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Friday, November 30, 2012

Novembers Edition

The buns and I have been hard at work today
(even with a screaming migraine)
to make sure that the November Bijou's Whimsy newsletter edition still went out on time...

Haven't received it directly to your email box nice and convenient like???
Or send your name & email address to MandySaile@BijousWhimsy.com

Thanks Everyone,  have a wonderful weekend...see you all on Monday.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

On My Desk

I am working away on this coloured pencil...
....and I can't wait to finish her up and show you.

P.S.  My November Newsletter gets mailed out very soon.
If you would like tor recieve it in your email box just sign up right here.
or send your email address to MandySaile@BijousWhimsy.com

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mama's Helper

I have a little helper with the vacuuming today...
How cute is my boy, oh my goodness, ha ha...
He doesn't realize that he's one of three reasons why I have to vacuum so often...
shhhh....we won't tell him.

The days have been quiet...snow has fallen & we're blanketed in white.
Things are moving slowly these last few days for I've been under the weather &
have had to rest up my wrist and a bad crink in my neck...
but my oh my how cozy the studio feels in the winter...ahhhhh.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Toronto With My Munchkin

A few weeks back Jonathan & I took my niece to Toronto for 3 days.
We had a complete & utter ball.  I can't resist sharing some photos here on my blog of course.

We stayed with my best friend Judit & her fam.
It was great for me to have my niece get to know my 2nd family.  She was a star with their 2.5 year old.

We started the busy 3 day adventure with the Toronto zoo.
I took over 1000 photos!
I have something special planned for all the animal ones so I won't show you those ones quite yet!

 We went on a ferry...

We spent a whole super fun & tiring day playing about, biking around
& enjoying a festival area on the Center Island...

We took Karly to the C.N. Tower & for a stroll through the tallest buildings of the city...


We took her to my old stomping grounds, to see where her Auntie went to college, at OCAD...


We took her on the subway several times and to the Rainforest Cafe...


and of course for some shopping at the Yorkdale mall...

She's already getting too busy to spend time with her Auntie...she's growing so fast.
Special times with each other like this are more important & precious then ever.

She counted over 18 'first-time' things over the 3 days, ha ha...
First time on a subway, first time at the CN Tower, first time on an escalator...fun fun fun.

I don't want kids of my own but I LOVE being an Auntie
& I LOVE LOVE LOVE this little Munchkin of mine. She's so special.

Interested in a few more shots from our city adventure?  Just check out my Flickr photo stream.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Whiles the golden sun set in my upstairs studio
and with a honeyed blueberry tea and sweet bunnies napped near my feet,
I finished up this new little painting.

Here's how he came about...

Do you want to help me name him???
Ideas anyone??? just put your suggestions in the comments section.

P.S.  Well just a few names were suggested...Moon Glow, Clover, Aussie, Aurora...
But I like the name my friend Aline suggested 'Cabbriel'...so I'll go with that, it suits him I think.

Prints of 'Cabbriel'  will be available in my Etsy shop soon.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Bunnies On Stairs

Sometimes Jinny & Jaks have no interest in their yard...
They just spend the whole time going up and down the steps...
Up & Down, Up & Down, Up & Down.

And then they never fail to stop and look right at you to say
"Ta-Da..did you see what I just did..."

I could watch them go up and down up and down up and down all day long, ha ha.
They are such special little creatures.
I am lucky to share my life with bunnies.

Friday, November 9, 2012


 It's been a year to stretch my heart & soul.
To continue to grow & learn with relish.
To toughen up yet remain my open-eyed tender self.
To fall down repeatedly & to get back up.
To ease up on myself & to be gentle with self expectations.
To more easily accept my physical & mental limitations.
To live abundantly & creatively
& to not feel bad about all of the amazing stuff.
To honour my sensitive heart.
To survive a broken heart.
To stand more surely behind the decisions which I know are so very right for me.

I can admit that really like who I am.
I can gladly say that I love my own company.
I am can be proud of the ferocity with which I love.
I can be so very proud of all of my passion.
I can see that I am learning who I am more and more every single year.
I can rest in knowing that I am constantly moving towards being the person I dream to be.
I can love my creativity proudly.
I can finally embrace my own talent without reserve.
I can allow magic and joy and immense love to soak into the very center of my bones.
I can very bravely offer my heart over & over again even when it's rejected again & again.
I can scream from the roof-tops  I am Unique and know it's true.

