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Friday, May 30, 2008

New Painting

"Leaping Spotted Rabbit", acrylic and coloured pencil on wood, measures 8" x 5" x 1.5"
Original will be available for purchase shortly. A print will also be available shortly.

Good Afternoon Everyone, well it's Friday and I am really looking forward to it. It's suppose to rain all weekend but I really hope it clears up for Saturday because I've arranged a small biking party to a nearby town to take in my dear friend and adopted grandpa's exhibition, we'll see I guess. I am not one of those people who watches the weather channel etc, I prefer to just get up, look out the window and see what the day looks like.

I look forward to my day. I have a few hours in my studio this afternoon, then I head out for an Italian lunch with my wonderful friend Maria. I usually take off early from the studio on Friday afternoons. Tonight will involve some yummy food as we conjure up something extra special and tasty every Friday night, and some movies are lined up, so I am really looking forward to just taking it easy tonight as I've suffered abit this week with lots of headaches, some arthritis and bad allergies.

Well here is a new little painting I painted yesterday. I am on a pink bunny kick every since Maria suggested it, ha ha but this time it was fun to add some spots. Hope you like him and have a great weekend everyone, till Monday stay safe and be happy.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

New Painting

6"x 6" acrylic on canvas, the original will be available for purchase shortly.

I had fun with this little one yesterday. When I paint, whether it's big or small canvasses/wood, I work in my upstairs studio, which I share with Jin and Hazel. They always seem to enjoy having me in there and I just felt really content sitting there working away on this picture whiles the girls played and hopped about the room and took short snoozes on their sun-dappled window bench.

Some days are just so lovely. I am lucky enough to get alot of those 'surges of happiness' where you feel so content that your heart squeezes, or you feel so happy your sure that it's got to be oozing out of your very own pores. Yesterday was a day like that for me. It started with a beautifully sunny day and a wonderful rabbit snuggle with Roo & Ella out on the deck. I got to spend my whole day painting which I think I'll never stop feeling grateful for. And in the evening Jonathan and I went for a nice bike ride with my pal Julie, we went about 15km which was pretty good for our first time out. I admit to having my eyes glued to the sides of the path for any little creature that might need rescuing!

Here's my favourite photos of Roo napping on the deck yesterday.

I really feel like I need to say at this point that I am not trying to give the impression through my blogging, that I live with rose coloured glasses, or that I don't have my own bad days and trials and tribulations to live through, I do, we do...as a hyper-sensitive person, I have alot of those hard and sh***y days. As many of my artist readers will know, just being an artist comes with it's own confused kit and caboodle. But I think we are both very positive and strong people so we bounce back quickly. I want my blog to be positive and inspiring and yes still authentic to me and my true life, which is also very very full of those wonderful heart-squeezing days. And since I have always been a positive person, that is the vantage point that I want to write my blog from. I don't know why I am saying all this now...I could go on...I just want all my readers to know that I am being true to them...and ultimately I just really want everyone to enjoy my posted artwork, to get glimpses into my personal life which you don't get through my website and to simply share in my growing collection and accumulation of inspiration, surprises and beauty.

With that said, I am off to paint...with a slight headache I must add, so we'll see how much I get done! Thanks Everyone and until tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Stickers Made By Yours Truly

Well, I got side-tracked from 'Miss Penelope' and a couple other illustrations I have going and ended up making some stickers, which I've been meaning to do for quite some time now. I made them to adorn some of my packaged orders going out in the mail this week, but now I am wondering if packs of them might do well in my Etsy shop, what do you all think? Anyhow, they were fun and relaxing to make and I've already packaged some up for a few friends.

Yesterday, I had a quick tea with my friend Becca and she adored the stickers. She sponsors a beautiful little girl out in Africa and she is going to send a set of the stickers to her and I just love that ideal. My friend Becca is opening up her own organic bistro soon...so to all my local readers out there, watch out for it, the place is going to be hopping cool and 'the place to be'. We went to look at a potential location together before our tea and I am so very excited for her. Becca is a wonderful example of a woman taking charge of her future and dreams and I really admire that. Becca, if your reading this today I am so proud of you my kindred friend.

