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Wednesday, August 31, 2016


I finally finished it and love it and I've changed the name from 'Grow' to
It's about pausing within ourselves so that we can heal from the bumps and lumps and bruises of life.
It's about quietening ourselves so that we can find our way back to seeing how we can shine brighter.
It's about listening to the wisdom all around us so that we can go about life more lightly in spirit.

Monday, August 29, 2016

A Colouring Page For The Coloring Studio

I am so excited.
I am going to have some of my colouring pages in the next issue of "The Coloring Studio"
(I'll show you which exact ones soon)

 But the editor also asked me to create a page for the issue from one of my felt brooches,
I never thought of doing that and I am glad she did cause I think it's turned out to be pretty darn cute.
More details on the issue and my work soon.  Yayyyyyyyy.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Jeep Siestas

One of my favorite things ever to do is to hop in the Jeep with my hon bun...
We find a spot where we can park really close to the water, we bring pillows and blankets...

we cuddle up & take a siesta as the rain pelts down on the Jeep roof (and sometimes on our feet)...

And after the storm we quietly breathe in the freshly washed summer air....ahhhh....loveliness.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It's Not Fall Yet!

Summer days...ahhhh....

It's not quite Fall yet!!!  There's still time to enjoy things outside!

Monday, August 22, 2016

How Does Your Garden Grow

It seems like just a couple weeks ago I was cleaning up the front garden
and getting it ready for the long season ahead...
Now suddenly it feels like a mad rush to enjoy these last summer days
because leaves are already turning yellow and falling to the ground...sigh!

Friday, August 19, 2016

A New Ink Pen

Here's my newest ink pen drawing...he's a small one at only 4 x 6".
The original is available if any of you like him, just email me.
I did him on Sa paper which is a really textured handmade paper...I love him...
but I think I'll stick to my usual super bright white smooth papers...
you have to experiment now and than with papers and mediums though to keep things fresh.
Prints of him will be in the shop soonish.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Me & Matilda

Me & Matilda or rather I guess its Matilda & I, we'll show you a sweet new ink drawing tomorrow...
We really like it...we hope you'll hop on over to see it (yes she's a pigeon that watches me draw!!!).

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

She's Still Here

So the little fledging that I told you about has apparently decided to adopt us...
We found her way back on July 11th and she's still here with us.

We've left doors wide open, we've brought her outside every day encouraging her to fly away...

We leave her alone outside, hoping she'll go back to the wild but we find her back inside on her chair!

 She doesn't want to go, we don't really seem to have a say...I guess she's decided she's home!
So everyone meet and say hello to the newest member of our motely crew, Matilda.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Whimsy For Mail

Our old mailbox had started falling apart,
and I was still healing up my knee so I needed projects where I sat a lot,
so with sweet buns keeping us good company...
My honey made a new box.
100% made using recycled wood from old projects
and even some bits from the old box for good mojo...
Than it was my turn to do my bit,
with my knee lifted up and packed nicely with ice,
with my favorite music on and buns running around the yard, I painted.
It was slow going at first...
especially when the mosquitoes were ferocious
and kept chasing us either inside or up onto the back deck.
I wanted something super fun and whimsical,
oh and super bright of course
so I went with two bunnies, a girl and a boy with lots of swirling flowers and filigree...
I added "The Saile-Peterson Warren" for good measure
and outlined the main features of the image in black.
All the colours are ones found around our yard and little home...
and than I thought
Hey, why not make this mailbox polite whiles I am at it,
so I put a nice big "Thank You So Much" for the delivery people, I hope it makes them smile!
I left the inside a nice simple white,
everything got several coats of varnish
and I am really super happy with it.
But ya know what, I've only gotten junkmail and bills in it so far, go figure!
I am still waiting for some lovely whimsical goodies to fill it up...
anyone wanna send me some snail mail!!!? ha ha!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Sneak Peek

If you join me next week the buns and I will show you this newest sweet rabbit inkling...
 I'll show you a mailbox that I just redid...
And we'll give you an update on our little brown winged guest...hope you'll join us.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sick Bellies, Tingles & Exhaustion

We've had our hands full lately.
3 of the buns got sick within 4 days!
First it was Teela...
which was entirely my fault because I let her eat way to much grass.
Too much grass give bunnies sore tummies and gas...
but when do you know when too much is too much, that's the thing!!
Luckily, I was laying on the floor with her when I saw her stretching a certain way,
a way that usually means tummy aches
and when she wouldn't touch her dinner we knew she had gas
(buns can't really fart, or have a very very hard time to so any gas build-up is distressing for them)
so we were able to jump fast to the meds (1/4 tablet of gas-x often does the trick)
and she was back to normal in a few hours, phew!
Than Yuuji got stasis from too much stress the day after!
Finally we splurged and had air conditioning installed in our little hot house.
There was a house full of strangers here for 8 hours straight making a whole bunch of noise
and it was just too out of the ordinary for our little sweetheart.
I don't think he got any sleep that day and that mixed with the stress of all the noise
pushed him into stasis (sometimes it takes very little). He refused to eat that night,
than started pushing his tummy towards the ground, which is a sure tell sign of discomfort...
so it took a few hours again to get him eating again, thankfully we caught it early &
treated him with gas-x tablets, fresh squeezed pineapple juice and oral metoclopramide.

