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Friday, January 30, 2015

One Thing I Know To Be True

Ahhhh....There are many many things in this life, on any given day, that I am quite unsure of.
BUT I do know one thing to be very very true, a fact so solid & lovely that I can always lean on it.
The fact is that seeing rabbits, who were previously stuck in cages at a shelter, stretch out and nap
happily away on my studio floor is one of the best things in the world, EVER!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pens, Sun & Pain

The sun has been shining, my head has been pounding and I have been drawing...
Drawing more sweet beautiful bunnies of course...now back to my pens, the sun and some Glee!

Monday, January 26, 2015

10 Things

Let's do something a little different which I've not done in a really long while.

Let's do a "10 things you may not know about me" post...
1.  Before I knew I wanted to be an fulltime artist, I once upon a time wanted to be a stewardess, than a veterinarian and that was followed by a dream to work for snow/water search  & rescue.

2.  I've taken in and taken care of rabbits for over 20 years now...that's over 7 thousand 300 days of
snuggling, nurturing, diligence, worrying, pampering, doting, slaving over, loving, mothering, etc...

3.  I listen to a mix of Spotify streams, RadioTunes 'Datempo' stream & Jazz.fm 91.1 most of the day

4.  I don't always feel like making art everyday.  And I definitely do not usually like to admit that!

5.  I have my dream vehicle.  A Jeep.

6.  Every single time I see a star I wish for 3 things almost exclusively...
to have a very long healthy life with my love and to see the end of animal testing & the seal-hunt.

7.  I dream of staying in Bali & melding into an artist community there for a nice long spell someday.

8.  I dream of spending a short spell by the waterside in Austria someday.

9.  I dream of seeing England via a leisurely meandering train trip someday.

10. I have no idea how I'll do #7, 8 & 9 when I also dream of always having a house full of rabbits!!!

Now you?....do a list of 10 things on your blogs and leave the links below in the comments section.
(P.S Thanks to my friend Deb who did a '10 things' post over on her blog, yayyy:D)

Friday, January 23, 2015

The First Rabbit Inkling of the year

A new ink drawing...
Isn't he just a darling?  The detailing on this one took quite some time.
I am sure you knew the first drawing of the year would have to be a rabbit, ha ha!
I've been diving into my ink pen work almost as soon as I wake up these last couple weeks
and I have admittedly been drawing rabbits almost exclusively!

(Prints will be listed at some point.  I'll let you know when and where.
Interested in the original before it's listed, gone and sold?  just email me).

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Book Pile

It's that time again.
Time to share my book pile from last year.
It's a bit on the small side again but that's because I was quite addicted and busy with back issues of
my favorite magazines such as Artful Blogger, Coloured Pencil Magazine & Art Doll Quarterly.
There was sadly only one book that I absolutely loved and is now on my 'favorites' shelf.
These two aren't favorites but I thought they were quite good.
All of these ones were just so so in my humble opinion...
and these 3 I really didn't like at all.
I hope this year my book pile is twice the size
and I hope that the titles in the 'great' section are twice as well!
(check out last years pile right here if your interested in my reading habits)
What was your favorite read of 2014 may I ask???

Monday, January 19, 2015

Wintery Play

This has been us lately, in a nutshell...
outside dealing with loads of snow & bringing a fluff or two along with us for some snowy exercise!

Teela, Yuuji and Frenwyck like the snow so they get dibs on this seasons outdoor time
because Henrie, Elsie, Emmett, Flynn and Jaks aren't into the snow and cold quite so much
(and ummm psssttt isn't Teela thee BEST colour ever! Ha ha)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why Hello There 2015

That was a good break, I must say.
Thanks for hanging in there and being patient during that rather lengthy break of mine.
I was in my studio after the Xmas holidays getting a lot of sketching done in the company of way too much chocolate, in front of roaring fires, besides napping bunnies & during indulgent trash t.v.!
I didn't get as much work done as I was hoping for because head pain has been super bad and unfortunately very consistent but I did get some needed studio organizing done
and I did get some much needed rest...I admit it, I napped away like 20 year old cat!!!
I did also got an incredibly awesome (and intimidating) new printer & I can't wait to start using it.
This break was needed too because to be honest sometimes a sensitive little artist such as myself
just needs to cocoon herself off all safe and snug like to warm up her soul & spirit before once again
spreading her wings and taking off into the big huge unknown world of 'online'.
I am ready to be back at it all now though.
I am ready to keep on plugging away...
whether people are looking and liking or not!
Whether those much needed and sought after opportunities come or not!
I feel proud of my work last year, I did ALOT, a whole lot, it was my most prolific year yet
which is something to note because it was without a doubt also my worst head pain year yet.
I step into this New Year full of possibilities and dream-making
with three things I know to be true acting as my sturdy diving board;
I am completely and utterly lucky in love and will unashamedly fully bask in all that goodness.
I am a bunny-mama and I am going to embrace all that that means, lone black sheep & all!
and I am an artist to the very core of my cells and this year I will continue to grown within that...
I want to unabashedly and happily submerge into it all...
to sink into it all the soul vibrating pleasure that unbridled creativity can bring.
I am also buzzing with anticipation over some big studio/art plans and changes that are in the works as I slowly transition from the old 'Bijou's Whimsy' illustration identity that no longer suits me
into the new whimsical handmade indie entity I am now meant to be.
So dearest New Year
I am strong, I am unique, I am true...
and I am ready for more of all of your abundant beauties.
and I really hope that you continue to join me on this blog as I share a bit of my world, work & joys.
XO and see you all next week.