And with that I am off to get some work done or try to at least! Last night I had a creative/happiness rush. You know when you just feel really happy about everything and you get excited and then you think about your art and suddenly the world feels open with tons of possibilities and you feel like your doing exactly what your suppose to be doing and then you want to jump out of bed to get to work on a hundred things at once, but you tell yourself to stay in bed, to go to sleep so you can wake up really early and get to work then with a better schedule but really your still so hyper that you don't get to sleep at all cause your mind and heart is still reeling about wondrously. But then you fall asleep, getting only about an hours worth of rest and when you wake up feeling like your dragging your legs around and you wonder where all the energy and spunk went, ha ha I am having one of those mornings. So I gotta go find my 'spunk' and wake up abit more, I think a bunny snuggle will help, until tomorrow Happy Creating and Be Well.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another Great Mail Day

Getting treats and letters in the mail is one of life's pleasures for me. Things arriving in my mailbox are like delicious little visits from beloved & missed friends. I remember when I was a teenager, my goodness I had so many pen pals, I would get a letter almost everyday of the week it seemed. But as I got older those pen pals dwindled off, as people got busier with their own lives the letters stopped coming. I never quite got over that, having lots of mail I mean, I still run to the mailbox everyday in hopes that there is a treat there awaiting me. So last Friday when I got Maria's sweet letter I was thrilled and I had the pleasure of being surprised and utterly thrilled again this Monday afternoon when I received a package with this adorable little critter inside. My sweet-as-can-be hubby bought me this necklace from "Motley Mutton & Gangly Goats", hand-made felt work by Nancy Bevins. I am so enchanted by her work and anxiously awaiting for her to make some more of her wonderful felt rabbits. Check out her shop on Etsy, her creations will surely bring a smile to your face, as my Jonathan always brings a smile to my face (as all your surprises, it's so sweet and wonderful, thanks baby). And Thanks for the speedy delivery Nancy, I love my sweet little possum.

Monday, May 26, 2008

A Good Mail Day

Good Monday Morning, it's a gloomy and wet day here today but that's not dampening my attitude towards work today. I plan to get alot done on my newest image "Miss Penelope Posy" and she's so sweet, I can't help but smile as I work on this image. If I get it done today, I will add another post because I am excited to share her with everyone.

This weekend was an excellent one. I planned to get alot of drawing done but in reality the weather was beautiful for a change so we were beckoned outside for the whole weekend. Ella and Roo enjoyed the yard and ate lots of grass, whiles Hazel & Jin enjoyed the back deck with their hand-picked and express delivered grass, ha ha. Flowers were planted, new garden tool purchased, dandelions picked, grass mowed, composter set up, etc...It was one of those wonderful first days of summer when you come inside and your body is just exhausted, your hands hurt and your legs ache but it feels great because you know you accomplished something and that your yard looks that much nicer and is that much more enjoyable. I also spent some time curled up on the front porch with my current read "Maid Marian" and had the pleasure of watching a zealous robin bathe in the bird bath, I just loved that. So overall a great weekend.

Last Friday was a great mail day. My lovely friend Maria sent me this beautiful card (above). I don't know where she finds these rabbit-filled cards but I adore them. She also included some photos of her with her old rabbit name 'Bunny'. I just loved seeing these photos, I loved putting a face to the name of this furry heart and I was touched to share these memories with her. I feel so thankful for the friendships I have, the strong women that surround me make my days so much better and blessed.
Well, I am off to fulfill some orders, respond to emails and get to work on Penelope, but first a tea and bowl of oatmeal with Hazel & Jin await me upstairs. Until Tomorrow be well and happy creating.

Friday, May 23, 2008

New Image & Adventures in Huntsville

Here is a new illustration, just a tiny little guy measuring 6"x6" done in coloured pencil.

It's funny and lovely how our techniques grow and change. Just last year I would have said 'no way' to using any kind of black outlining for my work, if I needed black in any area of my pictures I would mix it using browns, blues and reds. Now, without really knowing where I veered off from my 'no black' policy, I find that a nice even black outline on some of my newer imagery really helps them pop and I love the effect. It just goes to show you that even when we think our creative minds are closed to an ideal, they may not be closed tight, ha ha.

So last Friday, on our way home from Toronto, we decided to take a break and spend a few hours in Huntsville. It was a perfect, sunny day and though I've been to Huntsville before, I just fell in love with the place during this short visit. We strolled up and down the main street, went into amazing furniture stores, one of my favourites was 'Saturday Afternoons". We ventured into an adorable local bookstore, had a wonderful lunch at "Aroma" and topped it off with an ice cream cone before hopping back into the truck and continuing the rest of the way home. I could just envision myself moving to this idyllic town and opening up my very own "Bijou's Whimsy" Gallery. It had a wonderful mix of quaintness, dense surrounding forest, and near by water making me feel very at home and cozy. One of my favourite places that day was the amazing 'Shutterbug Gallery', owned by Kelly Holinshead, a local and very talented photographer. This gallery also featured work from some other local people and I was enchanted with the needle-felt work by Sherry Peddie, after seeing her creations I know I will soon have to try my hand at this new artform/craft. Not only did the artwork in this gallery win me over completely but also the building itself, it was so inspiring to see how some one so perfectly turned an old building into a creative gallery space.

