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Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's a Mad Tea Party...Come one Come all Let's See What's Happening.

Oh Hello...HELLO....it's so nice that you could join us on this beautiful Saturday afternoon for our lovely little tea party. I am truly so glad you could join us, we're going to have a perfect day.

As I am usually Mandy....or Bijou of Bijou's Whimsy...at my tea parties I am known as "Missus Sassafras" so you may know me as such for today pretty please.

Now let's get right to it shall we...let me introduce my most favourite tea party partner...my niece Karly, from hence forth known as "Madame Pomfrey"...

Anyhow...sorry I got side-tracked there...let's see what my party partner has decided to wear today shall we....
Now come on out to the back deck, whiles we wait for everyone to arrive...

Oh why, may I introduce you to my cousin Vera and her new little babies...she is very shy and quiet, sorry about that...

Dear Cousin Vera....your little ones are welcome to go play in the large gazebo, I believe little Elisha is out there playing about right now...shall we go check...

Oh excellent...I think I see some more guest arriving...

Could you give me but a moment...I need to go check on Ella-Luna and Roo-roodolpholus...
ah ha, just as I suspected...

Oh, look.....abunch more guest have arrived...this is just so so exciting...I can't remember the last time so much of the family was gathered together all at once in one place...we really need to do this more often.

This is uncle Lineus, he always dresses in his best suit and he is actually a sign maker down in Lapinity City, that's near the Green Forest....yes yes....quite impression I agree. It looks like he's made a nice little sign just for this party, oh how nice is that.

And here is Madame Juliette, she actually raises butterflies of the most beautiful variety. They listen to her like little puppy dogs, if she says 'come here my lovelies' they flock to her right away. It looks like she is releasing some to flutter about the party....that's going to be a really fantastic touch. I think that she's started to teach the beautiful butterflies to sing too...perhaps if we listen close enough we'll here them hum a tune as they float by...oh how excellent...I am feeling positively giddy.

And there is her sweet as can be husband of 5 years, Charelton. He's been a local gardener for many years now...the two of them met when one of Chareltons clients wanted to know which butterflies liked what flowers so Juliette was called in and boy oh boy it was love at first site with those two...they do match perfectly don't they. Charelton is such a sweetheart and always helps me clean up before and after the parties...he can rake up a yard in a flash and is always one of the last ones to stay to help me clean up. I am so pleased that they could make it today.

Where are we having the party you are asking? Why let me show you please...you've seen the deck already, that's where Cousin Vera was with her tiny nibblets...

Anyways! Yes, back to your question...I think many people will be able to fit into the gazebo...here it is...what do you think?

Oh you like it thank you so much....oh your so polite, your parents taught you well...
Now if you look in this area...quietly now...take a peek really really close because not all of our guests can be spotted right away, they are so tiny that you really have to look closely.......closer....no no even closer, trust me you won't regret it....
ha ha...I know...aren't they beautiful. That is Ellesmera and her even littler gang. That little ladybug sitting on her hand with the cup of tea is the mayor of the ladybug city, his name is Teeny-Tony and he and Ellesmera are the best of friends. I am so glad that Ellesmera came to visit, she's been gone a very long time...helping hurricane victims in other ladybug lands...she's quite the girl. When her and Teeny-Tony are caught up perhaps she'll come out and share some of her fantastic adventure stories with all of us.

Anyhow yes...back to the party details...

There is just plenty of places to sit and chatter.

What are we going to nibble on...oh my goodness there is a feast to be had...let me show you just a sampling... Grandma Diane sent us boxes of her delicious lemon orange pound cake and her famous decadent brownies...and pardon? what's that? Yes, ha ha...yes indeed those are my favourite cookie jars and they are filled with all kinds of cookies. Some had to be made specially tiny for Ellesmera and her ladybugs friends...we don't want any cookie crushing accidents to happen do we!

I can see you there Miss Ebony hiding in the shadows, you may have one berry but that's it...we must have the utmost manners and use our best part etiquette and politely await for ALL the guests to arrive.

Who's left you may ask? Oh why hmmm....let me think...oh yes, 4 guest need to arrive still, then we can start.

Oh why here's another one now....

Ah welcome welcome my dear friend...may I introduce you to my very dear friend Deh-Finn. He is a lantern maker from Frith, he's learnt the trade from his daddy, who was taught by his daddy who was taught by his daddy...well you get the picture. It's wonderful that Deh-Finn is here because his lanterns put out the best light in the country...you see they have magic attached to them, when these candles are lite, all the mean old nasty bugs who like to bite and ruin the night time fun are put to sleep, only to awake in the morn. What's that?....nope, I have no ideal how Deh-Fin does it but it's a very good feature to have for any tea party that may go into the evening tide don't you think? Not to mention that Deh-Finn tells the best jokes, so I am glad he's here, he'll have us all in stitches I am quite sure of it.

Only two more guest to arrive....I am not surprised....Hazel and Jin are always late.

Oh look, how beautiful....it's one of Ellesmera's singing butterflies, how delightful. They will look so lovely flying about in Deh-Fin's lamplight later on this evening.

