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Monday, April 30, 2018

Shimmering Rabbity Sweetness

This has been what my desk upstairs looks like, full of little beauties getting their finishing touches.
I love this part...applying varnishes, clean edges, titling, adding sparkles, attaching hangers etc.

As I was telling you in one of my last posts, I work all over the house to get work done whiles I
spend time with all of our 9 rescue buns so I work on quite a few pieces all at the same time...

For a spell it seems like I am getting nothing new done and than all of the sudden bam a whack
are finished and lovely and whimsical and shimmering with good happy rabbity mojo, ha ha!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Share Sunday

Hi guys and Happy Sunday to you...
here's Yuuji's & my favorite online things from this week...

Link 1:
For my fellow creative hearts...
Different ways to make it as an artist with Happy D (whom I am currently addicted to!)

Link 2:
For anyone who spends any amount of time online...

Link 3:
I knew she was my favorite character for a reason!...

Enjoy XO

Saturday, April 28, 2018

A Pink Leaping Bunny Who Could Want More!

My sweet vegan guy and I have been working so hard on my new website...
This pink leaping bunny was supposed to go on t-shirts BUT for now it's my new site header
and I adore it so so much, I feel like it just brings my website to  a whole new beautiful fresh level...
take a look-see and tell me what you think so far at www.MandySaile.com (bookmark it too please)

We are doing things a bit differently this time around with my website,
we're just tackling one page at a time and uploading & refreshing that page as we're done it.
So check out the changes so far, tell me what you think
& keep checking back cause it's just
getting better and better, so far we're done the Home page, Keep In Touch and Contact pages.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Food Friday - Vegan Sour Cream Hello!

Did you guys know there is such a thing as Vegan sour 'cream' (from Tofutti)

Well there is and holy smokes I am slightly ashamed to admit how addicted I am to it!!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Bunnies, Shadows & Beauty

Some days you just have to tell all the things on your to-do list to *#&@ off
because some days are just for playing your favorite music...basking in beautiful scents...

Snuggling up with you loved ones...petting sweet precious never here long enough soft bunnies...
& watching the slow passage of lovely shadows...I am taking more days like this, hope you are too.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Pishner Toppingale Started

I have to be able to work in all kinds of corners of the house...
wherever a bunny needs company is where I have to be able to get some kind of artwork done...
On top of getting up every 10 minutes to see what a rambunctious bunny is up to
I also move between my work areas scattered throughout the house ALOT!
It's proven to be the only way to mix my two passions of bunnies & art
(with a life of debilitating chronic pain!)

For example, in Jaks room, I have several pieces going, coloured pencils, mixed medias & weaving's.
Whiles 'Florin Blue' is being done in the living room for the evening bunny rotation.
In my downstairs studio I have 3 lino cuts in progress, pastels, sketches, computer stuff etc
and than in Higgins area I have sketchbooks and a desk set up for when feltwork/stitchery strikes me.
Whiles in a corner of Misa's rooms, on a teeny desk, I just conjured up this new bird character...
it's my way of having 9 buns & still getting lots done, it works...most days, when the pain isn't bad! 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Florin Blue In Progress...

Guys...look...Florin Blue is looking really pretty so far...
(Is it bad or cheesy when as artist says that?  hmmm I don't think so really,
we've got to like our own work after all because if we don't how can we expect anyone too right!?)

Anyhow, you know that excited feeling you get in the middle of a new piece,
that "This Is Going To Be One Of My Best One Yet..." feelings?...

I've got that feeling with this one & usually with that feeling I move slowly so I don't mess up
but with this one, I am so anxious to see how it turn out & if I was right, it's speeding right along.
(Well okay okay...speeding along as quickly as colored pencils allows anyhow ha ha!)

Monday, April 23, 2018

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Sweet Savory Saturday

We always come home with a lighter heart when we see more & more
vegan products on the grocery shelves...
especially in our hunting/meat & potatoes city!

We especially love the Yves kale & caramelized onion sausages.
Tonight we're trying those new Sol Cuisine Lemon Dill 'Salmon' burgers and I can't wait!
The buns & I hope your having a wonderful Saturday (we're spending it outside with the buns).

Friday, April 20, 2018

Lake Life

We are so lucky to live pretty close to this big beautiful lake...
it's only about a 10 minute walk away...
We go here a lot after work to decompress, for sunsets, for short breaks from the buns,
after, before & in between errands...
it always seems to beckon "Come sit and breathe for a spell.."

Our 2nd date was here, along this lake, a long leisurely stroll at night in thick heavy fog...
almost 25 year ago now...
we love it so, it's part of us. I tell my hon, when I die, he's to spread most of my ashes in this water!
It's a place that soothes, refreshes and amazes us with it's always changing beauty.
I hope you have a special place like this in your part of the world XO

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Fuzzy & Frustrating!

Well I think Higgins & Misa might someday want to be friends
They seem quite interesting in spending time together at the gates etc
but I feel like bonding face to face is a ways off yet...Misa is still feeling to spazzy to me...
But atleast they get to keep each other company when we can't be with them, so that's good!