Another thing that struck me with this adorable little town was the Group of Seven inspired public murals scattered throughout the main street area...here are some of my favourites.

I hope these mural photos inspire you as much as they inspired me. Until Monday, Take Care and Be Kind to One Another.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Illustration "Bodhi The Elephant"

To buy the original please click here.
To buy a print please click here.

Today, as promised I have a brand new illustration to show you. This is a coloured pencil, 9"x12" and is called "Bodhi the Elephant". It feels really good to get back to my style and just to do an image for love of the subject, I mean who doesn't love elephants, they are such incredible creatures and this image is meant to celebrate them. May the enjoyment I had making it be passed onto you. Have a wonderful day everyone and until tomorrow Happy Creating.

On another note, Wendy Baylis over at Dharma Designs Blog has written an article about me and my work over at my Etsy Shop, thanks so much Wendy.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Mini Lino Cut "P.S. I Love You" & Phantom Pregnancy Again!

Something new and simple to show you today. A new mini lino-cut printed on handmade paper, with abit of white coloured pencil added and some thread stitching up the two sides. The scan doesn't do it justice somehow, but I am very happy with the original, it already has a home in a frame in our dining room. The message is a personal one, as simple as the image is, it does have meaning...it will act as a reminder to me...but I want you to see your own story in it so that's all I will say.

Okay Okay, ha ha...I have not kept up with my 3 new mini lino-cuts per week. Mainly because well other creative things have side tracked me and in my mind, as long as I am being creative I am letting myself off the hook. And because my lino supplies are quite low and I've heard that you can't buy the same stuff anymore, yikes!

Our fuzzy sweet Ella-Luna has 'phantom pregnancy' again. This is the 10th or 12th time. Yesterday afternoon, I dragged some supplies and fresh mini canvasses outside but instead of getting much work done, I ended up chasing Ella around to stop her from pulling all of her belly fur out! You see female bunnies, usually twice a year suffer from what is called 'phantom pregnancy', this is when they think they are pregnant but aren't. During this twice yearly occurance our Ella Luna pulls out (herself) all of the fur off her belly and she gathers this in some dark and protected corner of the house...why does she pull her fur out you may ask...it is so so sweet actually, she is building a nest for her 'phantom babies', so they'll be nice and warm when they are born! I know it sounds weird, it is kind of weird, the first time it happened I freaked out and ended up calling Jonathan home from work ha ha. Because all you see is this tuft of hair hanging out of her mouth, but then you notice she's running all over the house (or in yesterday's case, the yard) to find the perfect nesting spot. The first time, I caught her and plopped her on the bed, then proceeded to get the hair out of her mouth, but much to my horror the hair kept coming and coming and coming...like a magician's scarf, it's very surreal. We've finally learnt that she pulls out alittle less hair, if we collect it for her and put it in her chosen spot. Usually if we throw old dishtowels or bits of cloth and clothes on the floor, she'll collect these too and bring them into the 'nest'. In the summers, like yesterday and today, she'll run around the yard collecting all of the long grass, until she has this huge mouth full and she bounds over to her burrow and puts it all in there. It is quite the spectacle and part of her magic but also with it comes abit of worry about hair balls of course, so over the next week we'll be giving her fresh pineapple juice to help smooth and pass any hair balls inside her precious tummy. Oh Our Ella-Luna, you do keep us on our feet sweet one, ha ha.

And with that rabbit story told, I shall say 'until tomorrow blogging friends, Happy Creating & Be Well'. Please feel free to leave comments on any of my posts, I love to hear from the people reading my blog.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back in the Studio

Good morning Everyone, I hope to find you all well. Over the past 3 weeks, I have driven almost 4000km and let me just say I am pooped and also excited to be back in my studio. All of those kilometres were going back and forth between Toronto and home, we ate in some wonderful new places, saw and did some neat and fun things and I got to spend alot of time with my best friend, so it was a wonderfully busy and full past month.

Today let me share with you some of my photographs from the R.O.M. We went to see the Dinosaur exhibition, which was very good, but I equally loved the Shanghai Exhibition and the one on Darwin was great as well (unfortunately no photography was allowed in this section).

