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Friday, April 29, 2016

A Quiet Swimmer

And as promised here is the 2nd new fishy guy...
I picture this guy as being super quiet, I don't know why!
Prints will hit the shop soon, I'll let you know when.
Hand-tinted limited editions will be on offer as well.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wool, Looms, Bunnies and Books

This week feels quiet...it's been cold out...the perfect time to clean & organize inside...
It's also been about weaving & setting up my loom to work most comfortably for me & my neck...

It's been about bunny snugs & napping on the floor as buns walk all over our backs (which we love)...
and it's been about resting & reading as we wait for the warm weather to make an appearance!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Friday, April 22, 2016

Fine Line Fishy Lines

Aside from lots of sketching
I've been diving back into work with my ink pens.
It's the perfect thing to curl up with when having to rest my head from the couch or bed.
I hope that you'll be joining us here next week?
because I'll show you two brand new fishy inklings.
(Here's a tiny sneak peek for now...)
Don't forget, if you see work here on my blog or on the main website or even on Instagram,
that not all work gets added to my shop, not right away atleast,
so if your even remotely interested in something don't hesitate to send me a note,
I never ever mind an email with your questions and sending an email doesn't obligate you to buy.
I can give you extra info and photos if that's what your craving in order to make your decision.
I can also give you the exact S&H costs once I know your postal info.
You don't have to fret about payment because I'll send you a really simple invoice via Paypal
and payment with c.card or debit cards from there is super duper easy & fast.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016

Things I Need & Growth Underway

I've been realizing with much quicker clarity these days
that I mostly just need simple things.
Such as days where I care and dote on animals...at present time that's 8 sweet rabbits.
I need, no matter what we're doing, as much time as possible with my beautiful bearded hon bun.
I need days and nights full of time for making joyful and whimsical things.
I need calmness and time to take care of myself and my head pain.
I need time to make our sweet sanctuary of a home cozier day by day.
I need abundant beauty which encompasses a whole whack of lovely things such as beautiful music
tinkling through the house, inspirational books that make my heart tingle, time by & on the water,
slow mornings with good coffee, healthful vegetarian fare to eat, time with my folks, etc....
because all these things are as necessary as air to my lungs.
 Now more than every I am acutely aware that I get to live things all things
pretty much every single day...if I go about my days smartly...
sure some days are more successful in time well spent than others but hey,
there's always going to be a learning curve!
This new picture I have underway is about growth
especially growth from the pain we all suffer...
growth from all the sore, bruised and raw heartache that we all go through in some form or another.
and whiles I work on it and relive that raw pain of not just loosing a soul bunny
but from other crap going on in life...
I am reminded of my big simple priorities....
and I am reminded that I grow to love all that simple good stuff more so because of the bad times.
I feel lucky....
I feel like I am growing into a continually more peaceful place in my life...
and ya know what else? I really can't wait to show you the finished piece.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Exactly Where I Should Be

One of my absolute favorite times of the day is my night time snuggle with my girl Teela.
It's the same almost every single night,
around 9 or 10 pm she'll go running and pop-corning down the hallway towards the bedroom,
she'll stop at the door to wait and see if I am following,
If I am not, she comes back for me and waits by my legs until I realize what time it is.
She seems to know that Jaks gets his PM meds at 9pm sharp
and that after we take care of him, it's her time.
She jumps up onto the two benches, made specially for her, that lead up onto the bed,
she'll plop down on her favorite fuzzy blanket and gets all comfy for our delicious snuggies.
She'll give me kisses and than she falls asleep, twitching & snoring away.
She wakes up often but falls asleep several times in a row in the cozy golden glow of our star lights.
This is our time, girls only, no boys allowed, seriously, ha ha
she gets really annoyed if Yuuji or Jonathan tries to join us!
When we got her, we were going through a hard time with our big handsome boy Roo,
he had gone crippled quite rapidly due to a neurological thing
and this was just 8 months after we lost our heart Ella Luna (his soul mate).
which was also just shortly after I had took almost a year off of work to help Ella
because she too had completely lost the use of her back legs!
It was an exhausting, difficult time when we decided to adopt Teela
but she was our light and our sunshine through it all.

