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Friday, November 28, 2014


A lama amongst stars and clouds and hills and grass.
A lama with some pretty nifty fashion sense too!
Today and this weekend I am working on some of my little quirky creature stories...
Why???  For now it's a secret....but I'll spill the beans sooner than later, I promise!

P.S.  My monthly e-news goes out today.  If you'd like to receive them just send me an email, thanks.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Snuggling It Up With Snores

My days have been feeling very rabbit-centric.
The weather has been so rotten, wet, damp and yucky that it's extra lovely to cozy up to the bunnies,
especially with a roaring fire sparking and crackling away in the fireplace.
I've learnt to allow myself extra bunny-time when I feel the need for it...
their precious life spans are so short after-all.
So indeed, coziness has been abundant lately...we've been venturing out little as possible and just
staying in and basking in the warmth of a cozy home full of cozy rabbits.

 We've had Gregory Porter albums on constantly...more inklings are in the making...
beautiful healthful food is being made...movies are being caught up on...it's been good...
but I tell ya one of my most favorite things in this whole wide world is something SO so simple...
It's the sound of a rabbit snoring...and yes, they do snore...
Teela snores louder than a person & I LOVE it so so much, ha ha!
What's one of your favorite sounds ever?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Favourite Salad

 I eat a lot of greens...
salads & green smoothies espeacially, my stomach just feels really crappy when I don't.
This is my favorite mix right now...
Red leaf lettuce with avocado, apple, grated carrot, pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds.

Pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds and avocado are great sources of protein for us veg heads.
I usually dislike store bought dressings so I make my own...
my usual quick & easy go to recipe is a blended mixture of light olive oil, agave, vinegar & pepper.

What is your favorite salad mix?

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Happy Weekend

All 8 buns and I are hopping in with a dose of cute...
And are hoping that your having a lovely cozy weekend.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Going Way Back & Catching Up

A year long self-inflicted project of mine has included loads of time at the computer
organizing, selecting, sizing & editing photographs.
I had fallen behind in printing things & getting them into our family albums.
I've been plugging away at it from present time all the way back to 2007!
I am on the final year and I am almost done...
This weekend I'll do the final printing batch so I'll be all caught up once again.
Thousands of photos printed, chronologically in order, lovingly labeled...
It's been quite the project and feels SO good to be at the end!
finishing a travel journal I started in 2004 for our East Coast adventures! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fishy Inkling

I had an inkling to do something fishy...
Head pain has been bad...these little inklings have been all I've been up for this past week.

Monday, November 17, 2014

A Secret Spot

Let me show you something secret like...

In my house, on a pretty little blue shelf which holds some of my most favorite stuff...

...Sits a very special and secret book...

But Shhhh....it's not a book..it's a box

...a secret box that holds one of my favorite mediums...my ink pens, notecards & inklings in progress.
I adore this box & what it contains...it's kinda like magic for me.
So easy to grab & use on the couch, floor, bed, in the yard, the truck, at the beach, whilst visiting...
Okay, so not so secret now, but still just as lovely, ha ha!

Friday, November 14, 2014

A Low Hanging Sun

I love this time of year...
(though I know most people working normal 9-5 jobs probably hate it!)
But, I love it when the sun hangs low in the sky, clocks have rolled back & it's suddenly dark at 5:00.
There's this delicious warmth to it all I find.
It's 3:30ish right now as I write this post...
Like most days at this time, I am enjoying a hot drink at my coloured pencil desk,
waiting for my hon to get home, thinking about what to have for dinner.
5pm darkness...It makes the evenings feel so deliciously long, embracing & cozy, don't you think?

