot, Rudy the squirrel hopped down from the roof on to the the table where my lovely little breakfast was waiting for me.

He looked at me for a minute and I said "What do you think your doing mister", well he was quite sure of his plan because without hesitation he jumped up onto the side of my bowl...surveyed what layed within, and then grabbed a big strawberry and then just sat there on the table eating it, not even a foot away from me....I guess I had an uninvited guest for breakfast.

And the other day, I saw the cutest cutest cutest little dormouse hopping into the garage...I just love all the critters running around our home, it just makes me feel so content. In that same theme, I've been sketching alot of ideals out for illustrations based on my hero Jane Goodall.

Okay, enough about squirrels....lastly for today I wanted to show you this beautiful necklace I just got.....again yes from Etsy, my favourite place to shop.

It is from Ashlee Rising over at "Natural at Heart". This wooden medallion is so nice and light and I just love the intricate beautiful design. I think as a 'carpenter's daughter' I love all things wooden and when I saw these necklaces I just had to have one...you can't beat the price at about $9.00 a pendant..check them out at http://www.naturalatheart.etsy.com/ .

Well, that's about all for this week...we are back on 'holidays' and off to another busy weekend. Be Well everyone, thanks for taking the time to visit me and please come back next week.

Lovely Stars and Abit More

So as promised yesterday, let's get straight back to some studio business. I've been busy making more of my little hand-stitched felt stars. They will be released into the shop this week because I am finally getting some good shots of them.

Here's the newest batch...

And if any of you were wondering, after yesterday's post, what a bunny does the day after a day of dancing and leaping in the yard...well I just thought I'd show you...

They are pooped and cuddle up into balls or stretch right out in their fuzzy blankets, to rest up for the next day of frolicking, ha ha.

I've also been keeping busy painting alot of household things that just need some tlc or new life. So over the next few days I'll try to take some shots of those projects. I've also been quickly painting up new things, like this cute little table that Jon made...I just white washed it with a lovely minty green paint. It has dual purpose which I love, not only is it for putting my basil and plants on etc, but the bottom is left open and hollow for the bunnies to indulge in their burrow and 'hide n' sneak' instincts.

Well, another busy day is ahead of me so with another headache, I should get to it. I've been sketching up some new illustration ideals which I am excited about but which I can't share quite yet. Seriously, if there is something your planning or excited about, just try to not tell people about it, or at least not give away all the details...it really does seem to lend that thing or ideal even more thrill and excitement, for me anyhow.

To all of my lovely readers who are kind enough and sweet enough to take the time to leave comments, I so appreciate that and I am sending you all special hugs today. Be well, and until tomorrow...Happy Creating and Being.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A wonderful weekend with bunny happiness

Hi Everyone. We had such a wonderful and crazy busy weekend. Where the summer started off slowly and not feeling overly productive, we've kicked it into high gear now and feel like we are getting tons done and starting to enjoy the last half of the season.

I spent some time in my 'painting studio' tidying up abit. Some time buying new wood for upcoming paintings. I am in an exhibition in September so I must soon begin steady work on my pieces for that. I also made time to set up shop on the floor near Hazel and Jin and made some more stars but I'll show you those in tomorrow's post.

On Monday, we had a delicious lunch out at one of our favourite old jaunts...vegetarian pizza, potato and leek soup and Greek salad seemed to start the afternoon off wonderfully. Well anyhow, we just finished off a lovely porch off our kitchen. Because our Ella-Luna and Roo really don't like Hazel and Jinny, we have the house separated into two areas where each couple gets their own space. Ella and Roo have always had their own large back deck leading into the yard which they can use at their hearts content. And now, through the hard work of my sweetie and some help from my dad, Hazel and Jin now have their very own deck. After lunch this day, for the first time we took the girls out to their newly created space and taught them that going out onto that deck and going down the stairs leads to their very own grassy paradise...Here are some shots from the day...

As you can see Jinny was having an absolute ball. We had never seen her jump and leap and dash and spin and dance with such exuberance or joy behind, it was really a sight to behold and did our hearts great good.

That's our Hazel just being sweet Hazel....

With assurance from us, that yes indeed this parcel of yard is just for them...they proceeded to have an excellent day...

Well, we purposely left part of this area will taller grass...just for the bunnies...but they weren't quite used to it at first, ha ha...