We would take turns sleeping with her, for almost two months straight.
One of us would sleep in her room
(she was newly adopted and we wanted her to feel safe and loved)
and the other would stay up with Roo Boo and help him as best as we could.
It was adorable, like clockwork even back then,
she would finish her dinner,
(we've come to realize that if we feed the bunnies their big veggie plates later in the night
we get better sleep because their little nocturnal butts are quieter if their bellies are full).
We'd lift the blankets and she would jump up onto our makeshift bed,
she'd crawl under the covers and play with the blankets for about 20 minutes, than she'd fall asleep,
stretched out and pressed against our legs, all night long, she'd stay there for a good 5 to 6 hours.
In the mornings around 6am, she'd start to wake, she'd emerge from the blankets
all sweet, ruffled up fur, all sweaty and warm, ha ha.
She'd than stretch, preen and than layout again along the top of our pillows
for maybe another 20 or 30 minutes
before jumping down from the bed and starting another day in her new home.
We would than crawl into the real bed for an hour or two more of sleep!
We needed to be near her sunshiny attitude & soul as much as she clearly needed us near by.
It was a sweet time of adjusting to our newest shelter adoptee, 
amidst the sad and hard but still precious days of caring for our dying handicapped Roo.
The snuggle routine may have changed from a couple years ago to now
but my nightly sweet snuggle time with my girlie fills me and embraces me.
It give me such a warm happy heart, as much now and back than when we first got her.
I feel so embraced when I am with this rabbit...like life couldn't get any better.
Like I am exactly & precisely where I am supposed to be.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A New Colouring Page

This is the colouring page my "Keep In Touch" subscribers
are getting with this month's studio news issue.

Want to get your free monthly pages too?

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Snippets of Sketching

I've been thinking about how artists work with different ailments
& for me when migraines hit, sketching is the perfect thing for me to do.
I can do it curled up in bed, stretched out on the couch or in short snippets at the living room table...
Or whiles I keep sweet company with the buns on the floor...this recent batch is all about bunnies,
I am so excited about them (I am literally toting them around the house with me!)
but am completely stuck on what medium to tackle them in!  I am sure you'll see them soon though.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April Snow War...Winner...Brute Force Attack With Jeep!

Some people don't believe that our climate is changing!
 Than how is a foot and a half of snow in 48 hours IN APRIL happening?!
Oh my goodness...this was just the other week...thankfully for a 2nd time it's looking like Spring.
The poor buns are so so sick of the white stuff.
(Well except for Yuuji, he's a snow bunny).
Every morning we open the door to let them see outside and at this point they aren't even
going out for their usual 5 to 10 minute constitutional!
They sniff, get this look of disdain on their faces, turn right around and go back to bed, seriously!
It was a horrible weekend, because whilst I found the thick falling snow cozy & beautiful,
my head disagreed and since barometric pressure is my biggest headpain trigger, it was no party!
I had a monster migraine...I did my absolute best to help my sweet hon bun shovel,
but alas, we only got so far before putting our throbbing noggins together
and deciding that a simple brute force attack would be most efficient!
So we used our Jeep to make two big pathways and that was that...the rest could melt on it's own.
You gotta pick your battles after all don't ya!!!

Monday, April 11, 2016


Meet my newest quirky character, she's quite the gal and very stoic for very good reasons...
her name?  you may ask, why it is "Estrella"
She is a kestrel don't ya know...
but to hear and learn about her most interesting background,
you'll have to keep an eye for my book.
For she's one of the characters who will make it up.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Whimsical Touches

I really enjoy shipping my work all over the world...
it's one part of all this that I love the most.
I love to include extra little treats like extra unexpected prints based on what the person
has already purchased, art cards, colouring pages, original lino cut prints...

I love coming up with whimsical little touches for my envelopes & shipping labels etc.
Whimsical sweet fun stuff for orders that I & the buns appreciate more than words can say.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ice Side Dreaming & Scheming

Well beside loosing our heart Frenwyck, besides lots of head pain to contend with and all of the usual tribulations that life likes to throw at us randomly, it was over all a pretty good winter season I think.

We've been venturing out for lots of walks on the lake, licking our wounds,
trying to let go & breathe out the bad, as we watch the snow & ice rapidly melt around us.
We've been eating lunches in the Jeep by the icy lakeside..making bets on which ice shack
is going to be left to sink into the lake or whether or not we'll see a truck go through the ice!
We've been talking endlessly about summer....planning, dreaming and scheming for the new season.
Are you too already making plans?

Monday, April 4, 2016

Friday, April 1, 2016

Jaks's Bugs

Okay so I put the sketching aside long enough to get a few new Glitter Bugs finished up.
I show every single one to Jaks and I get his final approval on each and every one, ha ha...
Continue to join me here on my dear blog
and we'll show them and lots of other cool work to you.  Be Well All....be well & kind XO.