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Friday, August 29, 2014

She Nurtured Her Kindred Spirits

This is to date, my favorite illustration yet.
"She Nurtured Her Kindred Spirits"
This is one of those rare occasions where the tangible turns out better than what was floating about
in my head.  I love the mood I achieved with the painted background mixed with the
crispness & fun of the foreground bits.
Here's a closer look...

This image is for any animal lover.
Especially those who love the coziness of rain and of September...
It's for those souls like me, who rush outside everyday to feed the furry monkeys out there
as well as any monkeys you may have inside.
And yeppers, you once again guessed it.  Prints are already sitting in my shop for you.
Thanks SO much for dropping in this week....see you all next week.  XXOO.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Gorgeous-ness...is that a word?

It's not just because I am Mama to 8 of them....
...rabbits are just insanely incredibly amazingly beautiful.
This is one of my favorite photos ever of our handsome Frenwyck.  GORGEOUSNESS.
Anyhow...Hope your feeling the excitement of September like I am!  See you Friday.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Swan & The Raven

A new inkling "The Swan & The Raven".  (I am L-O-V-I-N-G my new Sakura Micron pens)
Why look at that I can do something other than rabbits with my ink pens...ha ha ha!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


(Happy Heart Sighs Enter Here)
My arms are luckily hardly ever empty...
My heart is so so very very full...
I am feeling gratitude for it all extra much this week.
Hope you are too.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Felt Love

You know I can never stay away from my felt and stitchery for all that long...
There is just something happy & cozy found when working with felt, buttons & thread.
I haven't really found a market for them yet (any suggestions?) but I just gotta keep making them!
Almost done this sweet little lovely.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Good Summer So Far

They've been having fun...the sweet sweet buns...
Elsie is abit of a drama queen and screams when we pick her up but once outside, she's pretty happy.
I think if Emmett were allowed, he's live outside!...until the mosquitoes come out that is!
Frenwyck is happiest when we sit and watch him...he likes an audience for all his silly antics.

Henrie learnt the ropes really early on and explores the yard like no ones business.

Jaks prefers to stay inside, even when allowed out, he usually brings himself back in, ha ha.

Yuuji is our digging king but has thankfully seemed to get over the sad filling in of his burrow! 

Flynn, our little growling grump loves being out and moves about almost constantly.

And Tee-Tee is admittedly my most favorite to be outside with...she's just pure sunshine that one.

All in all, despite it being a wet summer, they are having a good summer so far...
just incase you were wondering, ha ha!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

On My Desk

I admit I've been working on yard projects more than on artwork lately but summer is like that.
Especially this past week, it's been a yucky one for head pain so my usual concentration isn't there...
it's just been easier to float from one yard project to the other as the buns play about our beloved yard.
But I do have a few illustrations going...here's one of them.
I can already feel September quickly creeping up...
I am always acutely aware of it...like an anxious kid knowing school is going to start soon.
But with me, it's a mixture of anxiety to get yard projects wrapped up whiles also being a feeling of
gratitude to the cold & foul fall weather which forces me back inside to fuller days in the studio.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Adventures In Kayaking

It started out as a very beautiful day to be out on the water...
sunny and lovely but not too hot...smooth as glass water that sparked like diamonds...
We just had a busy morning and a yummy lunch out and were ready to be out in our boats.
For it's no secret at all that being on the quiet water with my favorite person in the world
is definitely one of my happiest places.
(we just wish we could bring a bunny or two along as well, ha ha!)
My love saw a big beautiful grasshopper afloat in the middle of the water
and he stopped to pull it out of the water...(heart flutters enter here).
The grasshopper crawled to the front of his boat and dried off and stayed there the whole journey...
(just one example of why after 20 years this guy still makes my heart flutter and beat fast, ha ha)
I picked up my own passenger about an hour later, so there we were paddling away,
both with a green grasshopper sunning themselves on the front of our kayaks!
They only jumped off when we were close to an island shore...so awesome, ha ha.

There were hundreds of tiny turquoise blue dragonflies darting about the lily pads...
they were so pretty...also apparently to quick to catch a shot of!

