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Friday, August 31, 2018

Food Friday - Vegan Nachos

Vegans can eat pretty much everything non-vegans eat, just in a kinder format...
like nachos for example...look at how amazing and delicious our vegan nachos are YUUMM.
Just spread out your favorite tortilla chips, cook up some soy meat with nacho seasoning,
sprinkle the 'meat' on top, than your favorite salsa, fresh tomatoes, olives, lettuce, vegan cheese

(we like melted Daiya on our nachos but not unmelted Daiya! It tastes totally different when melted)
put the tray in an oven to melt all that kind healthier 'cheese',
cut some limes & make a pitcher of some gin & tonics whiles your melting that cheezy goodness
and voila a yummy vegan platter of nachos that no mama or baby cow was exploited for.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Create A Life Of Purpose

Recently I was chatting with my friend Yan about the animal sanctuaries we've created,
theirs with farm animals, ours with rabbits (and with some other creatures along the way as well).
We chatted about how support for our animals families can often times feel very thin
and how it's next to impossible to travel because that external support can be very hard to find.
But Yan put it like this "We've created a life with purpose and what's better than that",
no trip around the world can ever replace this life we've sculpted for ourselves &
our animal friends and family to have beautiful safe sanctuary in constant love and peace.

For me, my life of purpose also includes learning, almost on a daily basis to deal and contend
with all the pain I have to live with & to maybe inspire other sufferers along the way.
To carve out time to create happy images that may just add some charm to this big bad world
on top of creating this loving cozy kind vegan safe home and sanctuary for my love of 25 years &
all of our wayward misfit buns.
I am loving my life...this life of purpose...there's very very little I would change about it.
Are you loving yours? & if not what are you waiting for??

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Korra's 3rd year

This month on August 10th we celebrated Korra-Soleil's 3rd year homecoming anniversary.
Our beautiful dutch girl is 6.5 now
and she's doing great though she does have a bit of arthritis in her hind-legs,
which seems to be a common problem with big buns.
We have so far been able to keep on top of that with no medicine &
just making sure she gets out in the yard for a lot of exercise.

Korra had a sad beginning.
She was apparently at a badly run shelter in Quebec that was shut down
and on the transfer day to a better shelter her bonded mate died
so she had to face another lengthy shelter stay with a broken heart
(to this day she sometimes still looks melancholy & sad).

She has the sweetest face though and she's often uncoordinated which makes us laugh all of the time.

She was one of the buns that we just had a connection with immediately upon meeting her.
We were at the shelter adopting another bunny and we met her and fell in love
but at the time we couldn't adopt her, we didn't have proper space for her at home.
So she sat there waiting for a home, we kept tabs on her but she was finally adopted out
only to be returned to the shelter to absolutely no fault of her own,
after a year the people who took her decided they were too allergic to her!
So as soon as we saw she was back,
we zoomed to the city to adopt her and we're so glad we did.

She has since then bonded with our Emmett, who passed away from a stroke last year
so sadly she's lost a 2nd mate & now doesn't seem interested whatsoever in bonding with anyone else
which is okay, we won't force her to do anything she doesn't want to do.
She's content having her Daddy in his office all day long & she enjoys laying at the gates with
Henrie, Leisel & Yuuji (but she seems to hate little Misa and Flynn!).
We love you our big redheaded girl.  You've been a blessing to us XO.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Froggie Time

I looked at my colours and than at Miss Misa and I asked them
'What shall we create today lovelies?'

and the pencils said "something in green and blue" and Misa said "A Frog Mama"
So a frog we are now working on...in between 5 or 6 other images of course!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Some Days Just Look Like This

When your a chronic-pain sufferer, like me, some days just look an awful lot like this...
your horizontal, your feet are up, you've got your fuzzy blanket on...
(I usually use a sleep mask to block out light because I refuse to plunge the whole household
into darkness just because of my head pain, I love light even on migraine days, to a point anyhow!)

Sometimes you just have to relent and admit that you'll get squat done that day...
It's not easy for me, I am super stubborn & I love getting things done.
But here on the couch is a good place for me cause I have a big green shelf full of favorite do-da's
to look at, ha ha, (it's also about all the little tricks to get through the pain with a light heart too)!

