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Friday, January 31, 2014

Ugh & A Promise

So sorry to disappear on you this past week.
This is the first time all week that I've been able to sit down at my computer!
Once again any forward momentum came to a stop...and you know I hate it when that happens!

Jinny was doing rather poorly again & needed to begin meds again...
BUT she's doing better again.
Flynn wasn't feeling well with an bad ICS flare up...
BUT he's doing better today also.

And I had a pounding head for almost a week straight & though the throbbing wasn't horrible,
it was just sore in the wrong spot, so I found myself completely useless & unable to concentrate
& just ended up resting and snuggling bunnies!
Sometimes this head pain just completely wears me out, jeez!
BUT today the pain has cleared...so far!
So I begin again!

New artwork coming next week...I PROMISE!!!

P.S.  My newsletter is about to be mailed out...want to receive it's whimsical goodness???
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Loving Days Like This

I love days like this...
Days that begin with a good cup of coffee
and the knowledge that I have a whole day ahead of me to be creative...
Days that start with a giant fluffy rabbit jumping up onto my lap to say good morning.

Oh how I love starting my days like this.
Bunnies and Art...that's where it's at for me...
I am feeling so very very lucky.
So very very much in love with my daily bunniful creative routine.  Ahhhh.
Hope your feeling lucky and happy as can be too. 
Have a super day Everyone XO.

Monday, January 20, 2014

We're Back...YAYYY!

Hi Hi Hi Everyone.
Yayyyy...how exciting to begin blogging again.
Let's get right to it shall we...
Here's some of the colourful goodness happening in my studio right now.
A sweet little lady with some furry loves...
(I have a brand new coloured pencil desk set up in my upstairs studio & I LOOOVVVEEE it)

A funky lady who thinks that the higher the hair the closer to shooting stars...ha ha.

Another pretty lady who will be a mixed media and who dreams of hugging Panda Bears... 

A beautiful woman and her trio of friends...
and my oh my much more...
I usually do abunch of coloured pencil work and wait till I have a pile before I
do the cutting & painting parts of each piece
but I went crazy over the holidays and just kept colouring and colouring.
So this week I'll have to concentrate on finishing some of the darlings off.
So Yeppers...I am back.
Do join me here a couple times a week at least pretty please.
2014 is going to be a GREAT blogging year, I can just feel it.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Back Real Soon

Hi Lovely Peeps.
Can I just send out a big massive hug to you.
I am feeling so very very warmly embraced & supported by my blog land circle...
Thank You.
Things around here are good & busy.
January is always a really great time for me to instigate new healthy changes & routines.
My head is amazingly behaving so I am in my studio a lot &  making lots of new pieces.
I am cleaning my studios big time...ugh it's been quite the job & I am nowhere near being done!
Soon it's back to work on the new website & I just can't wait to launch it.
Also new changes to the blog are way overdue & in the works as well...YAY.
(this is one of my all time favorite photos of our Teela)
Everybunny is good.
Teela & Yuuji love the newly finished bedroom.
(I think we were the only ones who were measuring the height of bed frames for bunny usage, ha ha!)
Frenwyck loved having his pa around constantly for our 2 week holiday.
Jinny is hanging in there.  She might need a 4th round of antibiotics and we are still quite worried.
The sneezing has stopped but the labored breathing is still present.
I just wanted to let you know that I'll be back really soon.
On January 20th to be exact.
I am excited. 
I think that 2014 is going to rock & I can't wait to continue sharing with you here.
See you again really soon & Happy Happy New Years.
XO Mandy (aka Bijou)

Friday, January 3, 2014

Thinking of Torry

Today I am thinking of Torry McIntyre.
My beautiful niece who was killed in an awful car accident 2 years ago today.
(So let me share just a few of my favorite photos)
(Photo by one of Torry's friends)
4 teenagers died that horribly awful and life altering day.
(Me with Torry & her bunny and brother Cody)
(Me and my brother dancing with Torry)
(Jonathan, Torry and I going bonkers to some music, ha ha)
(Jonathan did this fun image of Torry long ago...I still find it so sweet)
I can't get into a car without thinking of her...
nor feel a sense of fear now whenever I am on the highway.
(one of my favorite photos of Torry with Jonathan)
She was only 18.  As beautiful and as full of life as we come.
(another photo by one of Torry's friends)
I think of her every day.
(and another beautiful photo by one of her friends)
Of the beautiful woman she was becoming....
of all the amazing & beautiful life she won't have that she so deserved.
I haven't been able to blog about it until now.  Not that it's easy now!
I just couldn't find or form the words.
Your missed desperately dear girl.
Every day this year I light a candle for you and hope that your happy & free somewhere 'up there'.