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Monday, April 30, 2012

April's Newsletter

April's newsletter has just been mailed out.

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Hope your all having a wonderful week
& enjoying the budding trees flowers and all the freshness spring always offers.

XO Mandy

Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Today


Today was full of time helping a sweet bun hop around...
and some time for a couple of baths and blow dry sessions as well to clean a wet little bum.
It was gentle time taken to soothe the bunny after she got stuck underneath a shelf!
(that was a new one! but something we always have to look out for now...Ella getting stuck!)

It was time in the sunlight with rabbits napping all around me and with a great book...
& time nursing a slightly sore head after spending all night last night with a really super sore one!

It was watching Ella Luna get all excited when she saw Jonathan pull in the driveway...
and Jonathan in turn smiling huge and happy to see his girlie's in the window waiting for him.

It was a day where I was delighted and surprised when my honey came home with
our favourite bread, my favourite Kefir milk and not one but
THREE bouquets of beautiful flowers for me to spread throughout our cozy home.

It was a day with delicious homemade pad thai for dinner...
a documentary on the Titanic and really great green tea I got my acupuncturist.

A day where taxes were finished up, lots of laundry was done &
the next Bijou's Whimsy newsletter made.

It was time spent on sorting vintage buttons & getting excited about future projects for them...
and it was time spent on a watercolour featuring a rabbit with a basket...

It was pretty much a spectacular day...

How was your day???
What filled your time with beauty & abundance?

XO Mandy

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rabbits These Days

Ella Luna and Roo seem extra content these days...
They snuggle together and kiss all day long by the back door,
Taking in sunshine and fresh spring winds...
And the snow!  For the last 2 weeks anyways.

I am home with them day in and day out so they get lots of healthy snacks throughout the day.
And, as you can see, the floors are all covered with soft thick comforters,
so that our Ella Luna doesn't get hurt when she falls over or drags herself around,
We've been doing this for some time now but Roo still seems to think it's the best thing ever, ha ha.
He sinks into them like they are a puffy cloud, gives a big happy huff and than promptly falls asleep.

...And little Miss Sunshiny Sweet herself gets carried around &pampered like the little queen she is,
(she's getting such beautiful auburn colouring in her older age, it really comes out in the sunlight).

Her newest favourite thing is the time every day that we spend in Jin & Jaks room,
(not with Jin & Jaks because the 2 bun couples don't get along at all)
but on the big window bench that looks over the whole front yard and court...
She likes to people and car watch & every evening we watch the setting sun.

Life feels very good when it's full of rabbits, sunsets and art-making!
I am so grateful for this beautiful and full life.

XO Rabbit Addict, Mandy

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hope Eternal

I just finished up this new coloured pencil called

"Hope Eternal"

It speaks of many thing including renewal of hope, springtime & beauty in nature,
but mostly it speaks of the finding strength and peace within ones self.

It is already available in my shop as a lovely 8 x 10" print.

XO Mandy & 4 sleepy bunnies

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Birthday Munchkin

It's my Munchkin's 10th Birthday...

She is speacil, she is loved and she is one super duper cool kid...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Karly.
We Love Love Love you.

XO Auntie Mandy, Unky Jon & the Buns.

Monday, April 16, 2012

My Love My Heart

She is My love and My Heart...
She's The Skip In My Step...
She's The Breathe In My Lungs...
and The Beat Of  My Heart....

She's My Precious One,
Completely Unique, Sweet & Wonderful...a Best Friend.

 The word 'Pet' is simply not synonymous with our Ella Luna...
or, with any of our bunnies for that matter,
Not in our world, life and story anyhow.

I am still struggling a little bit with balancing my time between Ella Luna and my artwork. 
Art wise things still feel a tad elusive & sticky...
But things are indeed feeling smoother and more settled
than the last time I wrote about Ella's leg troubles.

People have been sending me little notes asking after Ella Bella...thanks oodles you lovelies.
She is not necessarily doing better...this isn't something she'll ever get better from,
But she is doing just fine, she is a tough nut and she is a happy girl, that's for sure.

We did have a custom 'wheelchair/cart' made for her,
But, it just isn't working out as we had hoped.
So we are still doing the tried and true method of plenty of time on the floor with her,
We gently support her right side and leg and in doing so she can move around like normal,
(it's just slightly tiring for us because boy oh boy she's fast, ha ha).