Oh FINALLY....Our last guests have arrived...yahoo...

why, it looks like you two have just woken from a nap?

What's that? oh my, you've been here for a couple hours now...sneaking in flowers

With over 50 different kinds of marvelous tea, all of the sumptuous food ready to be eaten, all of the excellent and beloved guests having arrived...this is going to be the best tea party ever.

Come on, let's stop chatting away and looking at everything and join everyone else, it's TEA TIME.

Thanks for coming to my party. The silly little tales and names are all from my concept character ideals for upcoming children stories of mine. All the illustrations are mine, all the real live bunnies are ours, and all the photos are taken in our yard showing just a small sampling of my rabbit collection. The photo montage of Hoppington Way Castle was made by my husband Jonathan, thanks baby:D I hope you enjoyed yourselves and again thanks for taking time in my little enchanted world. Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday's Here With An Older Illustration

Good Friday Everyone. We've had a few lovely days full of sunshine and thankfully not-intolerable heat but today is gloomy and looks like it will rain any minute which I am actually happy about because I have too much to get done to worry about the outdoors beckoning me to 'come hither' ha ha.

Since I've been busy with some other secretive things:D which I can't share with you this week...let me show you another old favourite of mine "Home" which is the coloured pencil study for one of my most favourite paintings that I've done so far...here's the painted version...which my friend Maria will attest to that it's defiantly not one for sale, I just can't seem to part with it.

This version was done years later in acrylic on canvas and it's about 2 x 3 feet. It was one of my very first paintings that I didn't show to many people and aside from it's subject which hits home for me (at the time all Jon and I wanted was a little house near the water that we could live in peacefully and blissfully and fill with rabbits:D....we got our wish years later:D) whenever I look at this painting I am reminded of the joy I had in making it, the excitement that came with working with paints...well I just think that it's important to keep reminders around like that so I refuse to part with this piece and it happily lives in my main studio.

I welcome all of you to hyperlink images to your most favourite and not-for-sale inspirations in the comments section following this post.

Well, I really must get going...my studio needs attention....serious attention actually and some added twinkle lights and pink paint I am thinking, I promise to share photos of my studio someday soon. Also, today my dad is getting back home, yay...so we'll go meet him at the airport.

With that I bid you all a fantastic fantastic Friday...don't forget I'll be doing a Saturday post this week for the "Mad Tea Party".

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Another New Portrait, More Photos & A Tea Party

I've been spending alot of time with my mom this week and on my Tuesday visit I finished off this 2nd portrait of my sweet Gimmley. I had two frames that I wanted to fill and his image seems to fit in there perfectly. This one again, is coloured pencil on canson.

I took these shots yesterday as well...

I love these shots of Hazel, she has such beautiful thick and glossy fur. And I just also really liked the red of the flower photo mixed with her beautiful little face and blackness.

Also, just to mention for all of you Facebook users out there...I have a "Fan's of Bijou's Whimsy" group on facebook and I am always looking for new members, to join please click here.

And one last thing, I am so giddy to be participating in the Mad Tea Party hosted by A Fanciful Twist this coming Saturday. Check out Vanessa Valencia's amazing blog to see who's participating (on the right hand side of her blog) and be sure to visit every one's sites on the Saturday for this imaginary, fun and whimsical tea party. I am not quite sure what I am going to do for it quite yet but when I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, and I came across this invite & marvelous ideal I just instantly cheered.
Have a wonderful day today everyone and Be Well...until tomorrow, Happy Creating.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another Happy Birthday Wish and My New Toy

Firstly today, I am wishing my little buddy Noah, a big Happy Birthday today. Noah is the wonderful and cute-as-pie son of my oldest friend Lisa (who just celebrated her b-day on Monday) and I know he relates me to rabbits quite often so today, I picked this older illustration of mine to share with all of you and to wish Noah a wonderful 5th Birthday. I wish I could be there to celebrate with you little one but some presents are on their way.

So, I got a wonderful new toy. I wasn't going to share my joy of it with anyone because well in the last year I've been 'punished' for my good fortune, nice life and the fact that Jon likes to spoil me and the bunnies! But I realized that hiding my good fortune, innate cheer and luck did me no good either and if people don't like it or aren't happy for me then they really aren't my friends than are they! So with that said a couple weeks ago, Jonathan and I treated ourselves to a new toy, a Sony Alpha slr camera and I just adore it. I seem to be dragging it with me everywhere despite it's weight and it serendipitously fits perfectly in my lovely new Kimono bag, ha ha. Today, I thought I would just share some of my new favourite photos.

I wasn't going to post this one, but my best friend Judit, seems to really love it so I am posting it for her and to show off the cute knitted hat my mom made me awhile back (Judit has the matching one of course).

This little butterfly was so funny. Whenever I got to close he would crawl upside down on the under side of the leaf to hid his beautiful pattern but I finally got a decent shot.