The day was indeed fantastic...I wish that everyone could feel the wide array of wonderful emotions that these wonderful little furry hearts bring to us. One does not need to give birth to feel the pure joy of loving, being fully committed and caring for another precious soul, even if that beautiful soul has fur. I hope you all had an excellent weekend full of smiling, love and happiness. We do truly create our own happiness....go after yours if your less than content. Until tomorrow...when we'll get back down to studio business! Be well.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to Judit

Today is my best friend's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDIT. And as Judit knows from our phone call earlier...I have a bad migraine today so I'll keep this entry short. I was trying to pick an image to celebrate Judit's day with and this one popped out at me. I am thinking that it's because this image of mine is soft and gentle but also very lively and bright and fun...and Judit is all of those lovely things. Also because it's an image that speaks about finding your own way and being part of a group but at the same time remaining yourself and staying true to yourself...and well, I know Judit will understand this part of the message. Judit and I meet in college, and I just can't thank her enough for the beautiful friendship, the love, the grace, the laughs, the support, the mentorship...she just lends and gives so much to my life and I just love her. If Judit was the only friend I had in this life, I would be fine because she's the best friend anyone could ask for. I hope you have a wonderful and special day my dear friend. XXOO.

I know I've featured her work before but just in case for anyone who may have missed that post, please check out Judit's beautiful work on here on her website.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Stars, Etsy Prints and New Colours, Hooray!

Well it's Wednesday and I have 'Woe'...my head hurts...again! It's been such a rainy summer and I seem to get migraines and headaches when it rains alot. I've suffered this past week, but I am glad to still be getting some work done. I woke up with a jittery feeling in the pit of my tummy and I just realized that it's because I am excited to get lots done today but it's also because I am nervous that the small headache I have now will become a full blown one and I won't get anything done at all, I really hate that feeling of impending doom! Well enough complaining!

Here are four more stars I've just finished up...

My honey suggested that I try a different stitch on some of the newer ones, a stitch that looked abit cleaner and I am so glad he pointed this out because he was right and the newer stars stitching is much cleaner which makes me happier. It'll be interesting to see how they progress over time. Already I have plans for round, heart, flower and fish shaped ones. It's alot of fun for me to once again take a break from my usual medium and play with something new.

Again...they will most likely be available in my Etsy shop starting tommorow. I still need to get some good photos of them, so if that goes well today (despite the gloomy skies and light coming through the windows) they will be up for grabs and on their way to new homes...I hope! I am sure there are lots of people out there who love pretty, little hand-made items dangling from all rooms in their homes...like me, ha ha.

This week these little beauties came in the mail. We ordered them from Etsy from Sarah Ogren and they just delight my heart and eyes. I admit to not having ALOT of other artists work in our house, my own stuff seems to take up most real estate. But there was something about these beautiful little open edition prints that made me really want to adopt them into our house. I am thinking that Sarah is a rabbit lover also.

This one is called "Side Saddle Bird Rider" and I am anxious to take it out of the the plastic and find the perfect frame. But I just couldn't wait to show you.

This one is called "Bunny Leap" and it is a silkscreen print.

Extra little touches that come with Etsy orders are always great. I always make sure to package my orders up nicely and with care and extra little stickers or ribbons or recycleable wrapping paper...and with this Etsy order besides the prints came this postcard with a nice little note on the back...I just really appreciated the extra treat which I'll happily hang on the bullentin boards in my studio...thanks Sarah, I will enjoy the prints forever I am quite sure. Oh also, Sarah has a blog too at http://www.sarahogren.blogspot.com/ .

Today, I am also appreciative of the paints that were on sale. Like I mentioned before, despite the cost of them, I really love buying supplies...so when I left the store with two heavy bags full of paint, I just had to capture atleast one photograph of some of the beautiful colours which accompanied me home earlier this week...

and Judit...thanks so much for the snailmail treat today. They may not be frequent but that just makes them extra loved when they do grace my mailbox, ha ha. Stickers of ladybugs and photos of you and me and Ed, what could be better.

Well, that's about all for today...may you have a headache/migraine free day....and may you be happy and creative...until tommorow.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Tuesday Which Inspires and Delights

Hi Everyone, I hope this post find you all well and in good cheer. Today more than ever I am reminded that we are all responsible for finding our own cheer and delight, wherever we may be in our lives. You may be living some dream life in Paris, a lovely breeze filled existence in Greece, or perhaps your a little rabbit loving artist in a small Northern city...wherever or whatever you are, try your hardest to find delight in everyday. Well, ha ha that's my tidbit of advice for today.

