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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Newsletter

April's newsletter just went out.
Phew, just on time too!
Goodness, sometimes it takes hours of fiddling to get these just right and ready to be sent out.
A million thanks to my talented graphics guy supreme, for the new & improved layout.
What do you think of it???
I would SO appreciate it if you would sign up here if you don't already receive my e-news.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Winters RoundUp

One might think that it's  a wee late to be doing a post with winter as its theme,
but we have had snow around these parts right up until this past Thursday!
And well, I couldn't pass up showing you our favorite photos
of the buns frolicking & exploring in the snow.
The newbies, Teela, Flynn, Yuuji and Frenwyck, especially had fun exploring their new yard areas.
Flynn was a stray so we were not sure if he would like it outside,
since being a house rabbit struggling to survive outside couldn't have been easy for him.
He was leery at first but he started having fun once he realized he was going back into the house.

 Teela was scared to complete stillness her first two times out
and we were not going to force her, if she didn't like it outside than that was her decision
but on the third gentle try something clicked and she realized she was safe and
soon enough she was more adventurous than the boys.
I was so very proud of my beautiful girlie.

 Frenwyck the Magnificent loved it outside right away.
He has such and amazing and beautiful fur
and it blows in the wind in a way that just makes your heart softly go ''ahhhh".
He is a spaz in the house & is even more so outside, as you can see from these shots, ha ha.
Yuuji seemed comfortable out there straight away as well
but it takes him abit of time to check things out before he's willing to let loose and play.
Mostly he just wanted to nibble on everything that he could fit into his little mouth.
He's not even a year old yet, it's so fun to watch him experience new things, he's such a sweetie.

Jinny and Jaks enjoy the fresh crisp air of winter and they like to eat the snow.
I think being older buns now, they prefer short outings
and then it's back to the warmth of the house and to their sunny window bench they happily go.

Spending time outside with rabbits, be it in the winter, spring, summer or fall,
feels like home to my whole heart.
It soothes me and fills me up like nothing else can.
I am honored that these babies found their way to us.
I have absolutely no doubts that the universe guided them to us and us to them.
And thanks to my bunny honey who is as obsessed with taking photos of our furry kids as I am.
Hope you enjoyed seeing the buns in action?
Aren't they just so beautiful and awesome,
But you know me, I could talk about the rabbits all day long and probably late into the night too.
The newbies have all settled in beautifully.
Yuuji and Teela are now bonded which is spectacular.
Everyone is currently in good health which we are SO thankful for.
Life is bunniful and beautiful...
Now enough with winter and onto summer, wohoo.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sner Snickley

Hi Everyone,
meet my newest little chum
"Sner Snickley"
I just have to share abit of his story with you
...Sner Snickley was excited.
He was so excited that his hat was about to wobble right off the top of his furry head.
So very excited that he had so many goose bumps along his bald little tail that he was getting chilly!
Yes, he was excited because he was on his way to the airport.
In under 2 hours, he would be flying high above cotton puff clouds to a long dreamt of destination...
a place he's been dreaming of all of his young life and right into his current middle life...
yes indeedy,
it was time for Sner to jet off to the mystical and magical island of Ibiza.
He had everything he needed packed up beautifully and efficiently...
An extra bag to bring back souvenirs & hopefully atleast 10 fresh pineapples, his favorite fruit.
He was already signed up for a 2 week long diving class so he had snorkel and fins packed.
Embarrassingly, his tail and fair face crisped up in the sun like a piece of soy ham,
so he packed not 1 but 3 bottles of spf 80 lotion.  No need for more wrinkles after all!
He had several swimming trunks in various colours,
though the submarine yellow ones with red and blue Ferraris on them were his absolute favorite,
he didn't know why exactly but they just made his heart happy, so he actually bought 2 pairs of those.
He also made sure to pack his jet black dancing shoes and extra shoe polish
for he planned to dance alot and every single night of his vacation,
oh how his heart fluttered just thinking of dancing away the nights under the pink Ibiza stars
And of course he must bring his special suitcase, the one that perfectly houses his burgundy top hat...
he went no where without his lucky top hat...ever.
Maybe, just maybe he might get lucky enough to meet the future Mrs. Snickley on the dance floor.
Oh yes, indeedy, he was hat wobbling, goose bump chilly, super duper excited...
I can just picture Sneer's face the first time he sets foot on Ibiza, what fun that would be to see, ha ha.
Prints of Sner will be available soon.
Have an amazing weekend everyone.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Celebrating Jinny

