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Friday, February 25, 2011

New Painting

I am working on more birds for my upcoming solo exhibition.  I am pretty happy with this new little guy...

We're going to put a black frame around it which will really make it pop.

There will be 6 in this little series & I think I will end up collaging words onto the tiles.

He'll be available as a print as soon as I get my scanner situation figured out.

Thanks so so much for joining me this week.  I hope you'll hop in next week again, I'll have some new beautiful bunny photographs to share, as well as a new bird painting & a post on hair!

XO Bijou & The Buns XO

p.s. Don't forget about my SALE & Felt Bunny GIVEAWAY...both end on the 28th!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I couple months ago I indulged in some crochet time and made myself this Cowl...

What do you think?

It's a burgundy-ish red with abit of rusty orange...for those snow-filled blustery days.

I don't really know how to read patterns & I don't know most of the stitches, I am trying to teach myself but between crochet projects I usually forget what I previously learnt!  However, I muddled my way through this one quite nicely I think, ha ha.

See you all Friday with a new birdie.

XO Mandy whose living in a house being run over by cardboard bunny box houses & 4 Bunny who oh so love their cardboard box fun.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coffee Table Studio

I am lucky to have alot of studio space, but admit to still being guilty of taking over the whole house for my various artistic projects (which my honey never seems to mind).  I have a lovely studio downstairs in our home but the last year or so I find that I prefer being upstairs amongst the bunnies (for whatever reason, except for Roo, the buns are not too keen on joining me in the basement except to escape the summer heat waves).   

And, even though I do have a sweet studio area upstairs as well, that I share with Jaks and Jin, the last week & this week you'd likely find me working here...

...toiling away on the upstairs living room coffee table with favourite old movies playing or the jazz station streaming...  

...and if I peek over the couch into my 'upstairs studio' I'll often be greeted by this view....

Jaks all stretched out on his little wooden bed underneath my easel and Jin will be snuggled against the warmth of the heater...once in awhile they'll zoom and zip into the living room, say hello with a force full little nudge on my legs or a teeny nip to my socks and than they'll either crash & nap under the coffee table or run back into their room for more snacks & sun basking....

Life with art & bunnies is good....ahhhh....

Where is your favourite place to create???

See you tomorrow, I've crocheted a new project & want to show you.

XO Bijou & Sun Dappled Bunnies

p.s.  Thank you soooo much to all of you lovelies who left such supportive comments about my migraine trouble post....My soul & tender noggin felt thoroughly hugged & nurtured.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Head Pain Struggles & Bunny Snuggles

I TRY not to complain about my life as a chronic/acute migraine sufferer too much because of 2 reasons a)I know I could have alot worse to deal and b) Unless a person suffers them themselves, they just don't understand what it's like.  But I mention my struggle with them here on this beloved blog of mine from time to time, because well, they really do very heavily weigh into and affect my creative life/business.  The last few weeks, I've really been struggling & at this point (as many many times before) I am feeling extremely fed up and frustrated.  I know my doctors have said time and time again that these migraines are just part of my physiology and something I had to learn to deal with but I am honestly feeling like I've reached the end of my usually very strong & tough tether.  I feel like screaming 'ENOUGH PAIN, ENOUGH NOW'.  I am so jazzed about so many things I am trying to do, but I keep getting pulled back from all this head pain. And, what bugs me almost more than the pain is the nausea that comes fast & furious because the pain is so intense & constant....& I am a trooper when it comes to the head pain trust me, but I am a complete suck when it comes to my tummy turning...UGH. 

The extra crappy thing is that I have many triggers which include: Allergies (especially to smoke) sinus, stress, a shortened muscle in my left shoulder, Osgood Slater's disease in my knees (which is a fancy name to say my knees dislocate very easily), there is the fact that my upper spine is curved the wrong way and that I have arthritis in my neck from the years & years of being bent over artwork BUT the biggest culprit to wreck havoc on my poor noggin is barometric pressure & weather changes, which has been an extra nasty roller coaster lately & which my trusty little codeine pills won't help.

 I find when I endure pain, days on end with no relief in sight, one of the only soothing things that buoys me is oodles of BUNNY SNUGGLES.

Jinster is one of the best snuggle buddies around & I just had to share these photos Jon took of us just last week, for I love them oh so much...

Doesn't she just have the prettiest eyes...

I've been holding this frustration in for awhile, alas I am done holding it in...this blog of my is suppose to be a place of honesty & authenticity after all.

I have a couple new pieces to show you including a Northern cousin of the 'Beautiful Birds' & he's so anxious to say Hello, however, my scanner has decided to revolt, I've not been able to scan any new pieces in & the search to replace it is not going well!

XO a pain-riddled Bijou & My Snuggle Bun Jin

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

New Painting

I just managed to complete this tiny new painting before a bad headache set in (more on that this Friday).  I've been away from my bunny imagery for far too long...I guess I've been preoccupied with birds lately (which will continue for abit longer since my upcoming solo exhibition is called 'Birds Of A Feather').  I think this little guy is really quite sweet & somehow seems like he's lite from within by starlight & moonshine.

I think I am going to be naughty & keep the original for myself.

I haven't decided on a name for him yet...any ideals?

XO Mandy & Queen Ella-Luna

(Update:  His name finally revealed itself...his name is "ELU")

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Lucky Valentines

I am so so so lucky, grateful & blissed out to be sharing this life with my babe, a completely amazing human being who makes almost everyday seem like Valentines Day...