Today, I was up bright and early. After watching Hazel and Jin play on their newly built deck, I had a great morning workout on my beloved treadmill. Then I proceeded to paint my new image rails for the studio so we can put them up this week. And then at lunch time I treated myself to an afternoon matinee at the theatres where I saw Mamma Mia, and I just loved it. When I was choosing which film to go see, I thought to myself "Mmmm, I really feel like I need some inspiration from moving colour" and this is exactly what this movie provided. As I walked home, cutting through the park and seeing huge storm clouds starting to surround the city, I just felt truly and blissfully happy. I love it when movies can lend to that feeling.

So what have I been busy with you may ask? Well aside from hanging out with my sweetie Jonathan, and our 4 bunnies, gardening and painting and shopping for door window inserts! I finished up "Stick In There"....

And I've been busy making these little beauties...

I've been making these felt and hand stitched stars for years now...usually around xmas time which I bundle up and give to a couple select friends every year. But I felt like making them again and not just for xmas this year. They are lovingly made by yours truly and can be purchased through my Etsy shop. I have about 18 made and I am excited to share them with you and hear what you think of them. I can promise that each one is unique and filled with good energy.

When I got back from the movies, I brought Ella Luna and Roo to play outside and I also brought these two stars to finish stitching up...I went inside to get a tea and when I cam back out I found this beautiful little guy crawling all over them...

So I stitched my afternoon blissfully away...surrounded by silly little caterpillars, chickadees begging for more sunflower seeds and tons of dragonflies like this guy...

How can one not be inspired or in a good mood when surrounded by bunnies and wondrous little beings. Until tomorrow everyone, have an excellent night and be well.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

New Painting "Stick In There" and Goodies

Hi Everyone and I hope your all having a Happy Thursday. My day was good and very productive making it an even better day (I was going to say an even 'gooder' day, ha ha!).

I have some paper samples coming and soon after I pick a new paper, I'll be offering my lovely art cards with a more earth friendly twist...the cellophane wrappers will only be used until I run out and then the cards will come packaged with raffia, which is biodegradable and a natural substance, so I am excited to make this switch in my cards. The paper will be 100 pound instead of 140 but the paper will also be 100% recycled and with the 30% post consumer re-cycled envelopes I think it's worth the slight change.

After a good pep talk with my best friend this afternoon, I thought today's painting was even more appropriate to share with you all...I just finished it 5 minutes ago so it hasn't even gotten it's top coating but I'll share it anyhow...

The title of this one is "Stick in There" and it is acrylic and coloured pencil on wood and measures about 5 x 8". I'll let you know when and where the original will be up for sale, which will be soon.

Also today I was excited to receive my order of lovely organza bags in the mail. I can show you them and their lovely assortment of colour but I can't yet give up what will be filling them...soon, I promise.

I just find the colours delicious. I am going to store them away with either fresh lavender from our garden or with my favourite scent of incense stick, so when they are sent or used they will smell wonderful as well as look wonderful.

I feel so hyper right now...aside from purchasing much needed art supplies this afternoon (and yes despite the price I always find getting new supplies a big treat). We had stopped into our local pet store to get our usual rabbit litter material (recycled and biodegradable I must add!) only to discover that the store had gotten a 'store pet' which is a beautiful and adorable and soft as can be, black and white spotted lop bunny named 'Jax'...oh I had to strongly resist the urge to run away with him, ha ha. But I got to hug him and give him a hundred kisses and now I know we have another little bunny which we must get special xmas presents for, ha ha. I just love seeing other people's bunnies when I know they are well cared for and well loved, it makes the urge to steal them abit less! Anyhow...he re-awakened my love for rabbits and that is why I feel hyper.

And now...with a throbbing migraine, I am going to go sit with my ice pack, a coffee and an episode of the Cosby's. We are into our long weekend again, so unless I get the urge to share something over the weekend, I'll see you here again next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday...Be Well Everyone and Be Extra Kind to Bunnies.

p.s. A few new prints have been added into the shop.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just a Quick Hello, A Beautiful Bee and A Silent Spot

Much to my happiness today I received this beautiful bee in the mail...and yes, it was another sweet and lovely gift from my honey...coincidentally also sweet as bee's honey, ha ha. I really wanted to share it with you because I just love it so much. To me, the bee symbolizes an industrious spirit and that's what I want to be right now...just an artist who's able to 100% dive into her work and just keep on working and moving onto the next project...I can't explain it furthur at the moment, but this is the need I feel right now...so I really love how the bee necklace reflects my own inner mood at the moment.

I am working on a couple projects right now that need finishing off, so I hoped to have a new image to show you all today but I simply don't...please forgive that but have faith that soon I will show you new things and I am quite sure you won't be sorry for the wait...don't worry the wait won't be too long.