I grew up surrounded by raccoons and I still love them so when I saw the opportunity to snap this close up I took it. He kept laying down on the deck but every time I'd open the door to get my picture he thought I'd have food for him and he'd jump up, ha ha.

And of course here is our handsome and majestic Roo.

So with this new toy finally exposed, I shall be slightly nervous of my honesty in sharing it's delight but I will hold fast to the positive fact that my real friends won't give a damn. Hope your all well and until tomorrow...Happy Creating...or photographing.

p.s. My best friend Judit has just passed along this lovely interview she did for The Organic Mechanic blog. Read the article here. Congrats Judit, it's a very good article.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Portrait Of An Old Friend

Good Tuesday everyone, I hope your all well. I am quite well...I miss my dad a lot, as he's been in Germany with my grandpa, but he'll be home this Friday and I really can't wait to see him and hear first-hand all about our family overseas. It's funny because though he's not gone long and I know exactly where he is, my dad is such a strong constant for me that I've been ever so aware over the past week and a half that he's far far away, it's kind of a weird sensation. Anyhow, I spent Monday at my mom's, I love doing this. I drag over my coloured pencil and big portfolio. We play music, eat nice food together and she just sits at the table a lot and watches me work and we chat away the whole time, I just love my mom and I love being able to spend time with her like that.

So this is the image that I made whiles I was at my mom's.

This is a coloured pencil portrait of my old friend and first skinny pig Gimmley. He was lovely and wonderful and though we were only graced with his presence for a short 7 months before he passed away of a sudden stroke, he loved me so so well. We had countless snuggles together. Jon always says "That little guy was always sleeping on you" and it's true, he loved to curl up under my chin and nap for hours. He'd snore and make this adorable little sound and his ears would flip and flop like crazy, ha ha. Anyhow, I've been meaning to make a picture of him for awhile and I am happy that I finally did. This picture is of course dedicated to our angel Gim.

On another note. I am so pleased that Strawberry Angela Curls, over at Etsy has chosen one of my lino-cuts in her "Treasury Collection", check the page out here. She has a unique style with what looks to my eye to be inspired by Mexican Art and style, which she applies to original hand-made tiles and jewelry. Check out her blog here. Thanks Strawberry, little things like that really can make ones day.

Well dear readers and art lovers, I am off to get some more work done. I am hoping to finally get Penelope done this week. I think my nerves are getting the better of me once again and stopping me from hitting that kids book full on but I'll win in the end, I am quite sure of it.

Be Well and Happy Creating, see you tomorrow.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Birthday Wishes with an Old Illustration

Good Monday Everyone. Just a short post today showing an old illustration of mine to wish a dear friend of almost 30 years, a happy birthday today....HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA.

Friday, June 20, 2008

A New Painting, Some Cute Rabbit and Thanks

Hi Everyone, well usually I don't look forward to Fridays quite as much as everyone else, I think that it's because I love what I do all week long, but I do look forward to them in the sense that I get to have Jonathan home and it usually means more time to play around the house and to spend with the rabbits outside, making them happy which makes us happier. Anyhow, the last few days I've not felt too great, I think I am coming down with a flu or cold, so today I made sure to get the painting ready so I could show everyone, but once I am done with this blog post, I think I may just take the rest of the day off and either take a much needed nap (I think the constant headaches are wearing on me now) or I might drive over for a visit with my mom. Anyhow, what I am trying to say at length just now is "Thank Goodness it's Friday" ha ha!

So anyhow, here is the new painting for today...

It is a painted version of a coloured pencil I did awhile back, but I liked the composition/shapes and I already had it drawn out on the wood so I proceeded to do the image again and I am glad I did because I really like the acrylic version alot more, it seems softer to me but with more depth. I am really enjoying all the painting I've been doing and I am feeling anxious to get back to the large paintings again. Actually next week I plan a semi-large one which I am excited about, my only hint is that it'll include a sandpiper.

Today, I also really wanted to share these two photos. There I was just painting away when I turned around and found Hazel all stretched out on the bottom shelf, ha ha. She looked too cute and luckily I was able to get to the camera without disturbing her. I cleaned that shelf off a couple days ago, thinking 'mmm, I bet the girls would like to sit on there' but I was just guessing that they would and I can't put anything too important within their little teeth's range! So I left it empty...and Iam so glad I did because it seems to be a favourite spot now, when they aren't under my chair trying to move my feet!, on the window bench or out on the kitchen porch...

I am happy that 'Blog Catalog' has accepted my blog onto their listings, I am hoping this will help to increase traffic.

I also really wanted to send a heartfelt thanks to Naomi and to Maia, two new readers, who sent me such beautiful messages through the Etsy shop yesterday. Girls, I so so appreciated your words, you really made my day.

And with all that said, I shall proceed to enjoy this Friday afternoon 'off'...the sun is actually trying to peek out now, thank goodness for the rabbits are starting to revolt...they need nice weather so they can go outside in the grass and stretch their legs, especially our Ella-Luna, boy oh boy she's been a handful this week, but I guess we really wouldn't want her to be any other way. Be Well everyone, have an excellent weekend and see you Monday.