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Friday, September 28, 2012

Peter Gabriel

I saw him again...
my favourite all-time musician...brilliance & light & talent & beauty...

I just saw Peter Gabriel
This is the 2nd time seeing him in concert, last time was his 'Growing Up' tour.
I am feeling so so blessed.

This was Peter's 'SO...Back To Front' tour.
The concert we were at is the one that will make up the dvd/blue-ray for the tour. Cool.

We enjoyed spiced pumpkin lattes, excellent food, a sweet new hotel,
and the brand new super long subway cars.
It was so fun to scramble and play about the city with my honey.
And of course, 'Secret World' made me cry profusely, not because it's a sad song, but because it's incredibly beautiful & in the moments of that one song,
I realized exactly where I was and how lucky lucky lucky
I was to be there seeing Peter in person for a 2nd time
& to be standing next to the guy I was standing next too.
SO Happy...Back to Front.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Beatrix Balnora and Baynor

A brand new picture by yours truly...

"Beatrix, Balnora and Baynor"

I just couldn't wait to share her with you tonight.
Be well All and may you also sink into dreamland tonight and dream
of a marvelous world where rabbits and foxes were friends not foes.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Cave Spelunking

Some adventuring and fun was recently had.
My honey and I with a friend of ours all went cave spelunking together.
It was great fun and quite physical.  My legs were so tired the day after I could barely walk, ha ha.
Jonathan and I had ventured to this spot years ago when we were in college...
but it was so fun to revisit it.

There is one part called "Fat Man's Misery", a crevice that snakes through the rock
and is only 14" at it's widest opening...it took me a few attempts to get through.
It was such a mental experience, if you panic, your chest expands and you get stuck really fast.
Apparently alot of people do get stuck and require help to get out...
I had made it through this same crevice years ago
but I admit, I was quite abit slimmer back then, ha ha...
But I persevered and made it through then turned back around and did it again, ha ha.
I was so proud of myself.
I just wanted to share my favourite photos from a great day.  Thanks for hopping in.
My scanner is on the fritz again hence the lack of artwork...but hopefully I'll get it sorted out soon.

Monday, September 17, 2012

More Outside Loveliness

I wanted to show you all my 2nd favourite place outside.
I am puttering around and working in this lovely spot all spring, summer and fall
(and now nights since that the mosquitoes are going away).

This is the beautiful gazebo Jonathan and I made together...(Jonathan made that table too from old scraps).
I've shown this space to you before as well, but as always, it changes from season to season.

We can be found out here even when the snow is flying...which it will soon be doing!
so the buns and I are out here enjoying the last of the flowers & warm sun, every chance we get.

Hope you's don't mind seeing snippets of my time outside
but it is what I am currently enjoying and basking in.

I'll see you again in a few days.  Thanks so much for hopping in.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Outside With...

I've been outside more than not this past week,
often well past the time twinkling stars dance across the skies.
I am with such loveliness as...

My big grey baby...

With the last of the annuals and with chickadees drinking from the fountain...

with my felt and floss and beads, stitching up a new lovely wearable...

I am outside with a full full heart.

I hope your heart and soul are feeling super full and overflowing with loveliness too. XO

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lemon Bucket Orkestra

We recently saw the amazing and awesome
They are a unique and highly energetic band of Balkan-Gypsy style.

I just have to share my favourite shots from the concert.

 In a rush to get to their performance on time we parked in a questionable spot and got a
$50 parking ticket, ha ha...but that's alright, I'd pay it all over again just to see them once more.

If you ever have a chance to check this group out, we highly highly recommend it.

It was such fabulous fun.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Picalo Giulam

It was a weekend which started off with a neurologists appointment for my migraines...
Followed up with a day of cave spelunking and zip-lining with two of my best friends...
followed by a rainy day stroll through our local farmers market for honey & veggies...
finishing off with a Sunday filled with homemade soup, reading, stitching and romping bunnies.

Now, it's Monday...ahhhh I love Mondays.
I am sitting here soaking up a beautiful sunny morning,
feeling so very very glad to be in my studio amidst whimsy and colour.

And I finally finished this super dashing cutie...
his name???

Picalo Guilam

He told me that he's never without a striped vest nor some kind of beautiful feather in his hat...
my oh my what a dapper little gentle-bun, don't ya think?

This handsome little fella is done in coloured pencil and mixed in with an acrylic background
and sits on top of a bright orange ribbon strip, all on canvas.
The original is available.

Today I am working on a fish and a possum in this same series...Such fun!

Join me on Wednesday for some cool photos from a great concert we recently saw.

I've had not head pain for 6 days straight now...
ahhh, It's going to be a wonderful day, don't ya think?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Happy Birthday To Roo

Happy Birthday or rather Happy Homecoming
to our handsome boy Roo.

7 years ago I found him lost and starving in the forest....
He was destined to come home to our Ella Luna & family.
He is 7.5 years old now
and is such a wonderful, sweet, calming and loving soul.
We are so very glad that we found him all those years ago.

XO Mandy & Roo Boo

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Your Existence Gives Me Peace

I had been drooling over a set of Prismacolour markers
and my friend Maria finally convinced me to splurge and get them for myself.

So I've been playing...
and just finished up this ink drawing which I call

"Your Existence Gives Me Peace"

...I guess the couple in the image does look abit like Jonathan and myself,
and I suppose that was intentional since the piece is about us, love, partnership
and how my honey's presence and existence gives me great peace & soothing hope.

These new markers are perfect for those days where my heads quite sore
and I just can't bring myself to work at my desks or easels
but when I want to get something creative done.
I can just curl up with a small piece of paper and the markers whiles on the comfy couch or bed.

I am going to print out the black and white drawing and then take my watercolours to the print. 
I can't wait to do so...I'll show you the results here of course.

I have another black and white to show you soon...it's one for animal lovers/advocates.

P.S.  I just updated new shots to my Flickr account for anyone interested in my photostream.

XO Mandy whose heart is full