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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Min-Min, Meep, Emmett My Sweet

This week we celebrate Emmett's (aka Min-Min or Meep) 2nd year homecoming.
He was adopted close to Easter yes indeedy, but the shelter we go to knows us well
and they knew that us bringing him home had nothing whatsoever to do with Easter.
He's such a little sweetie but he definitely has his trust issues & he is still absolutely terrified of dogs.

He's been sick the past couple of weeks so we've had our hands full because our
Jaky Boo stopped eating just the week before as well (but that was due to gas) ugh!
Min has always been prone to g.i.stasis and getting him back on track just doesn't seem
as easy as with the others for whatever reason and that's always very stressful and scary.
Min-Min had a rough go before he came here...he was in a Quebec shelter for reasons unknown to us
and that shelter was not a good place, it was thankfully shut down and he was transferred to the
Toronto Humane Society but he was in bad shape, malnourished, not eating, very unhappy, etc...
He was considered a special needs adoption because of his health problems
but we signed off on all that and the shelter knew we knew what we were getting into.
We still see residual anger and mistrust from his bad beginnnings, poor little guy...
but he's come a long way & now he's besties with Korra-Soleil so things will only get better.
Love Love Love you our dear little Meep.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Sweet Sweet Sketching

I admit that I haven't been getting a whole lot of 'final' work done lately

but I have been getting a whole whack of sketching done...the beginnings of new images... 

and I am so enjoying myself, one image is just flowing into the next and into the next...

so I am just riding the wave and so so enjoying these sketch filled days so so so much.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Grateful of Abundance

I am feeling grateful.
Grateful for the kind generous gorgeous guy I love
who loves our babies better than I could ever have imagined. 
Grateful for the lovely simple gentle calm of our cozy little home.
Grateful for the ability to easily live a kind life by living a healthy vegetarian life.

I am grateful for the part of me that feels gratitude so easily and abundantly (most days!)
What about you? Are you moving too quickly to know what your most grateful for?
Or do you know clearly and straight away what your happy for and what is it??

Thursday, March 24, 2016

We Hope You Chose Chocolate

Well we hope that our little Easter Education posts were shared and spread by some
(though I don't think many did help us spread the word & that makes us sad & quite disappointed).
But if we convinced just one person to make an informed decision about bringing a bunny home...
if we convinced at least one person to adopt from a shelter
or at least one bunny wasn't put into a bad or unprepared home, than we did some good!
Have a great long weekend all.  See you next week.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Glitter Bug 12

And yet another sweet little Glitter Bug (#12)

It'll be in my shop soon...interested before than, just send me an email.

Friday, March 18, 2016

A New Owl Inkling

I took the owl drawing that I offered to my subscribers
as a colouring page a few months back and started inking him.
I was going to do him in watercolour (heck maybe I still will)
but my gut told me to leave out the colour, for now, and tackle him in ink pen
and I am glad I listened (because I haven't been listening to my gut & I've gone array!)

He's looking pretty great so far if I may say so myself and I can't wait to show you.
I've been working my way up in size with my ink pens...this one is 8 x 10"
I am hoping to get up to atleast 12 x 16" designs, but we'll see, they are very time consuming.
I am planning on offering limited edition hand-coloured prints of my ink drawing this year...
I am still playing around with them however because they have to be perfect before I offer them up.
Keep In Touch with my new offerings
by signing up to receive my studio news which come with my unique colouring pages.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

2 Years Already

This week we celebrate our beloved Henrie and Elsie Biggen's 2nd year homecoming...
They are just the most wonderful bunnies.

Sure they chew the heck outta most things in my studio but I don't care...
they were meant to be here.
They are part of us and our family
and it's these guys that remind me everyday that it's a good good thing to adopt older bunnies.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Chantilly Swish

Like mermaids?  or earth guardian type of characters?  than perhaps you'll like my latest
"Chantilly Swish"

I think she's atleast 3 different kinds of cool...prints of her will be in the shop by the end of the week.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Serendipity (Don't ya just love that word)

I was seeking out a table...
I knew I wanted one for our living room.
I had fallen in love with a set at the furniture shop near by but I eventually had to give
into the fact that it was way too expensive and also way too big and tall
for our somewhat small and well used living room!
But I wasn't giving up, I knew I wanted a table in this specific spot
even though I knew it would likely not be used for dinners
but for other things like sorting, watercolour days and okay maybe quick lunches.
Than low and behold!
A few months back at the beginning of winter,
I was on my way somewhere and there sitting in the dark of the night,
gleaming all pretty and white was a whole dining set, a table and it's 4 chairs,
just tossed in a snow bank, forgotten and unloved, all wet and full of snow.
I eagerly knocked on the door of the house just to make extra sure it was free for the taking
and upon confirmation, I wrestled it all into the Jeep like a gleeful little bandit.
I knew it was just what I was looking for in that space.
I love it and I was right, it is well used and very handy
and we have even used it for dinner a couple times!
Don't ya just love it when things are serendipitous!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Two Bunnies To Colour

This was the latest colouring page that I did for my studio subscribers.
Sign up to Keep In Touch if you want it and other free pages like this cutie of mine?