...Wishing you all a most romantic & wonderful day as well....

XO Mandy & Jonathan & 2 rabbit couples

p.s. Don't Forget there is a Sale on Love Themed Prints in my Etsy Shop right now.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Treasuries & Collections Making A Gal Giddy

I've been getting so many notes from fellow Etsians & ArtFire Peeps, saying they've featured my work in their treasuries and collections...it's a thrill to my heart & creative day whenever I get one of these messages. 

Here's the January ones...so great, thanks everyone...

Here I am 3rd column over, 2nd down...one of my Beautiful Birds.

 Here it's my Art Nouveau inspired swans 'My Love, My Heart', 2nd column over 2nd down.

Here it's 'Bodhi The Elephant', 1st column 1st one. 

 In this one it was my beloved 'Prenella The Swan', 2nd column, 2nd one down.

And In this one it was one of my Funky Fish, 2nd column over, 2nd down.

 Here it's another of my Funky Fish, 1st column 4th one down.

And here it's one of my illustrations called 'State of Mind', 3rd column 2nd one down. 

There have already been quite a few for February, I'll show you those soon...it's so lovely to see my work amongst other talent...and I do think my work tends to stand out which I feel proud of.  That means all of my hard work to cultivate & nurture my own style is working.

Just wanted to share something that was making my creative heart giddy...

Hope your having a super cozy Sunday...we are, it's been nothing but sleeping in, drawing, food & movies, reading & pampering myself because I have abit of a cold at the moment, all in a house full of sleeping bunnies with abit of a snow storm going on outside....ahhhh cozy indeed.

XO M & The Buns.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

February Newsletter, A SALE & Bookmarks

Hi Everyone, just hopping in quickly to let you all know that my February newsletter is about to be mailed out.

If you've not signed up to receive my newsletter by email you can view it right here.

But if you are interested in receiving them, you can sign up here, it's super easy & fast.

In the spirit of Valentines Day I have a sale in my Etsy shop.  4 of my love themed prints are on sale with free shipping in Canada & discounted U.S. & International shipping.  This sale goes until February 28th, so do make sure to check it out...

Also, I love to include extra little treats in my orders, lately it's been miniature hand-burnished lino-cut prints & stickers...this month orders will arrive with these cute little bookmarks made by yours truly...

That's about it for today...Hope your having a fantastic week.

XO M & 4 very happy bunnies

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February Blog Giveaway

I think February's Blog Giveaway is an extra special one...

It's your chance to win one of my super sweet, hand-made felt rabbit ornaments...

AND because I LOVE LOVE LOVE these little guys of my so much & I want to share their sweetness I am going to give away TWO...that is I'll draw 2 names.

So Here's How You Can Enter Your Name For The Draw:

You can do 1 or all of these options it's entirely up to you...

1- Leave a comment on this post = 1 entry
2- Visit my Etsy Shop or my ArtFire Shop & tell me what your favourite image is = 1 entry
3- Sign up for my monthly email newsletter = 2 entries
4- Follow me on Twitter = 1 entry
6 - Become one of my blog 'followers' = 1 entry
7 - Place either of my blog buttons on your blog(they are available on my sidebar) = 2 entries
8 - Mention this giveaway on your blog = 2 entries

Many ways to win...just don't forget to tell me which ways your entering for I know many of you but not all of you lovely peeps & I sometimes forget who's following me where etc...Thanks.

The Winner will be announced on March 1st 2011.
See I told ya it was going to be an extra special giveaway...
XO M & The 4 bunnies who kept the little artist company whiles making these felt sweeties

Monday, February 7, 2011

Abundant In Courage

I just finished a new coloured pencil image...
this one is called

...You are abundant in courage, everyday & through every event in your life you flow with a beautiful inner strength because you believe in abundance & in your own courage...your courage will never fail you, believe in it always because You Are Abundant In Courage....

Prints are available in both my ArtFire and Etsy Shops.

Have a wonderful & most excellent day.

XO M & Four Honey Bunnies

Friday, February 4, 2011


It's been so cold the last couple of weeks so many of our evenings have looked like this....

Jin & Jaks don't care for the fire so much but Ella Luna & Roo just llllooovveeee it.  I tell ya, this immense blanket of love, calm & happiness washes over me when I am stretched out next to these 2 & my honey by a roaring fire....ahhhhh.....

Wishing you much of the same happiness, warmth & cozy-ness...Happy Weekend All.

See you Monday with new work.

XO M & 4 soft & silly bunnies

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Are You Reading?

I am a pretty avid reader & think that my pile of books read in 2010 wasn't super great but was pretty decent also.  2009 was such a bad year for head pain I think I managed time for only 5 or 6 books, so 2010's stack was defiantly healthier...wanna see some of what I read? 

These ones I didn't care for at all... but I have this annoying habit of needing to finish a book even if I hate it!

These ones were okay...

These 3 were very good...

And these 3 were in my opinion great.

Already 2 books added to my 2011 pile, ha ha.

What was your favourite read of 2010?

XO M who has a sore head & Ella Luna who has a sore bump, Roo who still shedding like mad, Jinny who seems abit tired & Jaks a.k.a. Timmy who thinks Jinny isn't playing with him enough.