So here's a couple of shots on our stroll to the museum...

Here is the beautiful new addition to the R.O.M. Alot of people hate it, but I just love it, to me it looks like something emerging from the ground, just as equally solid and despite the very unusual design, it's natural somehow.

Now some of the Shanghai Shots...This was one of my favourite parts a gateway to burial land. I can't remember what dynasty it was from, but a king had giant and beautiful gates like this built to surround the land where his prince sons were buried.

And some of my favourite sculptures...
And my favourite dinosaur bones...
and two of my other favourite shots from the day...

It was a good day...they were all good days. I have alot more to share with you all...but that'll be all for today, I am very anxious to get into some work. Until tomorrow when I promise to have a new print or illustration to share...happy creating.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Another New Favourite Thing & An Awesome Website

Hi Everyone, I must share two things with you today. First, another product that we happily purchased at the Ten Thousand Villages store in Toronto.

This soap is just gourgues. Now I admit to quite often being 'suckered' in by packaging. I sometimes even buy books just for the cover art. Who can resist these soaps...the drawings on the boxes are so lovely, so organic, fun and whimsical but also the boxes are so tactile and touchable. They are made from a beautifully soft handmade paper. These vegetable soaps are only $4-$6 each and we couldn't resist buying the 'coconut', "Apricot' and 'Green Apple' scents. Besides getting a beautiful product for a good price, the purchase also provides artisans of the Palam Rural Centre with adequate housing, water, medical assistance and education funds for their children...the wonders of simple bars of soap. I mean, really what would you rather, some cheap mass-produced, animal-tested bar of soap from a faceless monster like Wal-mart....or something handmade, something beautiful, something to make you feel better by giving back to the makers who need some help....something with abit of soul...for us the choice is clear and so much more enjoyable.

Now for a new website find; Charming Wall. Not to steer you away from buying my 'oh so lovely and wonderful and whimsical work" ha ha, but I just loved this site when I saw it and wanted to share it with you. I just love the design of the website, it's so much fun. Once your done browsing there...please do come back to me, for my new website will be ready to launch soon.

I am off to get some work done...Happy Creating.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Illustration "Florida Granny" Take 1

To buy the original please click here.
To buy a print please click here.

Here is a new illustration that I just finished this morning. It is done in pastel and coloured pencil, an equal mixing of both. I say 'take 1' because I plan 3 different reincarnations of this image, it's always interesting to see how differently they turn out. 1 will be done in just coloured pencil and the 3rd will be an large acrylic on wood most likely.

Today is gloomy and it looks like a boom shower is on it's way...I am off to the cafe' to meet a friend. Till tomorrow, stay warm and cozy and happy creating.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Favourite New Thing...Maroma Incense

I wanted to share with you one of my favourite new finds, Maroma Incense Sticks. Last week whiles in Toronto, we ventured into a Store Called "Noah's Natural Foods" and I just fell in love with this place...there were so many goodies and I think it's a place we will frequent whenever we are in the Toronto area. We treated ourselves to several packs of the Maroma Incense and they are defiantly a superior stick. When burning they actually smell like the scents they are suppose to smell like, not just smoke like many sticks do. These are made with 100% pure essential oils, the makers are mostly women (no child labour) from local villages along the Coromandel Coast near Pondicherry, South India. 45% of the Maroma's net profits are turned back over to the development of the makers and surrounding villages. This line was started in 1977 and what has me so enchanted with this fair trade product, besides the lovely scents, is the packaging. Each package is hand silk screened on handmade paper. And on top of that, the paper they use is from cotton yarn, so trees are being saves. Way to go Maroma, yay!

I am just so happy with the growing interest in organic, fair trade, handmade etc items, it's inspiring and sheds light on a population of people moving towards a brighter, more artistic, more soulful, more healthful and more caring future.

Today as I work away on a new image, in my beloved studio, I'll have my favourite Seattle Jazz station playing, I'll hear the rabbits upstairs running around upstairs on our old creaky wood floor, and I'll be filling my room with the smell of Lavender/Orange Marmoa incense...plus my new edition of "Cloth, Paper Scissors" has arrived...oh happy day. Till Tomorrow Be Well.

Older Illustration "Ella Luna, The Dancer"

Hello, there on this lovely, warm and sunny Tuesday morning. I forgot to put one of Hazel's blankets back down after last night's clean up, which meant they couldn't sleep in their regular spot and I had two very grouchy little bunnies on my hands this morning, ha ha...but all was smoothed over with a nice big piece of banana.