It was a bit of a rough transition introducing him into the house, he kept spraying poor Misa
& she kept trying to bite his toes off! (Rabbits can be so nasty to each other, just like people!)
but now when he goes upstairs to play she seems to miss him which is a good sign I think...
but with rabbits you just never know, they are quite impossible & infuriating some times!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Florin Blue Started

I started a new bird...you've been seeing it's progress if you follow me on Instagram.
I like to title my pieces early on in the process if I can, it helps me connect with the piece, 

So this one is called "Florin Blue" because for some reason 'Florin' to me is a pretty name that I think of when I think of something feathery and 'Blue' because I am seeking beauty & peace in a sad time.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Tenacious Times

I don't think we have much more time with our Jelly-Bean Jaks...
But he's still eating and pooping and moving around so we're still going to help him keep going.
I am spending alot of time at home and in my upper studio which I share with him.
He's happiest when I am in the studio with him working away with our music playing
(and lavender and peppermint oil misting away from our diffuser...he likes essential oil diffusers)

I've been kinda feeling like my heart is going to burst...
ugh...this part is hard...
What is harder?  Saying goodbye slowly or not having a chance to say goodbye??
I don't know but I do know one thing, this little soul is as tenacious and tough as they come
and I am just grateful that he's seeing his 3rd Spring now since being diagnosed
with congestive heart failure...his tenacity in spirit & body inspires me to better deal with my illness.

Monday, April 16, 2018

I Can't Wait To Show You...

This pretty gal is all done & I am so anxious to show you, she's going to make for lovely art prints
BUT my scanner is dead again....and of course so is my printer!...

Technology and I don't tend to get along well!!! So I've got to figure those 2 situations out asap
& than I'll be back on track to showing you images & shipping orders out, bear with me!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2018


So last year we splurged and we bought this huge incredible painting from local artist David Carlin...
whom some of you may also know was my high-school art teacher turned mentor turned dear friend.

Every time I pass it I feel humbled to have it in my home and I see something new & beautiful.
We had wanted one of Dave's large-scale originals for awhile
(we have quite a collection of his lino cuts prints going already) 
But we were waiting until one of them spoke loud & clear to BOTH of us...and this was the one.

If I have even an iota of his talent & artistic drive & spirit in me when I am in my 70's I'll be lucky!
& now if the house catches on fire I'll gather the bunnies, my honey, my hard-drives & this painting! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Missing Elsie

I thought that it would be hard to see Henrie bonded with another bunny but honestly it hasn't been.
I am just over the moon that he has a friend, isn't lonely anymore &
that Betty-Loo makes him so happy and vice versa...

But that being said, I have been missing my Elsie girl....I miss holding her hand.
I've not been able to post these photos yet, as they are the very last ones that I took of her...
but it's time, because she was exquisite & beautiful & Henrie and I will never ever forget her ever.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Best Not To Think Of It!

I lost my whole weekend to a super bad migraine...I mean bad bad...
like on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the worst...Friday night I was at a 12 and I just couldn't
get to the hospital if I tried, let alone sit there in the emerg for goodness knows how long!
I wish so much there was a special protocol for migraine sufferers, there's enough of us out there!

It started easing up around Sunday 6pm but I've had to move like snail since then
as every time I forget and I move at a normal pace, the throbbing starts and threatens again...sigh...
I've been feeling blue to tell you the truth...how much time & energy I loose to this chronic pain...
Oh my fighting spirit is just on a hiatus, it will return, but until it does, it's best not to think of it!!!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Colour, Whimsy & Something Special

I pride myself on making my art prints as super easy
for people to display as possible because life is busy
but that doesn't mean you don't want colour, whimsy & something special on your walls.

This was just a pretty 8 x 10" masculine frame that I picked up at my local Winners store
that any of my archival art prints slide into super easy...all ready to hang...what something like it??
Just hop on over to my shop for a huge array of colour, whimsy & indeed, that something special.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Betty-Loo & Henrie Sitting In A Tree...

We've been trying to bond Misa & Henrie for a year now
and Henrie at first liked Misa & she loved him and Elsie
BUT Elsie for whatever reason decided that she didn't like poor Misa
& it seems that once Elsie said no, Henrie followed suit &
he was always quite mean to the poor little girl, espeacially after Elsie died
(which I just never got because Misa is just too adorable and perfect!)
BUT when Betty-Loo came home she was put into a large section of Henri's room
and we were hoping because he did look lonely, but we know better by now than to expect anything!
But right from the start they liked each other, they didn't fight once, not one single time!
They would smoosh up together, against the gate separating them...

So, we went for our usual first time bonding drive in the Jeep about a month ago,
no fighting still at all, they just sought each other for company & kissed right away...
We put them in the landing, no fighting, just more kisses & snuggles...
so we let them into the living room, good as gold once again...
So we increased the size of the area more & more & they just kissed & hugged & played together
so we brought them down to Henries room, expecting a bit of a tussle down there but nope
thick as thieves and totally smitten with each other.  It's amazing to see after Henries been so alone
and after knowing that Betty-Loo had a hard time at the shelter & lost her own sibling too.
We unfortunately have to still separate them over night because her teeth are still so bad,
it takes her all night to get any of her veggies in and
Henrie is well, a piggie, for lack of a better word, ha ha.
But every morning we lift her out of her area and into Henries and they run together like
they've been apart forever and they do a lap or two side by side around the room...
it's perfection & utter sweetness
and I know if Elsie is looking down she'll approve of this new union.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Pink, Bunnies & More Pink

People are just loving these shots from my Instagram stream...
A happy customer of mine sent these pics of my art prints framed up professionally
in her adorable and unique pink rabbit filled bathroom...

Happy customers make me an even happier artist.
I don't get photos of how people live with my work very often so I am soooo tinkled pink
with these shots, if I may say so myself, my prints looks awesome in her whimsical bathroom.