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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Swans and Silence

Do you ever have those days where you just want to be quiet
where you just hang out in gentle embracing silence?
Where nothing is wrong or pressing in particular but you still have a need for solitude??

I've been feeling like that.  I need to embrace a few days where problems are not discussed,
and where worries and concerns and plans are pushed to the back burner for just a little bit.

I think it's because I've had such a difficult week with head pain,
that's where this quiet urge to just sit and enjoy small beauties is stemming from I am quite sure.

But it's good to recognize when we need to take a break.
A break to bask in gentle breezes, beautiful fairytale swans & rhythmic lapping water.
I am working from these photos right now and they are reminding me as I work, to just go slowly....
I can't wait to see what springs from them and I can't wait to show you 'Grow" on Friday.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Yay Korra-Soleil

It's been such a hot hot week...
I've never liked the heat, ever...and I dislike it even more if I know my babies are uncomfortable.
BUT so far, all of the buns are hanging in there just fine, probably better than me in fact!
I was just outside with Korra-Soleil (before the heavy heat sets in for the day)
and I was just telling her, again, about how happy we are that she's here,
that we're so lucky that she finally was able to join our family cause we needed her, especially Min

I was telling her that we're proud to have such a big beautiful dutch girl in our motley little crew
 & that we're proud of how she's grown and settled in and that we're proud
of how she's letting go of her anger issues slowly but surely, which is not always easy for bunnies.

She's sensitive, interactive, sweet but still untrusting but she'll get there we're confident.
She is yet another bun whose unique with her very own story...
It's truly been an honor to watch her learn to trust, make friends and accept love, Yay Korra XO.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Growth At A Snail's Pace

This one has progressed super slowly...I don't know why exactly,
maybe because it's conception was born in a raw and tender time and it's sort of a self-portrait.
Somehow the image itself felt tender, like it would get bruised or damaged if I rushed through it.

Whatever the reason, it has moved along at a snail's pace, but that's okay cause I am so happy with it.
If you join me here next week, I'll show her finished self to you.  Have an amazing weekend XO.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Snail Mail Madness

The organizing has been going on throughout the whole house, not just in my studios...
I've even been diving into getting all of my snail mail stuff sorted out finally.
I recycled or gave away any stationary I didn't love and I went as far putting them into categories!
I collected all the stamps I had laying in a bunch of drawers and put them all in one place.
I even put all of my favorite letter writing pens together and all of my stickers in one handy place too.
Snail mail is such a beautiful but lost form of connection & I want to make sure I keep it up
even though I get really frustrated when people can't be bothered to return the favor!
I go through my stubborn streaks where I swear I'll never write so and so again
and instead only spend my time on people who will appreciate my efforts
but before I know it, I am back in the saddle sending out snail mail love once again!
I still really enjoy it so much and nowadays it's a unique way to remind someone that your thinking of them because well it does take more effort than faceless facebook messages!

My stationary project lead me into sorting through 20+ years of snail mail, letters, cards, etc.
It seemed daunting at first, and I guess it was, but as I said earlier, I LOVE to organize and well
I needed the space that these big containers full of correspondence were taking up in my studio.
I know I got rid of a massive pile just before I moved away for college
and it was definitely feeling like the right time to trim down the pile once again. 

I had no idea really of what I would keep and what I would toss.
I let my gut lead me through the pile.
Most I kept are from people I am still in touch with now a days.
but a couple of piles I kept because whiles I no longer have these friends in my life,
I know rereading the letters will be eye-opening to whom I was back them vs who I am now. 
What I did keep, I sorted into a separate pile for each person
which I than tucked safely into labeled boxes and put them away for future perusal.
I know I'll always forever keep love letters from my hon and from me to my hon.
I know I'll always keep the pile from my parents (my Mom hands down picks out the best cards).
I did have a big pile to burn but only after I reread them one last time.
I burnt that from people I just no longer care for & or from those I barely remember.
It's been a pretty nostalgic project, I've got to admit that.
I know I want to whittle it down even more in the future but I didn't want to go berserk
and regret purging too much...now that the pile has had it's first culling,
from here I'll pull some out now and than and I'll even more slowly go through!
What do you do with your old mail?  Do you keep it all or do you just keep some??
How far back does your correspondence collection go??? and how is yours kept????