I am in the midst of trying to figure out some kind of 'baby sling',
Because it's a nice break for her to get off her feet and be carried around by her mama.
The beauty of finding balance in life continues...
It's going well & I am grateful .

XO Mandy and Ella Luna

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mauve, Milly & Miles

I am excited to show you a new image I just finished up.
It's called,
"Mauve, Milly and Miles'

A lovely lady, a wolf pup and a rabbit, all together harmoniously and gently.
In the wild rabbits are sadly prey to wolves
but in my imagination I can make them lovely friends instead of foe.

These lovelies are done in coloured pencil than sealed onto a painted wooden canvas.
Prints and the original will be available.
There will be 3 more characters in this series and I can't wait to show you the rest.

With this picture I offer to the universe from my own little universe...
Wonderment at nature
and a message of Kindness. 
& I hope some out there feel as connected to it and enjoy it as much I do.

XO Mandy & The Bunnies

p.s. I am sending out love and light to a friend and her bunny Sogna, who just passed away.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Hi Everyone,
Sorry to unexpectedly disappear on you all for several days.
Once again, everything screeches to a painful and annoyingly sudden halt
as I suffer through another week of cluster migraines.

I've been getting extensive acupuncture treatments but it hasn't cured me quite yet.

I've been unable to get to any artwork, to my computer or to the blog...
let alone anything else past taking care of the buns & my poor noggin....
Ugh, it's not been a good several days.

The pain continues today,
So I as I type this my head is just pounding on the entire right side
(the side that always renders me completely useless when it's throbbing)
and now I must scurry back to my cocoon of a duvet and my heat and ice packs.

I just wanted to let you all know I am still here...just temporarily incommunicado!

I'll be back with you all with some new artwork and super sweet bun pics as soon as I possibly can.

XO Mandy

P.S. The acupuncture has worked wonders for my wrist, YAYYYYY.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Movie Magic

The other weekend Jonathan, my niece and myself headed out to the forest.
We initially just went to take a really good hike & to enjoy the fresh forest and waterfalls,
But. Jonathan and Karly decided that they needed to make a movie...ha ha.

Jonathan was the director, Karly was the star and I apparently was the
behind-the scenes photographer, prop master, assistant to the star & safety supervisor.
I just had to share my favourite shots from the day

The story they conjured up had something to do with a little girl lost in the woods,
who was being chased by some kind of bear-a-saurus, and magical sleeping berries...
We waited until it was dark & windy to head into our backyard and
to the park across from our house to film the 'nighttime scenes'.
We had a complete and utterly delicious ball...

Jonathan put hours upon hours into the editing, cutting and sound mixing,
He even created a movie trailer for it, ha ha...it's brilliant, ha ha...

Check it out right here.
XO Mandy, a doting Auntie

Monday, April 2, 2012

A New Felt Bracelet & A Bad Diagnosis

I just had to hop in today to show you a super duper cool new bracelet I just made for myself.
It's recycled felt with vintage buttons and is all hand stitched...

I am toying with the notion of opening a 2nd Etsy shop for my hand-stitched felt goodies,
But for now I may just start listing them in my original shop.

Would any of you consider buying a bracelet like this for yourselves if I offered them???

I've been having big troubles with my drawing wrist...
It's been pretty bad and has had me on edge for quite some time,
The doctors were hoping for Carpel Tunnel or Tendentious,
because those can be cured and treated with surgery and physio.
BUT, apparently I have 'Repeative Stress Syndrome'...
and I am told by the wrist doctor that the shooting pain that wakes me up from sleep,
the achiness & the yucky tightness and weakness (even when it's at rest!)
will only get worse and worse...
I am not a happy camper, not with this negative diagnosis...
And. I admit to getting teary in the specialist's office because the idea of more constant troubles,
when I already have severe migraines and a dislocating knee to always deal with, feels like too much...

So I made myself this bracelet to kinda cheer up my own wrist, ha ha.

I am still trying to pin-point what is too much art making & what I can get away with comfortably.
Right now every little activity causes me discomfort
However, I refuse to not make artwork, it's who I am.
Though the idea of having this pain & trouble to worry about whenever
I do work on artwork is quite honestly sending me for a loop.

I am going to have patience & hope & seek a 2nd opinion because the very negative
'There's nothing you can do about it' attitude just doesn't work for me, certainly not as a full time artist!
and I am going to take extra good care of it, with heat therapy and more frequent art breaks,
and today I am seeking an acupuncturists help...


XO Mandy