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Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Holidays

Time for a nice long holiday...
...See you all mid-January XXOO

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Sweet Pink Tree, Lovelies from Lovely bloggers & Two Thankful Buns

Elsie and Henrie and I LOVE love love our new sweet-as-can-be studio tree
It tickles me pink every time I walk into the room.
And we are sending out huge delightful thanks & cheer
to our two lovely blogging friends who sent us such beautiful goodies for the tree....
The lovely and talented Natascha Rieper send us this gorgeous beauty.
Look at her 2 beautiful buns on the card..awww...I LOVE it.
 and the sweet and embracing Deb Dunn sent us this insanely cute & fun set of felt lovelies
and another handmade beautiful card.  So so so sweet, I love them.
I asked Henrie & Elsie what they wanted to send the lovely ladies in return
they choose this, my handmade rabbit felt goodies...
I have to thank my mom too for she gave me this bunny for Easter last year which I was able to add a string of sparkled snowflakes too and covert into the most perfect tree topper...
We look forward to adding new bunniful goodies to it in the coming seasons...
 Thanks again for taking part in our ornament swap Debb & Natascha,
bigs hugs being sent your way from me and especially from Elsie & Henrie Biggens

Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Gorgeous Guy

Today, My Gorgeous Guy turns 39!
Happy Birthday Babe.  Love Love Love you.
I am sending this song out to you today my love XXXOOO

 (However!  Birthday celebrations are being put off for a few days this year for
my poor babe is not feeling so hot
as he had dental surgery yesterday to get his naughty wisdom teeth out...poor guy).

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Henna & Headache

Oh boy did I ever have a monster migraine this past weekend
which left me feeling up to getting very little done unfortunately.
I only ventured out for 2 specific purposes, to get a blast of cold Northern air on my pounding dizzy head and to get a dose of Starbucks yummy goodness in the form of a caramel crème brule soy latte!
But I did manage to break out my henna supplies...
after attacking Jonathan's arm, I had a bit of fun on my own hand and wrist...
I mean if I had to sit still with a headache, I matter as well sit still waiting for henna to dry, ha ha!
What can I say, I am slightly addicted!

Monday, December 8, 2014

2 Years for Tee-Tee

Today marks the day, 2 years ago, that we went to adopt our Teela from the shelter.

 One of the best things we've done yet.  Love you little Miss Sunshine...so so much.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Happy Weekend

I am sitting here sharing a smoothie with Frenwyck & wishing a super great weekend your way...
My Shop has been invigorated with prints that have been resting in the shadows for abit, check it out.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Graeme Base...an inspiration

I've been thinking about early on inspirations.
Trying to remember my earliest memories of who and what inspired me to want to be an artist.
The art and incredible fantastical world of artist Graeme Base comes to mind right away.
(I am reading this book on him, his process and his artwork right now and it's great)
Though memory fails me and I can't remember the age I was when I discovered him...
I know it was one of the many many times my mom would bring me to the public library....
She took me there ALOT thankfully, ha ha, partly because she knew I was wild about books
and also because she taught herself English by reading English books.
Graeme's books used to be displayed behind the counter...you had to ask for them...and I always did.
 He brought animals to life in his stories...
He gave them larger than life personalities in wild and crazy scenerios
and I remember feeling a kinship...here was someone with a wild imagination for animals, like me.
Here was someone who must understand also that animals are more than just what meets the eye.

I would feel envious of the ladies who worked there in the library,
it had to be one of the best jobs ever! to get to spend their days surrounded by
amazing pictures and books and transporting stories, even if a tad on the quiet side!
Even when I was probably too old to be visiting the kids department I would still wander in.
I could not stay away from the books...and truthfully I still can't!
I have a rather large collection of kids books that slowly grows bigger each year.
(I did end up working in two bookstores for some time later in life and I was right!
whiles the paychecks sucked, it was indeed awesome to be near all the books, ha ha!)
I remember from first glance I was completely smitten with Base's work.
And I love that still to this day, his work pushes me on to be better, to do better...
His work also reminds me that there is magic in the detailing...and you know me, I love my detail!
 And whiles we are in completely different spheres...I can only dream of being as good as he is...
His work still somehow indirectly reminds me to keep making pictures no matter what...
That it doesn't matter if anyone cares about what your doing because at the end of the day...
there is some kind of magic in being able to make pictures.
Don't ya think?

Monday, December 1, 2014

A Favourite Place

Hi ya.  I hope you had a great weekend?  Today I wanted to show you a spot dear to my heart.
This is one of my most favorite places to spend my time...
It's my coloured pencil work area in my upstairs studio.
I love it on sunny days.  I love it on rainy days.
I love it during the daylight hours & as much at night.
I love that Jaks sleeps by my feet the whole time I am here.
I love seeing people walk by, the snow falling, plants in the front garden moving in the breezes...
Ahhhh...it's a happy space for sure.
I love being surrounded by the colours of my beloved pencils.
I love that this room is jam packed with plants.
I adore the 'heating board' that my honey made for me for my last birthday,
it melts the pencils just enough to make them feel like butter
and it's heavenly on my always achy wrist.
I especially like that it's right off the kitchen so I can keep working whiles my hon makes dinner.
Or I can peek into the living room & see the tv or a roaring fire.  Ahhhh.

I am lucky.  I have many desks and work spaces set up for my art work! something like 10 maybe!
That doesn't count the comfy couch or all the spots I set up for myself outside in the summers!
Well, what is that old saying...
"Too Much Of A Good Thing Is Wonderful" ha ha!