Today I turn 35
I am going to celebrate all that I am.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fergus Fennel

He prefers to swim where it's really quite cold,
for he says the cold cold water helps keep his colours bright & his brain sharp as a tack.
Though he admits that the top hat does nothing for warmth, it's all just for show.

Everyone, meet my newest finned friend...

Fergus Fennel

He is done in coloured pencil on an acrylic painted canvas with a ribbon.

I know many of you like to see the progression of my artwork so I snapped a few shots along the way.
(Mind you some are taken during daytime studio hours & some at night time...you can tell which is which!)

Thanks so much for swimming along for a visit today.

I myself am in the studio finishing off a green & blue bunny and starting in on a new rabbit lady, yayyy.
Have an excellent & most wonderful day.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Spark & Inspire

I always find it nerve-wracking to be interviewed whether it be for radio, tv, blogs or newspapers.
I know I have to be honest and very candid, that's the only way I'll be 100% happy with my responses.
There's always the worry that your saying the wrong thing or are instigating a negative response.

But I am so honoured to be one of the artists and business owners interviewed for

An inspiring and uplifting collection of insight & wisdom
'To Spark Your Business and Inspire Your Soul"

It's the very first book I've been interviewed for.  I can't wait to get my own copy.

 It’s now available for The Kindle

Friday, November 2, 2012

Why Can't Everyone Just Get Along

Sometimes I just feel like shouting out "Why can't everyone just get along..."

Bonding rabbits is not often an easy feat, it requires patience, alot of time & a few tricks as well.
Jinny & Roo aren't super fans of each other yet, Jin is a very territorial rabbit unfortunately.
Jaks and Roo were fast friends on the other hand.  Bonding two males is always easiest.
Jaks does a wonderful job of splitting his time between Jin & Roo...
it's so cute & I feel so proud of him. 
They do have their good days were all three of them get along swimmingly though,
especially on those rainy weekends where all 5 of us cuddle up in bed with a movie marathon.
It's so very lovely & nourishing to the heart to see them all cuddled up & kissy together.

We feel ready to go to the shelter and bring more babies home now....
but we're also not wanting to break up the current progress with Jin, Jaks & Roo.
Our bunnies don't go in cages, we don't believe in that within our little rabbity household
and the house is already mostly claimed by these three right now.
It's feeling like a tricky mix of just going for it & not wanting to upset the present equilibrium.
Who would think having a house full of bunnies could be so complicated, ha ha!

Well, it's the weekend, it's been a very busy few weeks and I must admit I am looking forward to nothing more then some of that sweet-bunnies-on-the-bed-with-movies time...ahhh it'll be good.

What are your weekend plans?

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Octobers Newsletter in November

My October newsletter has just been mailed out.
It's a day late, sorry about that but head pain derails all the best laid plans,
(this is where the 'accute' part of my migraines plays in...for this morning I felt great).

and if your not already signed up to receive my newsletters, please do so right here.
Hope you enjoy...cause I sure do love creating them.

Mac & Cheese Soup

It's a rainy and gloomy day...
And my head doesn't hurt, ahhhhh it feels so good not to have a sore head, ha ha.
After I get my October newsletter out, I am giving myself the rest of the day off.
It's the perfect day after all to get all cozy, crack open a great book or pop on a favourite movie
and to settle in with a nice big bowl of comforting soup...

Mac and Cheese Soup

To Make:
Cook up 3 shallots, 1 big carrot & 1 celery stock, all chopped up in abit of olive oil.
Add a pinch of pepper and salt.
When cooked thoroughly blend all of this up and add to your pot.
Then you'll add 33/4 cups of vegetable soup stock
11/4 cups of milk
6 ounces of Cheddar cheese
1/4 cup of Parmesan cheese
1/4 of all-purpose flour (add when the rest of it is hot, add slowly and stir constantly till mixed in).
Add in 4 ounces of already cooked macaroni.
Heat all of this up nice & slowly and cook for maybe 10-15 minutes.
Then serve in your favourite bowls piping hot but not before
adding thick pieces of baguette & fresh tomato slices on top of the soup.

It's perhaps not all that healthy, ha ha ha but for rainy days it sure is yummy.

Enjoy & have a wonderfully snug as a happy bug cozy day...I am sure you deserve it too.