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Monday, November 30, 2015


Hi Lovlies,  I hope you had a restful weekend.
We did, after a scare with our sweet honey-bee Teela but more on that later.
I think I forgot to let you guys know that this new lot of 4 originals have hit my shop.

"Saw Whet Owl"

"Cup Of Tea"

"Screech Owl"

Don't forget that it's a good reason to sign up to "Keep In Touch"
because those who are part of my inner studio circle get goodies like free colouring pages,
discounts now and than and always first dibs on original work, etc.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Companion Cube

So apparently there is a computer game called 'Portal', it's apparently totally great...
And there's something within this game called a 'Companion Cube'...
Okay, honestly, I still really have no ideal what it's all about
but my Munchkin wanted one somewhat desperately
so we as smitten and doting Uncy and Auntie spent a weekend sleepover making one!
She and my honey spent almost 4 hours in the chilly garage making up the cube...
She had a blast and I was impressed that she stuck out the cold.
Than I spent about 3 hours with her painting it.
Than apparently it needed a cake...
Than apparently it would be 'super cool' if I did a drawing of the games characters on the lid...Ha ha!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

All About Bunnies

It's been about basking in sunsets before rushing back home to the babes...
It's been about evenings with no time for anything but bunny bonding.
Teela & Fren were 100% bonded some time ago and Yuuji is behaving 99% , we're almost there!

It's been about preparing yummies for the bunnies whale sized tummies, like dehydrated carrot tops...

It's been about homemade healthful Vegan loveliness inspired by a love for bunnies... 
life is very rabbit-centric indeed but we wouldn't have it any other way!

Monday, November 23, 2015


Today is calling loud and clear for advil and codeine, hot water bottles and loads herbal tea... 

And a stubborn attitude to fight the pain as I spend time with my sketchbook as jazz floats about me.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Gravitating To Gratitude

We don't venture from home and our sick Jaky for too long these days
but we've been finding ourselves zeroing in on certain things...
Like we've been gravitating towards the water and especially to the sunsets...

We've been basking in relaxing lunches in the sun at our favorite café...

We've been geting outside even just for short spells with the sweet sweet buns...

We've been enjoying food and time in the kitchen together...
What are you enjoying most these days???

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

World Of Words

In my world reading is a priority...
As a kid, I always loved books, story time with my Mom was one of the best parts of the day.
Now as an adult, I still have a love affair with books...in fact I think I'd be considered a bibliophile.
Books just make me happy... 
The feel of them.  The smell of them...let alone what's inside them.
I can't imagine days where I don't settle down within the magic of words (usually with a salad too).
Words weaved together feed me body and soul.
What are you reading right now?

Monday, November 16, 2015

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Low Light

Like any artist, I much rather work with my colours in bright natural light...
so on rainy days like today when it's rather dark, I usually do sketching & studio clean up.

Monday, November 9, 2015


I am glad that I am 'getting it'...
That growing a year older isn't a bad thing at all...It's a gift.
A birthday marks a year full of knowledge gained,
which can indeed make our journey through life easier.
It's a year of experiences had and learnt from.  I've always been big on learning.
It's 365 days of hardship & happiness, because let's admit it, life is hard
but hopefully it's always more of the latter, if your very lucky and smart with your perspective!
So today I turn another year older.
I am 38 years smart!
It's been a hard year in some ways but more so a really wonderful year...
I've been very lucky and blessed.
I've learnt to not be afraid of happiness but to grasp it and hold on for dear life, ha ha.
I've learnt to sing my own tune a little bit more clearly & not quite so shyly
and I can't wait to see what beauty and experiences unfold for me during my next 365.

Friday, November 6, 2015

3000 pounds

So when you have as many buns as we do, you have to look for ways to save some money...
(especially when we are dreaming and hoping of some day having a full-on rabbit rescue)
and we've recently found a great way that saves us over $700 a year!
We finally found Canwick hardwood pellets (it has to be the hardwood kind),
which are safe to use in our rabbit's litter pans.
This stuff is $6 a bag and good for the environment as opposed to the over $20 a bag
of the recycled newspaper stuff that we were buying every single week.
The hardwood pellets contains the urine smell alot better,
they can be tossed in the fireplace because that's their main purpose of course
and they compost a lot more nicely than the newspaper kind too...
which is great because we're big on composting in our house.
 There is only 1 local supplier in our city though, and they run out quickly,
so in the Fall, when the store brings the pellets out, we have to jump
and get on the very heavy task of ordering a pallet (which is 50 bags) to supply us for the year.

We had to borrow my Dad's trailer, do two trips...25 40 pound bags in each load.
It was 50 bags to load from the store to the trailer than from the trailer to the backyard
than the next day, because we were expecting rain, from the backyard to their spot in the garage!
I am not one of those girls who lets the boys do all the heavy lifting, no way no how!
I helped my honey and I did half of the lifting...
I lifted 3000 pounds over the course of 2 days...WHEW! I was proud of myself
and of course it always feels good to impress my man, ha ha

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Basking In Butterflies

I'll have about 12 new 'Glitter Bugs' released into the world soon...
Here's a small sampling of some of them as I finished them up in their coloured pencil phase...

Those who 'Keep In Touch' with my studio news always get first dibs on original work
so if your possibly interested in one of them, it would be the perfect time to sign up.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Hay Time

It was recently that time of year to restock our bales of Timothy hay from our local growers.
So we picked up 4 bales for our brood and
than went back and bought 6 more bales for the precious buns at the Toronto Humane Society.
We plan to drop the 6 bales off at the shelter as soon as we can get back to the city.

People have said it's stupid that we are driving over 800km to donate hay...
but the point is that someone is doing it, period! If no one in the city is going to than we happily will!
In fact, if the buns at the shelter enjoy it,
we will make a hay donation part of our trip whenever we go to the city.