To buy a print please click here.

Anyhow, I don't have any new work that I can show you at the present, so I thought I'd share one of my favourite older illustrations. In the continuous vein of my love for rabbits, this one was done last year in coloured pencil and is called "Ella Luna, the Dancer", it was sparked from a children's book ideal I had. Hope you enjoy. Have a wonderful day and until tomorrow...Happy Creating.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I am back home

Good Monday afternoon everyone. Well, I spent 11 out of the last 14 days in Toronto and I had such a ball and had such a great time with my sweetie and with my best friend and her partner. The travelling back and forth however has catched up and today I feel really tired. So instead of floating around my studio with no purpose, I thought I'd write up a quick post, respond to a few emails, and just hang out with the bunnies and take a nap if need be. The last two days in Toronto were wonderful but bittersweet at the same time as I knew I'd be leaving and not coming back for a few weeks at least and I already miss Judit and the liveliness of the city. But that being said, I am anxious to catch up again with my pals here in the Bay and of course to get back into my studio.

I came across this blog this morning which I want to share because the artwork is pretty spectacular, I've seen her pieces on Etsy before but I was happy to see she has a blog also, check out Arts & Ghosts. There is something similar between our work but I can't quite pinpoint what it is.

So dear readers, give me today to catch up and find my footing again and I'll be back into the full swing of things by tomorrow I am sure. I got a big stack of beautiful canvases (smaller sizes) that I am drooling over, ha ha so I am sure some new paintings will be posted soon also.

Be Well Everyone and have a creative and wonderful week. Thanks and until tomorrow.

Friday, May 9, 2008

A Good Mail Day & An Old Illustration

Good Friday Everyone. I am busy working on some larger pieces, so I don't have any new imagery to show you, hopefully this coming week. Because I work on alot of different things, I am honestly questioning how feasible a 'daily' painting would actually be for me. I've tryed a few, but even still I think they are too complex to keep up on a daily basis...but I'll keep trying. I have a few product ideal on the go also and though it is nothing that I can share with you right now, I'll just say that I am super excited to have gotten a big slab of beautiful clay...now I just have to find someone with a kiln! and set up my sewing machine...no more hints, ha ha. Honestly at the moment, despite all the recent travelling and stress with Ella-Luna, I feel myself bubbling over with excitement over new ideas, not just for illustrations but for various hand-made products featuring my illustrations

In the meantime, let me show you an older image of mine, but one that I still really like. This one was done in 1997, while I was in college. It's done in pastel with coloured pencil and speaks of a something that is never far from my mind or heart...the seal hunt.

In 2007, over 215,000 harp seals were slaughtered for their fur. The Canadian government simply refuses to end this agonizing and sick practice, so it's up to us animal lovers to stand up again and again and keep fighting to protect those who can't protect themselves. We give money every year to the seal hunt protests and I strongly urge all animal lovers to follow suit. Those of us who aren't strong enough to stand on the front lines, can still help alot but donating, because the protests take alot of money. If the protesting stops, the light won't be shed on this matter...we must continually make the government and people aware that it's cruel and unnecessary and putting our beloved country in a very poor light. After all "The greatness of a country is reflected in how it treats it's animals". Visit http://www.hsicanada.ca/

I plan some new illustrations on this topic, which I am hoping to send to the seal hunt protest organizations to use for free.

On to something lighter...Today was a great mail day. I just love getting mail, buying stickers and paper and stationary etc really is one of my pleasures. With email however, my mailbox treats have dwindled. I am past complaining about it though, now I just really really enjoy it when I do get a treat by snail mail. Today I got a letter from my oldest friend Lisa...she sent me this cute 'yogi' card and her two sweet boys Noah and Ben made me some sun catchers...shaped like bunnies of course, ha ha. I just love them...thanks boys and thanks Lisa

Well, that's all for this week. Until Monday, be well...breath....and simply 'be'.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Two days in Toronto and Chocalate

Hi Everyone. I hope this entry find you all well and cheery. I am abit tired here today at 'Bijou's Whimsy', so I'll make today's post a quick and simple one. Making things abit slower however, is my un-cooperating 'delete' button! It was working find before, now it just isn't.

Anyhow, we spent the last two days in Toronto and we had a absolute ball. I spent the Tuesday hanging out with Judit again, and we finished off her carpet stand together, we were so proud of ourselves and happy that we didn't need any of the boys help, ha ha. Abit of time was spent on an electric bike. A new and absolutely fabulous restaurant was discovered and thoroughly enjoyed by all (Check out Toronto's "Fresh" if you already haven't, an all vegetarian place).