Yesterday we celebrated the 7th year that our Jinny has been with us.
We think she is around 9 years old. 
Yayyy Jinster.
Some rabbits are alot of work but Jin has always been a very easy rabbit.
She's a good and sweet gal & never asks for much past food & snuggles with her buddy Jaks.
We celebrated with a long afternoon outside in the yard zipping & popcorning & zooming, yayyy.

Monday, April 22, 2013

A Munchkin Turns A Year Older

My munchkin turns 11years old today.
I can't get over how fast she is growing.
I love this little girl so much
She is good and sweet and awesome.

I just love these shots so and I had to share them
on my Munchkins special day.
Love ya Karly...Happy Birthday...Love ya forever and ever.
XO Auntie Mandy, Unky Jon & the Buns XO

Monday, April 15, 2013

New Prints & Such

Hi lovely souls.
I am just crawlin' outta bed long enough to let you know that I've posted new prints in my Etsy shop.

I think the 'Joanne' print would make a lovely Mother's Day present don't you?
Actually, Picalo Guilam & Fergus Fennel would be great for Father's day come to think of it.
I don't do 'sick' well at all, I just want to be up and about taking care of bunnies & making pictures!

...I hope your all having a much better day than I am...
I think I'll need a couple more days before posting again!!! 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Hi Everyone,
Sorry to have disappeared on you for abit there
but I fear I may be another few days yet before I am posting regularly again.
We had to drive 6 hours for a doctors appointment for my honey
(in yet another step to figure out what the heck is going on with his lungs)
It was a scheduled appointment that we waited 6 months for but it still took four hours...
Ugh...four long hours in a yucky & crowded waiting room full of sneezing and coughing!

So yep, you guessed it...a nasty flu followed us home & attacked mercilessly!
Jonathan has been really sick the last week and I can feel myself succumbing just now...ugh!
Did you know that guinea pigs and humans can pass colds and flus to one another???
(I was always so cautious of that when I had my skinny piggies, Thodan & Gimmley)
I am just soooo glad that that's not the case with rabbits...
I'd feel horrible passing this along to any of the babies.
Anyhow, I hope to be back to the regular schedule this coming Monday...I have lots to show you.
So on days that you may be missing me & I am not here on my blog,
You can likely find me on Twitter sharing rabbit photos, art & crafts in the works,
studio shots, books being read, food being made and other everyday life lovelies.
Have a great weekend...thanks for hopping by.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Jinny, Jaks & The Bed

I have some new pictures to show you all but I feel like today wants to be a rabbit post day...

A few years ago,
when my niece Karly was younger,
Jonathan made a little wooden bed for her dollies...that I was suppose to paint.
Well that bed was temporarily put on the floor because my desk was full of stuff...
and well you can only guess what happened to that little bed, ha ha...
...ha ha..you guessed it!
Jinny and Jaks claimed it as their own.
So, it never got painted for a little girls dollies...
Seriously, who could take the bed away from these two?
We certainly couldn't, not when they are so comfy cozy on it, ha ha.

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend?
We had a delicious 5 days off together with was mostly full of time outside with the 6 buns,
some time with one of my dearest friends
and a Walking Dead marathon in our theatre room...coziness, ahhh.

See you again soon with some new artwork & some awesome rabbit photos from outside.