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Alongside jazz, sunshine (finally!) and ink pens
this photo, taken this morning really just beautifully epitomizes my day today...
I love how sometimes, a single photo really can say 1000 words....
Today it's all about sweetness & cuteness & warm fuzzy love...like many many days blessedly.
Oh my bun-babies they just make my heart purr.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Emmett Inspired

Well my morning started off with the tricky business of getting a plump grey squirrel
unstuck from the chimney & than out of the house!
Than I finished off this new ink drawing...
this one was inspired by our Min Min (aka Emmett)
I'll let you know when it's available in the shop.
Today I am working on another fish inkling in black & white and also on a goat in coloured pencil...
I have to work hard this week to keep up with an important deadline...more on that later!
Hope your having a good one.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Holy Geezus I am THIRTY SEVEN!

Holy Geezus!
I am 37 years old today!
It's kind of shocking to me...how fast time goes by!
I don't feel 37 though...
so I'll concentrate on that bit of positivity...
Yes, that's it, I'll ignore the whole 1 year older thing
and instead concentrate on the fact that
I am 37 and living my life of bliss...
love, bunnies, art, etc...hello!
So YES...HAPPY 37th to me, ha ha!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Colour and Pain: A Realization

I've been sitting her most days of the last 2 weeks
with a pounding head, an aching wrist and a throbbing knee.
I am feeling a bit like how Flynn looks in this photo, ha ha!
(that being said, isn't this such a cool photo of him, I think I'll have to do a pastel of this one soon!)
I've been thinking about how many people out there are SO lucky that they don't get migraines.
I've been thinking how I am lucky because I could be much worse off...
I could have more troubles...bigger troubles...
even though these migraines feel pretty big to deal with a lot of the time!!!
I've also just begun to realize the correlation between my art & the pain I deal with...
suddenly it's seeming very clear.
I love colour, period.
I've been told many times to calm down my palette!
but I know I could never do that because
my spirit just thrives and flourishes with colour.
colour is just part of my heart and soul...part of what makes me happy.
Colour is simply a part of what makes me me.
BUT, I am also realizing that my use of super bright colour in my work
is also a way for me, body & soul, to cope with all this pain that I have.
(and also is a way to leap over & look ahead from all of the bad happening in the world).
I woke up this AM with a very sore head, a screaming wrist and such a sore knee that I wanted to cry!
but after those first few moments of waking and taking inventory of how my body was feeling
I had the strongest urge & need to get to my desk...
so I could sit and bask and relax within all my colours.
A knee that dislocates at the drop of a hat and which throbs every single day...
the really shitty and horrible chronic & acute migraines and headaches...
the repetitive stress disorder and insistent pain of my working wrist...
the shortened muscle in my shoulder that leads to a sensation of being stabbed over & over again...
the wrong curvature of my upper spine that leads to discomfort...
the giddy up in my hip...
the arthritis in my neck...
It all leads me to colour like a horse to water.
Colour...bright and pure and joyful...unbridled...uplifting...vibrant...transporting!
I just NEED it.
I rely on it, body & soul, because of the drudgery of all this pain...
and well, I just LOVE that despite the negative,
I have this amazing escape that no one can take away.
Colour saves me, it pulls me out of the negativity!
Even if sometimes the pain keeps me away from it for long periods...
when I get back to it the comfort is not one iota less.
it's always there patiently waiting for me,
ready to engulf & lift me...waiting to soothe and embrace
and I love love love that.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Prints

Hi everyone...
these sweet beauties are now available as prints in my shop...FINALLY.
 (they really do look GREAT)
$20 for awesome 8 x 10" prints
or you can take advantage of the new multiple print deals that I am offering.


Do hop on over and check things out...
your sure to find some joy, whimsy, a whole lot of colour & hopefully some smiles & inspiration too.

Monday, November 3, 2014

To Each Our Own BLISS

Today was quiet...
one of those days where you've got tons to do and your busy the whole day
but somehow still manage to not get anything done!

I hope your day was more productive than mine...
but hey, I did get bunnies snuggled...what's more important than that at the end of the day, ha ha!
To Each Our Own Bliss...I always say.

I did get my Flickr Photostream updated too if your interested.