Wednesday included a lovely shopping spree...we haven't been to Toronto in awhile so we needed to shop and get some treats. We tried another great vegetarian place for lunch called "Vegetarian Haven". I parallel parked in the tight and crowded Kensington area (again cause for some proud-ness, ha ha). And after a busy morning and afternoon, we grabbed some coffees, jumped in our rental truck, blasted the jazz and drove home in the pouring rain to our furry babies.....ahhh it's always great to get back home, regardless of the great time had.

On our adventures we visited the store "Ten Thousand Villages", I know I mentioned the website before so I was delighted to learn that they actually had a physical store. Toronto actually has two different store locations. We got some of this divine chocolate, ohhh it's so good (and all consumed). It's a fair trade product for the cocoa bean farmers of Kuapa Kokoo, in Ghana. Besides being delicious chocolate, you can feel good buying it because you know proceeds will go to help the makers. Plus, I couldn't resist the absolutely gorgeous wrapper....

That's all for today. I have a bit of cleaning to do, I need to call my sweet momma, and after abit of yoga and lunch, I plan to just sit on the floor with the 4 furry monsters and colour some simple picture. Stay cozy on this rainy Thursday...till tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Everything's Going to be Okay"

Good Tuesday Everyone,

Here is a new image...a whimsical and unearthly blue bird flying amongst the stars. This illustration was done to be inspirational but also at the same time it is meant to be grounding, as I am hoping the bird looks and gives the viewer a feeling of relaxation...that everything will be 'okay'.

To buy the original please click here.
To buy a print please click here.

I love this piece because 'everything is going to be okay' was exactly the mantra I had to repeat to myself the days after I finished it. Here's a question, I don't want answered but that I still want to throw out into the void...can art actually sometimes foretell the future? Anyhow, here's what happened; I was having a wonderful time in Toronto at Judit & Ed's place. I was suppose to be home on a Tuesday but things happened causing my ride to be unable to come pick me up on the scheduled day, so we all decided that I would stay another week on top of the initial week. I finished this illustration on a Tuesday and Wednesday at 6am, I got a call from home saying Ella Luna was very sick and it was strongly suggested that I get home as soon as I could. The bus and train weren't an option because they took 6-8 hours to arrive at home and neither left till at least 9:30am. So I did what I originally thought was the unthinkable..I rented a car and drove myself, ha ha. Now I know this doesn't sound like a big deal to most people, but for me, it was a massive thing....a big fear overcome and conquered. Despite the fact that I lived in Toronto for 5 years and drive quite alot....I've never had the nerve to drive in Toronto on my own. I always needed that expert beside me telling me which lane to get into, and which exit to take etc etc. But when push came to shove, I had to get home to my Ella Luna and I just did it, in 3 hours I must add, ha ha. The whole time...being terrified of being in the car in the middle of Toronto and the expressway all on my own...being terrified that Ella wouldn't be able to hold on till I got home...I kept telling myself 'Everything is going to be okay"...and it was:D I got home safe and sound with renewed confidence in my strength and abilities and our beautiful Ella Luna has fully recovered.

Life is just so much more fulfilling and amazing when we can move freely through it...and when you reach that fear that is blocking your way, if you really must bust through it, have the belief in yourself that you will. I think that most of us are alot stronger than we give ourselves credit for. I love the saying "A woman is like a tea bag, she never knows how strong she is, till she's put in hot water".

Till tomorrow, be well everyone and happy creating.

Monday, May 5, 2008

I am back with a new illustration

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well. I am happy to be back to my blog. In a very short time, blogging has quickly en grained itself into my routine. I was away from my studio for almost a week. I had the pleasure of spending that time in Toronto with my best friend Judit and I had a wonderful time. Judit and I pretty much just hung out together, cooked and baked and ate together, created together, walked together...it was just a simple and very awesome time, Thanks Judit & Ed.

Here is a picture I created whiles I was at Judit's place. I drew out abunch of images to work on, so all I had to bring was my paper/drawings and coloured pencils basically. I decided to 're due' the painting 'Pink Jinny' in colored pencil and see how it would turn out. I am happy with how it turned out, she has her own kind of whimsy, just as the first one does.

To buy the original please click here.
To buy a print please click here.

Well that it about all for today. I feel like I've been away from my studio forever so I have alot to do today and this week. Be well everyone and until tomorrow have fun creating.