 Than Emmett got super bad stasis the next night,
most likely just because he's prone to it
and was one of the reasons why he was considered a special adoption...
and man when he gets it it's hard because he is not good with taking his medicines
and when it comes to force feedings of critical care etc he spits all the food out, ugh.
So we have to resort to metoclopramide injections, which is so stressful for us to administer.
At one point he was slumped on my chest, no energy, no will in his little precious body at all,
it was a drastic change in a normally hyper bunny who usually doesn't like to be touched...
I felt so so helpless and as I tryed so hard to push the panic & tears away
I just kept whispering in his sweet soft brown ear,
'Don't give up Minny....please please don't give up...Korra needs you and so do we baby...'
ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh!
Thankfully he didn't give up and hung in there as we cared for him for five full days.
The 3 of us barely slept, feedings were doubled because we were getting so little into him,
forced movement is always difficult because you feel like such a shit making them run and move
but it's important for their bellies to get some movement, it helps to restart the gut motility again...
It took all the tricks in our arsenal that's for sure.
Even though his eating was very slow to start, when he started begging to go in the yard,
we knew we were going to be just fine.
So all that bunny drama has exhausted us...
and the heat is exhausting us...
and summer projects all done and those still to be done are exhausting us...
and the pigeon who is seeming like the neediest thing on the planet is exhausting us!
So now it's our turn to got sick!
My hon's been in bed since last night
with a high fever and what seems like every ailment for both cold & flu!
and I feel that yuckiness setting in...I am trying to hold out
but you know, that tingle you get all over your body...
that prickly tingle that tell you something is coming and that it won't be pleasant!
I just hope I will be able to make it to my appointment for my knee mri tomorrow am!
Hope your all not stuck with any colds or flu in this hot August...and if you are, get well soon XO

Monday, August 8, 2016

Views From My Perch

Do you have a go-to place in your home that helps center and calm you???
I have what I call 'My Perch' on our little kitchen deck...

almost every evening, I climb on up onto my little bench and I peek onto the court... 

It feels so way up high...I can see my neighbor's gardens and pools...somehow it's calming...

 ...Especially when the crickets sing and the views are looking like this, different every single night.
Ahhhh...helps me settle and breathe better every single time.

Friday, August 5, 2016

A Whimsical 6

My hon bun asked if I could paint us a new house number...
So as a bird and 8 buns napped away in the heatwave around me...

I came up with this...

It sits whimsically on the brown brick of our house hinting, I hope, at the magic that lies within.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Finding A Fledgling

We came across a bit of wild magic...
in the middle of a busy road,
being narrowly missed by each car barreling by,
we saw this little fledgling, peeping away, obviously lost & helpless.
I didn't think twice, I knew my hon bun would block traffic with the truck as best as possible
whiles I jumped out to try to help the little darling
(or rather I hobbled out cause I had my knee brace on!) 

I thought it would be enough to scoop her up off the road but when I did so,
she was obviously even more helpless than I originally thought...
so I followed her, she didn't know where to go poor sweet-ling.
So I called Jonathan for help, he came with a blanket, gently scooped her up and home we went.
We couldn't leave her there to starve or get squashed!

So afternoon plans now out the window...lunch gone bad from too long out in heat...
we sat in the yard with her for the rest of the day, thinking she'd get her baring's and be on her way.
But she wouldn't move after hours and finally when a chipmunk scared the bejeezus out of her,
causing her to get tangled up and stuck in a thorny rosebush...we decided to bring her in for the night.

She would let me hold her on my chest as Jonathan opened her mouth and popped food in.
Fresh corn kernels, fresh peas, little pieces of cherry and such.
If we held up a teaspoon to her mouth she would drink 2 or 3 spoons all in one go.
After eating, tucked against my warm neck, she'd fall asleep and nap away.

And so it went like this for a couple weeks...feeding her and her napping on me.
We researched online and it became clear that we couldn't let her go until we saw she could fly
and saw that she could recognize food on the ground and feed herself...
well little miss didn't do that for quite some time!

 Almost a month later, she is still here...we'll see what happens!
But this has been the perfect example of what I mean when I tell people to let their
sensitively and vulnerability shine through because it's through these
that we experience many of life's beautiful mysteries and magic's...
we refused to be just any one of the cars just looking but still zooming on by
and thank goodness for that because she's been some kind of magic in our little household!