Monday, June 13, 2016

OCD & Yarn Balls

The past while I've been slowly toiling away cleaning up & organizing all of my different art spaces...
It's been slow going but it's been satisfying too...I've always loved organizing and cleaning.
Of course the process slows right down when I can't help but bring home
$3 grab bags of yarn from the thrift store, which my OCD wants in neat little tightly wound balls!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Just Do It

Ya know, I get slightly irritated when I hear people say
"Oh I want to be vegetarian but I just don't think I could..."
If you want to, you should.
(and yes, I am pretty sure that you can live without your bacon!)
Don't worry about what anyone else thinks about it.
If your even remotely interested, you should seriously get on checking it out further.
Cause it's not all that difficult...it really isn't...
Going vegan, now that's harder...
but going vegetarian is easy.
It's great for you and it's even better for this beautiful planet of ours...
There's always sooo many choices other than meat/fish.
We never feel like we're malnourished or unsatisfied,
infact there's a feeling of elation & joy that comes with eating kindly out of respect & awe of animals.
At first okay sure, it might feel like a real pain in the butt.
But, before you know it, all the right substitutions will be 2nd nature...it's so easy peasy!
If your interested at all in going down the lovely green veggie path,
it comes down to just one thing really...Just do it...just begin!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Fishy Fins

A new fish inkling...Not super happy with this one but hey they can't all be masterpieces right!!!
I don't think this one will be offered as prints but the original is up for grabs if your at all interested.

Monday, June 6, 2016

His & Hers

I hurt my back so I can't lift or sit in my kayak right now,
which is driving me super bonkers
cause I sooooo neeeeeeeddddd to get out there on the water....
If I'm sounding a bit whiney, it's cause I am slightly!  I can never be away from water for long.
Alas, until I can, I have my current projects keeping me busy...
He has his current projects keeping his royal cuteness happy...
and these beautiful summer days are feeling just fine.
Head pain has been at a minimum...
Buns are all getting outside for long days & evenings in the yard...
My studios are a disaster but that's okay I suppose because it means I've been busy!
How's your summer shaping up?

Friday, June 3, 2016

Juggling Acts

Most days I find it really tricky to spread my time evenly between all 8 buns,
especially lately since I want to spend everyday and all day with Jaks since I know he's sick... 
But every rabbit is different, that's one of the coolest things about bunnies.
Jaks isn't one of those rabbits who wants me around constantly, no offense taken, he just likes quiet,
(our fabulous Frenwyck wanted us around him 24/7)
and whiles Teela wants human free afternoons to nap just her and Yuuji,
come evening time however, I'd better be ready to hang out on the floor with her in the living room
and come 9pm, I'd better be ready for our bed snugs
or watch out, I get punished with pee, attitude & hurt feelings!

I am obsessed & so in love with each and every one of our babes
and like any 'normal' Mama, I must spend tons of time with them,
because again like a regular Mom, they are my world.
It's only because I do spend so much time with them all that allows me to know them so well,
so that I can indeed easily tell when they want extra snuggles and when they want some space...

and that's exactly why I work in so many different mediums, ha ha...
because I switch rooms and work areas so much through out the day in order to keep
company with all the different buns in all their different areas...
Still like every other human on this planet, I wish the days were longer!
As any Mom, I wish I could more easily feel like I am doing a good job, always, everyday!
But ya know, even as that stress of being 'fair' tugs, pushes and pulls on me everyday,
 I love it and can't imagine a better way of spending my days...
juggling bunnies and art (with a soup├žon of headaches naturally!!!).

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Happy Day To My Mama

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to my Mom...
We had such a fun afternoon celebrating together...
And doesn't she look great for 65...wohoo...go Mom XO.