I just wanted to pop in say 'Hello' and now I shall go...back outside into the sun and wind, with the bunnies and my honey to continue on with a project.

Tonight, if you think of me, I think I will be here, in my studio with all the lights but the twinkle ones turned off...amongst my shiny little charming hand-made critters from Germany, which never fail to put a slight smile on my face...

and I'll be stretched on here....on my beloved and cozy as can be studio couch, perhaps taking in an old episode of The Ghost Whisperer...I don't know why but that's what I am in the mood for. Tonight I am in the mood just to hang out by myself and in my studio without any work even if I am behind...

I hope that you all have your own kind of self-created and beloved sanctuary that you can all escape to when the need arises. Until tomorrow....Be Well, Be Creative and Be Kind.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In Memorial of my Grandpa

Today I am sad. My dear grandpa passed away yesterday and my heart is sad for the lose of him, but even more sad for my dad and all my grandparents children. So in honour of my wonderful, and beloved and creative and talented grandfather, I will share two pictures today.

My most favourite illustration I've done yet and one which holds very special meaning to me and one which I will never put up for sale because it has so much personal meaning, 'Every Beginning has an Ending, But Every Ending is But a Beginning..."

and last but not least, a picture designed, made and framed by my grandpa which I am so so so blessed to have and which we proudly display in our home...

My grandpa was a very talented guy. He made all kinds of beautiful things and grandpa if your out there listening...I will promise to proudly carry on the Saile's talented and creative line. I have other beautiful things that my grandpa sent home with my dad for me, but I have the need to keep them private and secret right now. My dear grandpa lived an exuberant and creative life and I just hope that I can continue to make him and my dad proud.

Thanks everyone, I am going to go now...until tomorrow when I should have a new piece to share with you all. Take Care of one another and love strongly.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beautiful Banner & Holidays

Well, the wondrous talents of my honey never cease to amaze me. The other day, before my 24 hours on the Etsy showcase, I mumbled to Jon in passing "I think I need a new banner for the shop...". And so we went about our day and evening and before I knew it Jonathan had created this lovely new banner for me. After I finished "ohhh-ing" I started to laugh, because I noticed that he had taken my little crayola person on the left and put "Bijou" on the box.

My Jonathan is so talented and though he has a full-time and busy job, when he comes home, he likes to get creative also. As you can see from the banner, he's a whiz on the computer and once in awhile he'll make these hilarious photo montages...here is one of my all time favourites, where he turned my niece Karly into one of her favourite characters, Shrek...

Work on the new website has halted for the time being...summer projects seem much more enjoyable at the time and the design and all the elements I want added to the new website means a complete re-due and means alot of work for both of us...so we'll pick it back up soon I am sure, but right now bringing the bunnies outside to play and building a custom b-b-cue seems much more fun, ha ha.

3 new prints have been added at the shop today..."Like a Fish in a Pond where you Don't Belong", "Out of Despair" and "Horse Bookplate". You can see them quickly by glancing at the right hand side Etsy shop showcase.

I am so so excited because we bought two prints last night, featuring rabbits of course! And today they are being signed, packaged up and shipped and I am just so excited at the ideal of these two little gems making their way to our cozy little home. I'll share them with you as soon as they arrive.

I also need to let you all know that our summer holidays have arrived. Starting next Monday and into September Jonathan and I are taking 4 day weekends and only working 3 day weeks. Which means that most likely my blog posts will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. I hope you tune in still, I really think this schedule will mean that I'll have more new work to share on a more consistent basis.

Be Well and until Tuesday!.....unless I get something done this weekend that I just can't wait to share with you on Monday. Love Mandy.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A New Painting, Etsy Showcase, A Realization and A Froggie

I had so much fun making today's painting which I have called "Mr. Fairweather". But before he transformed into the rest of the painting, he wanted to have a visit with his brothers, Bali and Tigger (Tigger is seen here in this photo with Mr. Fairweather).

The painting is 10" x 10" on canvas made with acrylic, collage & coloured pencil and it is indeed for sale. I will be putting the original and a print into the shop sometime next week.