Sunday, August 26, 2018

My Girl Back In Spring

I am so behind getting my photos ready for the blog because I am just not on my computer much...
I think I'll be posting summer photos in the middle of winter!
BUT I LOOVVEEE editing my photos when I do get to it, I think it's why I love blogging so much,
I get to share and show you guys all of my favorite photos from this enchanting life.

So here's a few new ones from this past Spring, I don't think you guys will care when they are from...
it was the first time this season Misa was a big brave girl
and went outside for only her 3rd or 4th time.  She's loving it more and more
& I never get bored of watching her be brave and explore further & further...my girl XO

Saturday, August 25, 2018

New Bunny Packaging

Have you guys seen my newest packaging cuteness?

Beautiful bunny inspired mojo everywhere to honor the majestic bun beings who inspire me so.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Food Friday

Guys if you ever see these Gusta vegan sausages in your grocery stores you have to try them.

They are the best vegan sausages we've tried yet, the Montreal flavor is our most favorite.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Missing Her

I've been feeling heavy in heart with missing Betty-Loo...
It's still hard to look at photos of her, she was so sweet and gentle and lovely.
I just found these photos of her that I thought I already posted but actually hadn't yet...
We were having one of the most perfect days in early Spring...

We had just adopted her...she had just bonded super quickly & easily with Henrie...
we were looking forward to a beautiful life together but our time was stolen by the unfairness of life.
Goes to show that you just never ever know & that's why despite all the shit present in every day
we have to concentrate on the love, on the good, on the pure & beautiful as much as possible XO.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Season Ending

Just like that poof September is almost here & pretty much all the flowers are done for another year...

Are you guys ready for Fall?  I am feeling ready for it, not quite yet for the bunnies sake, but soon!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Cozy Tuesday

It's a dark & rainy holiday Tuesday today.
We spent our morning with the buns, our afternoon duckling snuggling.

Than we came back home to the buns & an evening of Murder She Wrote episodes
We hope your staying dry and are feeling cozy too XO

Monday, August 20, 2018

Summer Colours

Just one of several pieces I have on the go right now (& a doodle),
I am being inspired by summer colours I think.

We have been on holidays so studio work has slowed down some.  Before we know it we'll be hibernating inside for a long cold winter so yard time for us & the buns is priority right now.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Peaceful Sunday

A Peaceful Sunday is being wished your way...

May you be in your favorite place with your favorite people XO

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Be Kinder Please

I think one of the things I find hard about this world is that I can't make people kinder.
I really struggle with that some days & sometimes it fills me with quite a bit of anger.
I want everyone, especially those I love to make kinder choices, to go vegan, to embrace animals etc..
But I can't convince anyone of anything and I normally don't try, I just try to lead by example.
I just try to show to the best of my abilities, how much more beautiful life is when your connected
and taking part of all the beauty instead of taking, taking, taking and giving nothing back.

Like finding this injured butterfly in the middle of a huge parking lot...everyone else just walked by.
I couldn't, if I were a butterfly, I wouldn't want to be toasted alive on the hot tarmac or stepped on!
So I picked her up, tucked her safely in the back of the truck whiles I ran the rest of my errands
and when I got her home, I laid her on my prettiest flower to rest and die in peace...
but she didn't die...she flew away a few hours later and that, that one little thing filled my heart full...
it more often than not takes so very little, such very little effort for big beautiful payoffs.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Vegan Food Friday - Tomato Veggie Soup & Sandwiches

Food Friday time...
I don't always give you guys recipes for these pics because they are just meant
as food inspiration if your stuck for dinner ideas and it's also just my gentle way to show you guys
how beautiful and healthy vegan eating
is for both you and your tummy & heart but also for animals & the planet.

This is something we have pretty much every single week.
A homemade tomato veggie soup
(just through in all of your favorite veg with blended tomatoes, rice, chickpeas and pasta too in 1 pot)
right now we have tons of tomatoes to use from the garden
so we've been making sometimes two pots per week (but I am soup monster).
Sandwiches are always a nice additional side,
use vegannaise, tofurky slices, earth island cheeses.....Vegan YUUUMMM.
Enjoy XO

Thursday, August 16, 2018

A Tad Sporadic!

Hey ya guys...sorry I don't mean to be blogging so sporadically but I am going to give
myself a pass since in about 10 years of blogging it's really the first time I've ever done so!

I am not going to give any excuses because I have none other than I am spending oodles of time with the precious awesome buns, my hon, tending to my body & forging new lovely art & friendships XO