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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Really Sweet Ribbon Swags

I finished up this sweet and pretty little project a couple weeks ago.
I am so so pleased with how it turned out.
This pile of seven carefully selected fabrics and some white cording...
became this...

the prettiest ribbon swags...I made four.
I was looking for the perfect thing to decorate our new 'Pagoda' (more on the rebuild later)...

I think they were the perfect answer to fill the space...

 especially when the sun and wind plays through them...ahhhh...

Pretty fabric (all on sale) + creativity = a happy heart & delighted eyes.
What's the next project?
well Henrie suggested we refresh the 'pond' area so that's what we're on to now, ha ha!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Good Once Again

As you can see form the photos Emmett is once again 100% ha ha!

Days have been full of rabbit time outside with zooming, zipping and pop corning...it's been lovely.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Emmett & Holidays

Last week it was Teela, this weekend Emmett stopped eating for a very long 14 hours.
but after he took a turn for the better and started eating again
we were than able to enjoy the rest of the stormy, cold and pouring rain weekend.
We sat back and did nothing but watch movies, go to bed late, sleep in late, nap & eat...ahhhh.
We take summer holidays with Mondays & Fridays off, giving us two months of 4 day weekends...
We've been doing this for years now and it works really well for us.
How's your summer going?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This Is Summer

I can't express how grateful I am for my pretty magenta kayak...
nor the handsome bearded guy of mine who can lift it up onto the Jeep rack for me, ha ha!
(We're both short....I am 5.2  and my love is only 5.5
but we found a way to get our boats on our very tall Jeep...where there's a will, there's a way, ha ha).
Our boats bring us to such lovely lovely spaces & we see such amazing beauty.

This pretty little deer was all curled up in a ball sunning herself on the river bank...
until I squealed with delight at the sight of her that is!

This particular river leads into the big lake that we live a short walk from and on this day the waves
were big & choppy so some exhilarating wave play was had, ha ha...

We saw tons of turtles sunning themselves on logs...they weren't too worried about us.

(Following this day we promptly went out for a waterproof bag for the camera, ha ha!)

Oh it's so awesome & centering to be out in nature...enjoying it gently & healthfully.

For us, that's what this summer is all about...
Being out in our boats & being in nature, enjoying each other,
getting big & small house projects done together and just being outside in the yard with the buns.
It's feeling like a lovely summer so far.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Happy Weekend

The buns and I are hoping that your weekend is going wonderfully...
I wonder what your all up to?

Tee is back to her normal self, so despite some headaches going on the past few days, we're going to have a great weekend just being in the yard with the babes with some kayaking hopefully as well.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Esme Reworked

I don't rework pictures very often but
"Esme & the Butterflies" called for me to do so, so I answered...
I added this pretty little brown, green & blue butterfly on the upper left hand...
I added this big green beauty perched on her head...
And I added the words "She Could Hear The Whispering Of Their Wings"

Now I feel like she's totally complete.... 

and the revised version is already in place in my shop.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sick Bunny...My Baby

My little orangey sunshine Teela hasn't been feeling too hot these past couple of days.
We think she was on the verge of g.i.stasis...which is very serious in bunnies...
(if your bunny isn't eating there is a problem that require immediate investigation & care).
BUT we think she's feeling much better...fingers crossed...I think I can start breathing again!
I cancelled any plans for this week, just in case I needed to stay home with her.
You know what's funny though (well not really funny but very sad!)
my staying home to be near my bunnies seems to irritate some people!
I never understand why!
I've actually heard through the gossip grapevine of so called 'friends' of mine putting me down,
saying I didn't have my priorities straight and all kinds of garbage like 'they are just rabbits'!
Needless to say, these people aren't friends of mine any longer...
because any friend of mine knows that these animals...these rabbits...they aren't just rabbits...
these precious beautiful souls are my babies, my family & my best pals.
A mother wouldn't leave a sick child alone would they?
That mama would want to be near that child incase it needs the tiniest littlest thing right?
Even if all I can do is lay on the floor &
check on every single poop that comes out of their cute little tush's
or keep an eye on how sick their eyes are looking or see how much sleep they are getting...
to be on hand to tempt their spirits back up with favorite treats...
to keep a vigilant eye to be able to report the tiniest thing to the vet incase that tiniest thing helps.
And really it just comes down to a deep rooted need to just be near them.
I actually have gotten to the point where I feel sorry for the people out there
who can't extend the compassion and love they feel for a human to animals.
After all love is love.
When one of my babies isn't feeling well, something in me just goes very still with fear.
Fear grips me and wrestles me down to the unsteady, cold, uncomfortable ground....
I want for all the world to take their ailments away from them and suffer them myself...
oh my goodness if only it were that easy!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Boxes & A Happy Weekend

When you have house rabbits, you will very likely also have a house full of boxes!
Boxes of various sizes & in different configurations keep bunnies busy
because goodness knows a bored bunny is a destructive bunny!

The buns and I are wishing you a really great weekend....
Thanks to all who hopped in this past week, we'll be seeing you all soon again we hope?
XO from me and Nose Bonks, Licks & probably some small nips from the buns too of course!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

She Wished Upon Every Star To Always Be A Safe Haven

The story of this piece is also it's title...
She Wish Upon Every Star To Always Be A Safe Haven
Some details...

This image of mine calls out to any kindred souls out there who love animals beyond words.
Kindred Souls who always have that thudding pull in their very veins of wanting to do more...
it's for those with the need to answer the wild & loud call from their tender hearts
to do as much as they possibly can ...
it will speak to anyone who wants to be a safe haven for those who can't protect themselves.
I am truly proud of this piece and I've decided that I feel too close to it right now to sell the original.
This is just one of many character portraits that I think will be making into a book someday.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Rainy Day Quiets

It's been thundery and very rainy lately...the buns are in quiet mode...
Oh how I love these cozy quiet days....ahhhh.

Friday, July 4, 2014

New Inkling

Another new inkling...
Hope your having a beautiful & inspired day.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Missing Those Past & Enjoying Those Present

I just had to share this montage of our family, past & present, that my honey made the other day...
We miss our angels every single day...but it sure does help to have so much joyful love still around.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Inspiration: Part 3

Let's continue on with our talk about inspiration and the many forms it can take shall we?
What I really love about inspiration is the ebb & flow of it...
something may be a driving inspirational force for a short time in our lives,
whiles other things are life long inspirations.
I think my 12 year old niece will be a constant inspiration to me.
And honestly, I am not one of those people who thinks every kid is cute & adorable...
quite the opposite in fact!!! BUT....my niece...
my niece is one spunky and dedicated kid and that's something I like.
I understand her determination because I have it too.

She swims like a fish.  She adores being in the water so much.
She dreamt of belonging to our small city's swim team 'The Titans"
and she worked her little tush off and is now swimming on that team, 3 or 4 times a week,
taking part in swim meets, marathons and winning medals one after the other.
There is something so special about being there on the hot humid pool observation deck,
watching my only niece give it her all, finding herself, pushing herself
whiles the sun dances and sparkles off ever single ripple & wave of water.  I love it.
She is Inspiration,
it's not cause she's a kid...
it's the tenacity, hard work & dedication inside the kid....
because I see a lot of adults without any drive to go above & beyond at all
and she does it all without even thinking twice on it.
I hope she carries this drive with her always, especially as life gets more difficult as she gets older.
I hope too that she realizes & embraces what an inspiration this tenacious trait can be to others.