I did this image today to celebrate my fish. Last night I spent about 3 hour cleaning out their tank and moving it to a better location and I reminded myself to do so quickly and gently as possible because Tigger and Bali are after all a great 8 years old. They are fancy tailed goldfish which is a species of fish that dates back to the Ming Dynasty. Goldfish were one of the first fish species to be domesticated. Back then goldfish were revered and were not kept in small tanks but in large ponds, they were only brought into smaller tanks when company was expected, so that guests could see the fish better, but soon after the guests would leave, the fish would go back into their large ponds. In 1162, people who were not royalty were forbidden to have the gold and yellow goldfish varieties because yellow of course was the colour reserved only for the royal families. I love having goldfish, they are so beautiful and calming to watch and mine are quite friendly with me. I hope you enjoy my "Mr. Fairweather" ?.

Also for today...

I was happy to see my work in the Etsy Art Showcase, I think the colours in that particular image really pop amongst the others...it didn't boost my shop viewership quite as much as I was hoping for, but I'll try again soon.

I've spent alot of time over the last week, tidying up my studio...making it feel more 'like me' meaning cute little beings hanging from the ceiling, twinkle lights hung, etc. I just adore my studio. Whiles doing this I realized something...a shift in my work ethic. Before, I would struggle to find time to create, something always seemed to come first, be it the rabbits (well okay the rabbits still come first but I am much better at juggling the two), the dishes etc. But now and I'd say for the last year, I don't feel like I need to find time anymore because without my realizing it, my work and all my creations have shifted to the front burner, as they should be and that feels really wonderful. I get up in the mornings and I just assume that my day will be filled with some kind of creative venture and some bunny snuggles added for good measure and I just feel really lucky for that, to be able to lead a fully artistic life. Now, the house stays messy until I am done whatever creation I am working on and I am finally learning that I don't need to make excuses for the mess, because I am an artist and it's an artist's house, it's a house full of happiness, books, music, bunnies, love and lots of art making...I just love that. To my Jonathan...your little artist Bijou wouldn't change a thing...except perhaps to add a skinny pig to the mixture of joy, ha ha.

My good friend Maria is so silly and sweet. Yesterday evening, when Jon got home from work, I was downstairs finishing up Miss Penelope and he came downstairs with a pretty pink bag in his hands saying 'I don't know who it's from', well my first guess was my Maria and I was right...she snuck over in the afternoon and left this parcel for me at the door...inside was a card with a silly little poem that only Maria could come up with, and this cute little froggie...I think it's for candles because the back opens up but I think he'll just keep me company on my studio worktable for awhile...though he's not the chattiest of fellows, ha ha. Thanks Maria it really made my day and I think has already prompted the beginnings of a story.

Now, I am off to make a pot of soup, since I am apparently a soup monster. Till tomorrow, Be Well Everyone and Happy Creating and Simple Joyful Being wished to you.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Some Prints and Miss Penelope Posy

I couldn't help it, my head got too sore yesterday to finish off my post. The day was so humid, I had a hard time lighting matches! And today is no better, it's still super humid, so I had to drag the dehumidifier into my studio as I notice the floor is slightly moist and all my art books are starting to curl which is making me very paranoid about my paper stock etc...yikes! I have to admit that I don't do well with extreme heat or humidity...especially when I have a headache or migraine. But, luckily, even on a days like this, where my nerves were abit fried and I felt abit grouchy I can still realize how lucky I am. Why do I consider myself lucky you may ask? because I have a great studio in the basement of our house where it's naturally cooler and just to ensure that I could really cool down, when we were preparing the room last fall, we installed two super duper ceiling fans, which I am defiantly enjoying this week for sure.

Some prints have been released over at the shop...have a look and I hope you fall in love with one so much that you just gotta get it, ha ha. Please do note that the prints below are in glass clip frames and in the shop they come unframed otherwise the shipping would be too unreasonable.

Please also keep in mind that if you fall in love with one of my images, whether it being one you see here on the blog, or on my website...you may not be able to afford the originals but lovely high-quality prints are always available for pretty much 99% of my imagery and I guarantee that they look fantastic in frames and hung on pretty much any wall of your home or office.

Also today, my Miss Penelope Posy has finally decided to poke her cute little face out to meet you all. Now, all I can tell you for today is her name, because I don't' want to give my story away until the book is all completed. I've been looking at all the characters I've created in my mind and jotted down on paper and I am simply not sure which one to star in my first book...I thought it would be Penelope, maybe it will be but I am not so sure today. I think she was worth the wait.

I hope you all love her as much as I do and yes, a print will be available to purchase at the shop shortly, once I have a chance to scan it in.

Unless I am plagued by another headache today, I should be 'seeing' you all tomorrow with something new...I hope!

p.s. Thanks so much for all the lovely comments you are all leaving, it means so much and is a real boost. After all the amazing 'tea party' comments, I found myself going through comment withdrawal, ha ha.