Or for this month only, if you spread my blog link, you'll get it for free without subscribing
Just check out this past Wednesday's post for details (all in the name of bunnies & Easter education).

Friday, March 11, 2016

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has finally sprung and everyone around here is literally jumping for joy...
It's been a long, snowy, cold winter and everything is melting surprisingly fast....wohoooo.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Coloring Page, Kindness & Easter Oh My!

So you know on this dear blog of mine
I try to spread some knowledge and kindness about house rabbits
and with Easter just around the corner I am already thinking about
all the sweet precious bunnies that will sadly be bought as Easter presents
and about how many of those Easter bunnies end up in a shelter (sometimes not such a good 'shelter')
or worse how they are 'let lose' in the wild and therefore sent to certain awful death
because, let's face it, house rabbits just don't have the skills to survive on their own in the wild.
So much sadness is about to ensue just because people don't research house rabbits first.
It's quite plain and simple...Rabbits aren't for everyone.
So for the next couple of weeks I'll be doing special posts on the days I usually don't blog...
These posts will hopefully spread the word to people (especially to parents)
to think before they purchase a bunny as an Easter present.
And that, if we can't discourage the purchasing of a rabbit for Easter
than hopefully we can encourage the route of adoption over pet shop buying.

Now usually these sweet colouring pages of mine
are just for the sweet group who are signed up to "Keep In Touch"
BUT this month and this month only,
in an attempt to spread some kindness and knowledge
I am going to offer you this coloring page of mine for free
All you have to do is share my blog link www.BijousWhimsy.Blogspot.com
anywhere on your social media, be it on your own Blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc... 
just tell me where & when your doing so in an email (email me at Whimsy@MandySaile.com)
and I'll happily email you back with the page and a big thank you for helping me spread the word
about how awesome rabbits are but how they shouldn't be an impulse Easter purchase
Sound Good?
And even if you don't want the colouring page, I encourage you to share these posts anyways.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Under The Weather Can Still Be Lovely

For awhile there we were feeling under the weather with a flu that just seemed to linger & linger.
On top of headaches and migraines that have been feeling rather relentless & tiring.
But ya know me, I can't help but find loveliness even in the sick pain-riddled days.
Because like I always say, loveliness is often in the smallest of things...even in sick routines...
like how I get the green teas whiles my honey gets the hot water bottles
and I fetch our favorite blankets whiles he gets the buttery cracker pile.
or how we take turns vacuuming and catering to the bunnies needs...

I love how we'll rush over to huddle under one blanket to share a bunny snug,
especially with the super cuddly Flynn
(thankfully, unlike guinea-pigs, rabbits can not catch colds or flus from people).
We've been packing in the deep yummy greens to help push out the nasty's.
I don't know about you but my tummy craves healthy food, especially when I am not feeling well.
As I write this a big pot of homemade veggie soup is simmering away sweetly on the stove, ahhh.
Well I hope your feeling wonderful and well
and I hope you have a super snuggly sweet weekend.
XO see you next week I hope XO

Friday, March 4, 2016

Glitter Bug 11

I have a whole new batch of Glitter Bugs to show ya...
here is #11
Don't you love it? I do...maybe it's more of a moth...I don't know but I like him.
If your interested in the teeny tiny 3 x 3" original just send me an email.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Colouring Pages & Chronic Pain

I am doing my very best...my absolute best...
but head pain is thwarting me everyday for almost 3 weeks straight now.
But, from the couch & bed & in pain-filled periods at my desks,
in tiny little increments of stolen time,
I've sketched out quite a few new images which I am so so excited about.
 I am also working on the next couple of month's colouring pages.
They are looking pretty adorable & are inspired by the babies keeping me company.
Unfortunately because of this headache that won't leave me alone
my studio news will be a few days late because I just can't sit at my computer for long,
let alone scan pictures in, get work photographed, etc...bear with me kind souls, as you always do.