The world seemed to turn off for long long peaceful wind swept moments...
All that seemed out and about was us, the dragonflies,
the sound of our paddles slicing through the water,
the grasshoppers & an osprey who spotted lunch in the middle of the reeds.
All was quiet...
until my love was deep in the reeds looking for a pathway to the main lake...
when a deafening, sudden and very scary crashing sound of grass & water parting
by very heavy and possibly very angry hooves rushed towards my honey!!!
He was rushed by a moose!
We couldn't believe it...it was terrifying and quite unbelievable.
Our hearts were going like mad...
it happened so quickly and coming right out of the peaceful quiet, was quite jerking!
It took my brain a few seconds to put together what was happening...my brain processed it like this...
Big crashing sound...
something huge...
something huge heading straight for Jon...
where's Jon?...
where's JON...
then seconds later my breathing began again as my love emerged from the tall grass...
paddling harder than ever before!

Lesson learnt!...if the reeds are too thick to see through, DON'T paddle through them!!!
What are the odds though!  holy crap!

 THAN the water turned and got really chopped
with these big rolling waves that made me want to puke big time
(and I am a massive suck when it comes to being nausea!)
but we still had about 2 hours to paddle back to the shore & truck!
My shoulder started to pain and pull and than a bad headache set in making the pukiness even worse!
My sweet love wanted to tow me but that didn't work too well cause the water was too rough...
and well let's admit it, I was just too stubborn and was determined to get back on my own steam.
And we did....soaked and abit chilled despite the skirts.
The waves brought us in for a crash landing against each other on the shore, but we didn't care, ha ha
we were just happy to have hit the beach finally!
We flopped on our backs on the sandy beach, exhausted...
The solid unmoving earth wicking away my nausea...
We laid there letting the evening wind dry us off as the setting sun turned all around us golden.
We retold the moose & reeds scene over and over to one another...
until we realized we were starving & it was time to head home to feed us & the bunnies...all in all
...another perfect day of kayaking indeed. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Dose of Cute

Just hopping in with a dose of cute...just incase you needed it...
This precious little nose tickles my face and makes me smile every single day. Ahhh.

Friday, August 8, 2014

These Are My Days

I LOVE details & visuals of my loved ones lives.
I adore knowing my best friends schedule for example so if I think of them at a certain time,
in my mind's eye, I can picture where they are and what they might just being doing at that moment.
It helps me feel closer and more connected.
So lately...this is me...this is where I am...
If you think of me...
I am likely here...
outside with a laughing & happy heart because I am with my beautiful bearded guy & our 8 babies...
making wishes on beautiful smelling incense, reading, painting, drawing, working, eating...
and just basking in a very very good and well lived life.
(Give me some visual of your days & do leave your blog post links in the comments section).

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Enchanted Beauty

Did you know that my sweet little home is enchanted???
well it must be...
because when I look out my upstairs studio window and see two beautiful wild rabbits
that's how I feel! That my yard is magical...that life is enchanting when you share it with such beauty.
A male and a female...I watched them from the window for 2 hours that morning last week...

They napped and stretched and ate poop and grass and dozed some more...
they stayed statue still when someone walked by the house & I found I would hold my breathe too!
My heart raced wildly at their loveliness and it leapt for joy that such beauty exists in this world.
I was wondering who was munching on the escarole & lettuce
that I was growing on the front porch for our house munchkins ha ha...
well they can take whatever they may want without hesitation...
for I hope they find sanctuary here whenever they need it.

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Honey-Tongued Hostess

I like people to decipher the story within this new illustration for themselves
"The Honey-Tongued Hostess"
I think this beauty deserves a closer look...

I am really proud of this piece.  8 x 10" prints are already in the shop if your interested.
What do YOU think the story with this one is???

Friday, August 1, 2014

Oh Flynnie

Oh our Flynn is SO cute...
We love it when he rubs his little white chin an everything cause he thinks it's ALL his...
Did you know...
Rabbits have scent glands under the chins which is one way they mark their territory.

This poor little guy has a bad case of ICS so he has a sore tummy often and yucky poo...
which is a good thing his main space is in the kitchen on the porcelain floor!
for he's often 'quarantined' in there for easier clean up!  Poor little guy.

But he also has his very own private deck off said kitchen, so don't feel too badly for him, ha ha!